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Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 22

It may interest you to acknowledge that as we selflessly press into the eternal counsel of the God’s will, he would cause us to come into new definitions of inspired truths.

Our generation has no excuse before heaven, not to live and bear fruits with the surge of words (great lights) that keeps proceeding out of the mouth of the father.

The following is a simple, yet elusive counsel before the church today, and it attempts to route new definitions surrounding ‘things to come’ (Jn. 16:13/Heb. 9:11) – a subject the Lord has laid unusual emphasis on in the last 6 months plus in known and unknown gatherings. The Lord be praised, because the New Testament order of Service (Obedience/Worship) as stipulated in the book of Hebrews is about to infiltrate the corporate church and the cry ‘Maranatha’ would soon be corporately generated! Amen 

Graceful reading!

Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 22

Scriptural Text: 1John 5:20

Conversation is a lifestyle; it is that which defines how man ought to live. There is a conversation that we inherited from our earthly fathers (1Pet. 1:18), which is the standard raised on earth for men to live by. That kind of life is convenient for the  flesh because it is an earthly conversation. Although it looks so real and we are at home with it, it is actually a lie. The conversation of this present earth is too low; God did not ordain man for that kind of conversation because He made man to be a very high being.

Your conversation is what makes you. If you live by a low conversation, you will be a low being. Man is meant to be a man of the heights. At the beginning, when Satan deceived Adam, what he took from Adam was a conversation that kept him in the heights.  Satan actually fell from heaven when he rebelled against God, and was cast down to hell (Eze. 28:15-16/Jude 1:6), but he rose up from hell and came to the earth to deceive man. He saw that Adam was a living soul and had his heaven where he operated in, then Satan deceived Adam out of his state.
Having deceived Adam, Satan collected what made Adam able to occupy that heaven and Adam dropped. That was how Satan went up and replaced Adam’s air advantage. Actually, he got his wings from the disobedience of Adam and generations that followed. We are fighting to bring him down from the air (Lk. 19:13/Rev. 12:9-10) where he occupies at present because that place is a place of advantage, and actually it belongs to Adam.

Adam was not meant to remain in the air. It was only a temporary abode that he was to occupy until he would be able to partake of the fruit of the tree of life. If He had partaken of that fruit from the tree of life, he would have moved from that realm into the realm of God (the heights of God – Isa. 14:14/Eze. 1:22/26). That is where God has ordained man to operate in.

Eph 2: 4-6 But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

By the death and resurrection of Jesus, we have been quickened from the dead in our spirits. The Bible says that God quickened us up together with Christ, and made us to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. The place where we are seated in our spirits is far beyond where the devil is seated right now. It is a place of dominion, and authority.  It is a place of honour and glory. That is the realm where God has called man to operate in.

There is a conversation that pertains to God’s realm, and we are meant to acquire it here on earth. It is a supernatural conversation, a kind of lifestyle that belongs to God Himself. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isa. 55:8-9). As high as those ways and thoughts are, they are His commandments, and the Scripture says in Isa. 2:5, ‘Oh house of Israel, come let us walk in the light of the Lord’.  

We cannot walk in the ways of the Lord except we have been TAUGHT HIS WAYS. God’s ways are so high, pure, holy and they are so different from our ways. We have been used to the way of the earth which includes the way of repaying evil for evil, but when God begins to introduce His ways, He tells you to overcome evil with good. Now that is like going uphill, and it is not easy for flesh at all, in fact it is impossible for flesh life to go up; it would die.

From 1John 5:18-19, we can see that the whole world lies in wickedness and that is what forms the earthly conversations. If we give ourselves to the conversation of the earth, then we are giving ourselves to wickedness. That is why as believers, we must be in a hurry to come out of that wicked conversation and exchange it for a higher one. We are admonished not to love the world or the things  that are in the world. Any man who loves the world, does not have the love of the Father in him because the world is contrary (enmity) to God (1John2:15-17/1John 5:20)

The only way of escape out of the wickedness that is in the world is by having an understanding of the true God and of Jesus Christ His Son. That is what brings the true conversation to us. It is not enough for people to get born again, they need to come to the knowledge of truth so as not to be bound by the wickedness that is in the world (1Tim. 2:4). We escape this wickedness only by the knowledge of the truth. Knowing truth is actually knowing God and knowing God is knowing that which man is commanded to live by.

From 1John 2:25, we can see that when we got saved, we received the gift of Eternal Life which is the substance of the true God (John 3:16). This Eternal Life is the conversation of truth, and as many as have received it in their spirits are commanded to come to the knowledge of truth, and live by it in their souls. Truth is a supernatural conversation and any man who comes into it ceases to be an ordinary man because truth is the conversation of immortality1Tim. 1:17, 1John 5:20

Immortality is God’s life, and that is the overcoming life. God will have to take us to that height where He is, so that we might be able to submit completely to His ways, even though they look so unnatural to a man. God is trying to push out the conversation that has caked in our souls. He wants to invade our planet with a new conversation called truth.

The opposite of wickedness is truth. God is truth, Jesus Christ is truth and the Holy Ghost is truth. Truth is their conversation. This is what makes them exalted, far above all creation, and they are calling us into their fellowship. 1John 5:20. Truth is God’s commandment; it’s not a suggestion. It is the life of the saints in Christ, and that is the conversation that God has ordained man to live by. When you consider the high standard of truth, you will discover that most of us saints are living far below it.

For us to access the true conversation, we need the knowledge of Him that is true. By that knowledge, we will be empowered to obey and submit to Him that is true. That knowledge will also enable us to beat the wickedness that is in the world. Matt. 6:10

God wants truth to dwell in our inward parts (2John:2). He would rather have that than sacrifices and offerings. That is the only thing that pleases Him. When we leave this earth, the only thing that we are leaving with is truth because it is the conversation of the world-to-come. The life we are going to live forever is the life of that truth. In the world to come, we will be ranked according to the amount of truth that we have acquired. If we fail to acquire it here on earth, we will be low fellows in the world to come. 2John:2/Psalm 51:6

Jesus Christ is the Son of the Father in truth and in love because He pleased the Father in truth (John 4:24). The kind of worship that God seeks is that which is accomplished in spirit and in truth, and this cannot be done when a soul has not come into the knowledge of the truth. 2 John:3

The spirit of a believer is truth because he has been recreated in Christ Jesus, in righteousness and true holiness, but the soul is engrafted in the world which lies in wickedness. (Jer. 17:9/Jn. 5:19). That is why the bible says that the heart of a man is desperately wicked. Why? Because the tattoo of the world is upon the soul. He has learnt the ways of the world which is wickedness therefore, God wants to train it to be a truth entity. The soul must be retrained and it will be by the knowledge of the truth. 2John:4

We are commanded to obey knowledge as it begins to come to us because in so doing, we will be purged of the wickedness that is in our souls.  Wickedness is against truth. At times, it might not look wicked. In fact it is appealing to man because it is that which the soul loves. There are spirits called ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’ and their job is to churn out principles of life, conversation contrary to the original intention of the Maker, for man to live by. (Eph. 6:12/2:2). That conversation is what the bible calls ‘the course of this world.

Wickedness is not just an evil act, it is the nature of fallen man that makes him independent of God. This world has been crafted to be opposed to God, and that is the wickedness we are talking of. Wickedness is anything that is against God and His will. Anything that will stop man from achieving the purpose of God is wickedness.

God wants to change the direction of man’s walk (Eph. 2:10). The reason why God recreated us in Christ Jesus is so that we might register a walk in righteousness and truth
God wants to invade the universe with this conversation called truth and His intention is to raise supernatural men. One who is exposed to truth will break the natural limitations and come above men. Such will never pass away like mere men.

Phil. 3:20 confirms that what will change our vile body so that it may be fashioned like unto Christ’s glorious body is truth. What made Him glorious is TRUTH. He received and obeyed truth and He came into resurrection status with a glorious body. Truth gets you into the Spirit because truth is spiritual. If you want to see someone who is spiritual, look for someone who is submitting to truth.
Our soul that is deceitful and desperately wicked needs the introduction of truth. Truth will make change a soul from being deceitful to being true just as God is true.
Truth is the will of God, the lifestyle of heaven which must be brought to the earth, ‘Thy will be done on earth... Truth aligns a man according to the will of God. That is why when truth is introduced to a man, his love life becomes higher than when the knowledge of truth began to visit him. At such time, a man’s love is not based on natural conditions, but on the revelation of truth. When truth has arrived, you no longer see your brethren in the flesh. (2Cor. 5:16). Usually, we know our brethren after the flesh, and that makes us struggle (2John:1-3), but those who have known the truth love differently; their love is in the truth.

When a soul begins to see truth, his relationship with the brethren would not be based on their actions, but on the revelation of who they are in Christ. He would begin to see that the brethren have been joined to the Lord Jesus and that they are one spirit with Him (1Cor. 6:17); and because he also is joined to Christ Jesus, they are all one spirit.
The only thing that can bring us to this realm of loving one another fervently is truth (2Pet. 1:22), because such is the state of a soul that has been purged by truth. The brethren need to come to the knowledge of truth before they can love one another in a supernatural way. The way God loves is so supernatural that you sometimes wonder if He is not seeing iniquity? Love does not see iniquity because love covers a multitude of sin. Instead of pointing at sin, love covers it and brings grace and strength to overcome it.

The way we love now is not fervent. When you still walk in love based on compulsion, your love walk will not be fervent. What will make it fervent is truth. Truth will make you go above the natural. When God is giving you commandment, you will begin to see what is behind His commandment. You will know that He is commanding from the point of truth. God gives you commandment from the realm of truth. This is what obtains in the realm of truth.

When truth begins to visit a man, the standards of God are revealed and that is very injurious to flesh.That is why a believer can hate truth. Truth was revealed to Jesus, and He chose to love it. Heb. 1:9/Psalm 51:5/ Isa. 55:8-9

Righteousness is truth, and that is the only power that can make a soul live. Man always wants to escape when God is revealing His ways because He comes straight for man’s neck to take his life (Jn. 12:24-25/Phil. 2:13)

1John 5:20 And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life.

Not every saint has received the understanding being spoken of here. Without this understanding, no man can serve God, because that is required for a soul to submit to truth. Obeying truth is obeying God. When Jesus was writing to the churches Rev. 2 and 3, He said that He knows their works. Their works was not referring to their career, ministry etc. Jesus was referring to the extent to which these ones were submitting to truth and  how much of the revelation of Jesus they were obeying. That is the work ordained for the soul. Eph. 2:10/Rev. 2:3/9/13/19/ 3:1/8/15)

The work God wants us to do is to submit to the revelation of truth – the understanding of the true God and His Son Jesus Christ. Anyone who has received eternal life has been absorbed into the realm of truth. The reason why we must keep on hearing truth is so that we might walk in it and become true worshippers of God in spirit and in truth.
Truth must be learnt for us to come into the knowledge of it and this learning is a supernatural learning, because truth is supernatural. Truth is God’s light which a carnal mind cannot receive because it is foolishness to him (1Cor. 2:14). Learned people are saints who have been enlightened by the true God. Just like we have different levels of learning on earth- grade six, O’Level, Bsc, HND, MSC or MA, PHD – so also there are different levels in the learning of truth.

The amount of truth you have will determine the amount of glory you carry. If you fall short of learning truth on earth and all you are able to acquire is standard six level of truth, your glory would be low in the future world. Many of us have not learnt the culture of Eternal life because we are unlearned. The same way the Lord questioned the young man who came for a feast without a garment (Matt. 22:10-13) is how a man would be a misfit if taken into the realm of truth when he has not received the knowledge of it. That knowledge is like an adornment, without which a soul will not be accepted among the fellows.

There are natural elites, when they talk, you will know that they have been adorned with a kind of glory, but God wants to adorn us with a glory that passeth not away. He wants to make us spiritual elites. What enlightens the soul is the knowledge of truth, and it is not just about being enlightened, but what that knowledge turns a man into. This kind of knowledge has power to make a man supernatural.

We are living in a time when the demand of truth is higher, and there is so much need for us to quicken our pace. Wickedness in increasing and for it not to take us, we need to become supernatural via the learning and obedience of truth. 2cor 4:17

Bless You!

VGC Bi-Monthly Fellowship
Rev. (Mrs.) Helen Oyegoke
Topic: Submitting to Truth
20th July, 2014.

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