Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Authoring of An 'Unfinished Faith' - Part 16

Dearly Beloved,

It took a power to build men over ages into being sufficient without God and it takes a superior power to make Believers Made Disciples to become insufficient of themselves as the early apostles were, having no confidence in themselves or ‘in the flesh’ but in God alone. (a)

It took a power to train men to have a bias for other tongues, tribes and kindred and it would take a superior power to train men not be a respecter of persons because ‘in Christ Jesus, there is neither male nor female, bond nor free’. (b)

It took a power to subtly drive The Laws of Sin and Death into the Souls of Men and it would take another power replace those Laws with The Laws of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. (c)

It took a power to groom Carnal Minds which is enmity with God because it can never be subject to The Laws of God and it would take a superior power to wean minds from various carnal affections and make such Spiritually Inclined. (d)

It took a power to Train men to Love The World (The Lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of Life) and it would take a superior power to dethrone these ‘Cancers of The Soul’ so that the journey to Love the Father (Loving Righteousness/Eternal Things like Jesus did) can begin. (e)

It took a power for men to depreciate in the Spiritual Life that once caused Eden to be a base for God on earth and it would take another power for the hearts of men to become a ‘house for God’ and for creation to be redeemed from Spiritual Death that introduced corruption that works via lust (f)

It took a power to school men’s souls to bear The Image of The Earthly and it would take a superior power to school men to discern and gradually embrace The Image of The Heavenly. (g)

It took a power from The King of Tyrus (Satan) to prepare and feast The Prince of Tyrus to a degree where he was christened 'Wiser than Daniel' because of the wisdom/secrets that Satan availed him of and it would take a superior power to prepare and feast the saints with the hidden secrets of The Wisdom of Christ that would enable such to become wiser than The Rulers of this world. (h)

It took a power from Satan to weaken nations (souls) to a place where men became lovers of self/pleasures more than lovers of God, covenant breakers, unthankful and unholy, and it would take a superior power from God through a higher Spiritual Meal than that of Faith Towards God/Faith in The Lord Jesus to administer strength to such weakened souls i.e. The Faith of The Son. (i)

It took a power from a High Wisdom (though fallen) to design mind appealing philosophies, to institutionalize the rudiments of this world, promote the traditions of men, package cares that choke/make the word of non effect and to craft high things that exalt themselves against Knowing God so that believer would remain in the terrain of Believing in God, so it would take a superior power to purge souls that once had an intimate relationship with any one of these wiles of Satan. (j)

It took a power to position darkness as a kind of light before men and it would take a superior kind of power for the true light of the Glorious Gospel to break veils that were carefully laid over decades upon the souls of Christians before and many times, after Christ is enthroned as Lord over their Human Spirit (not their Souls which only takes by The Faith to Faith Walk). (k)

It took a power to graduate men in various degrees of 'The blindness of The heart' that doesn’t limit Outward Prosperity in many cases and it would take a superior Power to Enlighten The Eyes of The Heart in various degrees of Inward Prosperity, i.e. The Prosperity of the Soul. (l)

It took a power to make men Servants of Sin and it would take a superior power to make men Servants of Righteousness/True Worshippers. (m)

It took a power to seduce Adam and even anointed ministers till date to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil wherein dwells the Lust of The Eyes, The Pride of Life and The Lust of The Flesh (The World) and it would take a superior power to purge the imprint of that 'initial romance' and prepare such for an Entrance into the Kingdom (REST) where saints are meant to partake of the Tree of Life (The Faith of The Son), the primary Deliverance Package for the Soul that ‘ministers that specialize in deliverance’ (if there is anything like that in the New Testament) needs to FEED THE FLOCK of CHRIST so that they can Grow in Grace and then Grow Above Earthly Problems (n)

All these are not demonic operations that can be cast out/dealt with via the Faith walk around The Milk of God’s Word. These are operations of fallen Spirits like Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the Darkness of This World and Spiritual Wickedness in High Places and we must assume a Soul Stature/State likened unto Gold via a Faith to Faith Walk whereby the Church would ultimately Wrestle them out of the heaven/authority over the earth that Adam lost on our behalf! (o)

The Perimeter of This Walk is enumerated in what Apostle Paul called The Gospel of Christ, which houses the Knowledge of a Superior Power that unwinds the influence of the works of those fallen Spirits in the souls of men and The Church (You & I) must desire a change in meals from The Milk/The Initial Faith Meals that has given birth to so much tangible exploits to higher meals of The Meat/Strong Meat, so we can experience the ‘Great Salvation’ packaged in it . (p)

This is the Walk/Spiritual Exploit that is higher than that of Satan who was once a 'WALKER' in the heavenly tabernacle. (q)

This WALK is A FAITH RESIDENT IN CHRIST which a believer that still savors the carnal/earthly life can neither discern nor embrace. This WALK is A LIFE THAT CHRIST ALONE CAN MANIFEST through a Believer-Made-Disciple-Made-Son. This understanding begins after Believers Made Disciples have journeyed from Eph. 1:14 to Eph. 1:17-18 and from Mark 11:23 unto Gal. 2:20 Kind of Faith! (r)

Many believers ‘who are at ease in Zion’ would get to heaven but painfully COME SHORT OF WALKING WORTHY OF THIS GOSPEL OF CHRIST which He could only speak of in parables and later downloaded it into the hearts/minds of The Apostles, documented in Romans to Revelation (s)

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Bless You!