Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Authoring of An Unfinished Faith - Part 19

Dearly Beloved,

There is a prevailing subtle gospel around that has a deficiency of The Breath/Inspiration of God! (2 Tim. 3:16/Jn. 20:2/2 Pet. 1:21/Gal. 1:12)

That Gospel is a 21st century type of what Paul called 'Another Gospel', which is received from men who have no INTIMATE rapport with The Lord and therefore carries a different spirit that unknowingly stifles The Building Process of The Faith Life. (Gal. 1:6/2 Cor. 11:4/Lk. 13:27/Eph. 2:20-22)

That Gospel gained popularity when some modern age ministers celebrated The Letter but despised The Spirit and Life of God’s Word, contrary to what was seen through the life and ministry of great servants of God like late Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, who through the ‘Word of Faith Movement’, faithfully dispensed The Sincere Milk of The Word to The Body of Christ. The place of the Leading of The Spirit and The Priestly Life of Waiting where believers are meant to Possess Their Souls became loathsome, giving birth to wild fruits which could be termed ‘The Leaven of the Pentecostal Movement’ where emphasizes is placed on Prosperity without a Timeless Purpose and Without Process! (2 Cor. 3:6/1 Pet. 2:2/Lk. 21:19/Lk. 12:15/Matt. 7:15/16:6)

That Gospel is always quick to make reference to men with Corruptible Riches, men who trust in what Apostle Paul called Uncertain Riches, men without a clue to what Christ called True Riches, who in the words of James ‘are like the flower of the field, which passes away’ i.e. people who wax old like The World does, whose glory would expire when time looses value and The Eternal Count of Righteous Substances Meant To Be Inherited By The Soul during our earthly sojourn would reveal/determine who they really are. (Lk. 16:11/1 Tim. 6:17/Lk. 16:15/James 1:10/Heb. 1:10-11)

That Gospel has desecrated pulpits and worn out spiritual sanity from pews through Religiously Intellectual Oratory With Rhythms that only polish the natural mind and further shut men to the blessed realm/inheritance called The Mind of Christ. That Gospel fans out of proportion, the hope of profiting in this world which has already been guaranteed by godliness and also despises the Wisdom of The Cross that reveals why and how Christ laid down his life and finally emptied it on the Cross in Obeying The Father To The Uttermost! (1 Cor. 2:16/Phil. 2:5/1 Tim. 4:8/Phi. 2:8/Jn. 15:10)

That Gospel is quick to define Blessings by the Status/material arrangement that surrounds a man forgetting that Joseph was called A Prosperous Man while in the house of Portiphar as a servant with no tangible possession but God’s Presence! (Gen. 39:2)

That Gospel crept into the Church of Christ and has been welcomed by undiscerning believers who have developed end-time itching ears because of their inability to endure Sound Doctrines. In their lust for knowledge, Paul confirmed how some would heap ‘motivational’ teachers to themselves, not discerning that what the soul lost from Gen. 3:7 when it partook of The World’s Wisdom to Gen. 6:3 when it became flesh/carnal was the Knowledge of God and not Knowledge of Things, thereby substituting the right division of The Word of Truth/fresh ministrations from the throne of Grace with Cold Snacks. (2 Tim. 4:3-4/Rom. 11:33/2 Tim. 2:15)

That Gospel can’t discern why the Lord Jesus distanced himself from This Present Ageing World by calling Satan The Prince of This World (Godless System) who came and couldn’t find the promise/trinity of the World, comprising of the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life which was never used by Christ from Bethlehem to Golgotha! That Gospel fails to tell blood washed saints that they can only wrestle out the residue of these corruptible promises by The Incorruptible Seed which has been wisely packaged by the Lord through His Apostles to enable us Overcome The World/Become Born Again in our Souls. (Jn. 14:30/1 Pet. 1:23)

That Gospel was founded on The Wisdom of Men traceable to a philosophical wisdom that was once highly sought by the Greeks at the expense of seeking The Wisdom of Christ, little wonder why Apostle Paul preached with an attitude of trembling and fear not by The Power Of Persuasive Oratory which is highly needed by debaters but not by ministers of The True Gospel of Christ. In the words of Paul, The worlds wisdom has been brought to nought (rendered useless) before God who rather uses weak/foolish things to confound things which are mighty that no flesh (carnal life) would glory in His Presence! (1 Cor. 2:3-5/Phil. 2:12/1 Cor. 1:20-22/1:26-28)

That Gospel celebrates the brain waves of “Go and Do Something Like Others Have With Results To Show For It” above the commandment of the Lord to “Come and Learn of Me for I am Meek and Lowly so you can be Lead By The Spirit and later Sent as guileless as doves and as Sheep in the midst of wolves. (Matt. 10:16)

That Gospel seeks to fulfill an unredeemed dream in men of Making A Name For Themselves and building things described by Moses as ‘A City’, an existence that won’t need the sustenance of The Faith Life, the same perverted motive that informed the building of the Tower of Babel, the same Human Wisdom/Strength employed by Nimrod in hunting/enticing souls out of the sight of Ararat where men earlier drew inspirations/convictions of God from Noah’s resting ark! Nimrod pioneered that Man-Centered/Self-Seeking Gospel that tells people about WHO THEY COULD BE BY THEMSELVES at the expense of WHO GOD HAS CALLED THEM TO BE SOLELY BY HIS GRACE i.e. The Arm of Flesh Vs. The Arm of The Lord. (Gen. 11:4/10:8-10/1 Cor. 15:10/2 Chro. 32:8/Isa. 53:1/Ps. 124:8)

That Gospel promotes a kind of light/intelligence in men which Christ called darkness. It flatters and pressurizes men to ‘leave their names behind’, forgetting that God was the one who made Father Abraham’s Name Great only after He changed his nature as he died to Self! That gospel has been pioneered by men who cannot see why Christ did not immortalize the name of the woman with an alabaster box of precious oil but He rather immortalized her memorable act. They can’t see the fact that God was responsible for engraving the names of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb on the walls of the Holy Jerusalem City in the New Heaven/New Earth after their uncelebrated lives on earth! (Matt. 6:23/Gen. 12:2/17:5 /Rev. 21:14)

That gospel is deaf to the declaration that A Name above all earthly and heavenly names has been given to Christ and by pressing into Christ’s unseen riches/Our Spiritual Blessings, we can partake/inherit the dividend/operations of that Blessed Name! (Eph. 1:3/Phil. 2:9/Heb. 1:4/Heb. 2:12)

There is A God Breathed Glorious Gospel of Christ that has somehow been scarce… (2 Tim. 3:16/ 2 Cor. 4:4)

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Bless You!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Authoring of An 'Unfinished Faith' - Part 18

Dearly Beloved,

There is an aspect of The Gospel that attends to man’s physical, emotional, marital, mental or financial needs. That aspect is God given, quite glorious, has given birth to great ministries and has blessed God’s people over the centuries.

That gospel was packaged in God’s wisdom as an Interim Provision to reach out to man whose estate in the flesh was traceable to The Fall after which man began to Seek Things and glory in it.
That Gospel started with a Form of Faith called The Milk of God’s Word which man who had already been weakened by divers lusts (sin) could relate with. That Gospel inspired/inspires an infanthood kind of growth where Christians are meant to be groomed to believe God to meet their needs which at this phase isn’t spiritual and be schools in the elementary principles of the doctrine of Christ detailed in Hebrews 6:1-2.

That initial gospel was sustained via the name/authority that rested upon Christ as Jesus Christ of Nazareth/Son of Man/Son of God, an operation/spiritual stature that commanded those glories exploits from the book of Matthew to John, enabling him fulfill the lost mandate to man as he exercised dominion of the air (spirits) and over the earth!

There is another aspect of the gospel that unmasks how Christ inherited a better and more excellent name than the name/operation/authority earlier manifested by thrones, dominions, principalities and powers who are glorious beings/statures in the kingdom of heaven! That name/operation was what the Lord wore after Completing His Course/Syllabus of Obedience whereby he could perfect and grant skills to his saints to handle/use The Word of Righteousness/Strong Meat. That name is The Present ministry of the Lord, The Great High Priest of The Profession of Faith, The Author of an Eternal Salvation, Glory!

Eph. 1:21 Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every NAME that is NAMED, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come. (Can you see why Apostle John confirmed that only those who OVERCOME would receive a New Name from the Father which would determine their bearing/identity in the World to Come? Rev. 2:17/3:12)

Eph 3:10 To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places (not kingdom of darkness) might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God (they await tutorials of wisdom from you & I like they received from the apostles through their Faith walk)

Col. 1:16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven and earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers (i.e. kingdom Beings/Names): all things were created by him, and for him

There is a gospel that exalts the ‘crucified life’ above the ephemeral/carnal/physical life and therefore enables FEW to ultimately grow above The Wisdom of This World (Satan’s main weapon). This gospel has never been discerned by an unbeliever or by The Princes of This World till date and it has always been despised by believers who love and seek The Wisdom that resides Under The Sun above The Wisdom of Christ, like great intellectuals/the Greeks once did.

This gospel prepares the saints to attain the Glorious Soul State that made the Apostles of the Lamb to declare that they were Servants of God/Sons of God. This gospel was the thrust that propelled one of the few Slaves of Christ that have existed in all generations – Apostle Paul! This gospel is the source of inspiration/strength to saints blessed with the resolve of Daniel against having their garments/souls spotted with Flesh/The World and they therefore daily live accountable to The Throne of God! This gospel bears a two edged sword that brings Peace and also wages War to its subjects and victims respectively. This gospel specializes in gradually crucifying SELF (the life in men that is subject to spiritual death/corruption and was therefore likened by Apostle James as the flower of the grass that fades away). The goal of this gospel is to subdue the image/identity of the First Adam, a living soul, and also raise the image/identity of the Last Adam, a quickening spirit.

So, there is an aspect of the gospel that has been belittled because it seems not to speak of man’s physical/earthly needs, yet indirectly addresses it in fulfillment of Matt. 6:33 and also pleases The Father deeply. That aspect is what Apostle Paul referred to as ‘The Gospel of Christ’, wisely concealed and downloaded firstly to Apostle Paul and then other Apostles of the Lamb. This gospel can only be discerned through The Priestly Path of WAITING where God gradually expires the former man/carnal nature. This gospel is yet to be sought like believers have sought the initial gospel that brought a large influx of new converts into churches, empowered many with breakthroughs/healing and brought an outer court experience of deliverance. This gospel has been unconsciously/religiously opposed by Old Laws still at work in the souls of believers who haven’t allowed the gradual engravings of Truth (New Laws) upon the tablets of their hearts and minds by The Spirit of Truth.

- You may therefore see why the programme of heaven to Glorify/Save the Souls of Christians like they have been able to Save/Glorify Their Recreated Human Spirit has suffered loss over generations!

- You may therefore see why Hosea once said “God’s people (i.e. believers) perish (i.e. the programme/intelligence of corruption/soul decay goes unhindered) because of lack of Knowledge (not because of lack of believing)” and also why heaven has been populated with much more BELIEVERS than KNOWERS! Selah

- You may therefore see why the average ministrations/meals can’t get raise the building that God can inhabit as prophesied by Isaiah! The faith meal/philosophy that positioned many to always bombard heaven with their physical needs cannot feast the Soul to attain a state described by Isaiah as ‘The Gold of Ophir’! As far as the heavens is from the earth so far is the faith meal that has enabled us to seek The Blessing of God’s Hands different from the Faith meal that should enable us seek The Blessing of God’s Face!

The Preeminent Gospel on the average today is only an introduction/auxiliary to The Core of The Gospel of Christ!

A mightier revival that is incomparable to what the church witnessed in the 19thcentury through the Baptist, Evangelical, Charismatic and Word of Faith movements is about to break forth but there are foreign laws in believers/ministers that promise to resist this like each of these movement was stiffly resisted by the ‘pioneers’ of the previous move.

The Husbandman has been waiting to reap THE PRODUCE OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST and his patience is expiring!

Bless You!