Monday, July 18, 2011

Would God - Part 3 (An Appraisal on The Motive of Making Heaven)

   Caution: The following treatise is not meant for a religious mind

Dearly Beloved,

One of the proofs that the priestly meals of the New Testament has hardly been accessed by many believers is evident in how many of God’s children see making heaven’ as the goal of the Christian faith! But God be praised for the increased activities of the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation that is dealing with such veils and preparing believers for their priesthood in God!

You and I are only free from the fruit of that Tree of Knowledge (the Stature of The Wisdom of The World) to the degree in which we have fellowshipped with what God committed to Christ for The True Church!

If ‘making heaven’ is the rest/goal of the New Testament for believers:

1. Why didn’t God take us ‘home’ (to heaven) after the new birth after which our human spirit was raised from the dead (Eph. 2:1) and became a citizen of heaven?

2. Why did God confirm he plans to ‘relocate’ from heaven and dwell/rest in the Soul of Man in Isa. 66:1-2/Jn. 14:21 and Why Is His Rest Tied To The Soul State of Man and not the glorified state of their Human Spirit?

3. Why did God promise to ultimately dissolve this present earth and the 3 strata of heaven (the heavens of heaven – Ps.68:33) and fold it like a garment (Isa. 51:6/Heb.10-12), before summoning The New Heaven and Earth wherein Righteousness would reign like iniquity reigns in this current world (2 Pet. 3:12-13)?

4. Why did God not esteem The Works of His Hands from which he made the present heavens as much as The Ministration of His Face wherein he hid the tutorials of the New Heaven & Earth? Why did he tell Aaron and His Sons to bless the children of Isreal with proclamations around His Face/Countenance and not his hands?

5. Despite the apparent blessings of God’s hand upon many believers today, why haven’t many believers overcome the only invented life of Satan called Corruption (2 Pet. 1:4) which is still churning out new diseases/lusts today?

6. Why did Apostle Peter make mention of the second ‘born again experience’ in 1 Pet. 1:23 meant to save/graduate the soul into the state of being An Overcomer (Rev. 2 – 3)? Why do believers hardly learn of this aspect of the Gospel for decades and why do many plan to learn of it in heaven?

7. Why did James 1:21 make mention of an operation of the word that is higher than that which meets what man has labeled as Needs, described as The Engrafted Word which alone is able to Save The Soul? Why was the emphasis of the apostles on The Soul and not the body/human spirit? Why did the Lord Jesus also make reference to the Soul in Luke 21:19, describing it as what needs to be Possessed In Patience or Lost otherwise?

8. Was Christ making reference to physical buildings when he talked about mansions he’ll go and prepare us for in heaven in Jn. 14:2-3? Was he not making reference to abodes in the father which is meant to be God’s habitation?

9. Why was Jesus sincere enough to tell his audience in Jn. 6 that ‘as long as You & I come to him or come to church to seek for our needs, We Are Not Seeking What He Called 'Life'? Do believers/ministers really understand what Christ called ‘Life’?

10. Why did Apostle John make reference to believers who would weep in Rev. 21:4 and why would some believers have to be healed and be fed with the tree of life in Rev. 22:2 after this present earth and heaven would have passed away?

11. Is the New Jerusalem/The Holy City a geographical location/building or is it the bride/company of overcomers who would have reached The End of Faith and partaken of the blessings of Rev. 2 & 3?

12. Didn’t Christ plead that we should eat of him (i.e. attain the holy court experience wherein we can eat of the shew bread -Heb. 9:2- and ultimately the most holy place wherein we can eat of the hidden manna -Heb. 9:4- like the Apostles did) during our earthly walk? Is there a consequence of being born again and not partaking of this until many would receive theirs via the allocation in Rev. 22:2?

13. When would believers see the world of difference between ‘going to heaven’ which would include those that would be saved as by fire like the man that was having an affair with his father’s wife in 1 Cor. 5:1-5 and ‘entering/inheriting the kingdom’?

14. Why did Isaiah prophesy of ‘a day’ when the Lord would ‘make’ the Soul of Man more precious than the fine Gold of Ophir -Isa. 13:12-? Where are the soul states that could be likened to Gold today? What does it mean to have a soul state with works likable to Wood, Hay & Stubble that won’t pass the test of fire/worthiness? 1Cor.3:12-13

15. Why did Malachi prophesy in Mal. 3:3 of a rear making process that the Lord would carry out on those that would press unto a priestly stature whereby they can offer unto the Lord, offerings in Righteousness and therefore please him like only Sons can do (Mal. 3:4/Matt. 3:17)?

16. Why did Daniel prophesy in Dan. 12:3 of a company of Sons called Stars who would be wise (after the order of the wisdom of the epistles), who would turn the Souls (not the human spirit) of many unto Righteousness i.e. make men love righteousness like the Lord did? Ps. 45:7/Heb. 1:9

17. When are we meant to explore and understand The Real Definition of Truth as “Things To Come”, which are divine things that have been outlawed from generations of men by Lucifer who once officiated in the 2nd heaven -Eze. 28:14- before his fall? The Lord confirmed a key aspect of the job description of the Holy Spirit as teaching us ‘Things To Come’, because they are not materials of This Present World but of The World To Come? Jn. 16:13

18. Why was Christ described in Heb. 9:11 as an High Priest of Good Things To Come? What are those things to come that he could only officiate after purifying the tabernacle in heaven with his blood through which he is now perfecting his saints?

19. Why did Heb. 2:3 use the weighty phrase “So Great A Salvation” while trying to describe the soul experience of those precious saints (his brethren/servants – (Heb. 2:12/Rev. 19:10) that have been called to partake of such exalted Things to Come, which generations of those with great exploits in Heb. 11: 1-38 didn’t have a clue of? Why was the Promise stated in Heb. 11:39 superior to all the glorious exploits of Heb. 11:1-38? Is The Promise noted in Heb. 11:39 synonymous with So Great A Salvation noted in Heb. 2:3 or not?

20. Why did Paul use a hard word ‘bastard’ in Heb. 12:8 while referring to those whom neither God nor Satan would be able to lay claim of ownership/fatherhood of their soul, as God could only father their Spirit but not their soul?

I can only trust the Spirit of Truth to help us to answer these questions, because the most unimaginable surprise of all ages awaits believers who had ‘making heaven as their primary goal’ and not ‘seeking to attain a soul-state likened unto gold –Isa. 13:12- before they arrive heaven’!

We have spent decades acquiring knowledge of The Terrestrial and it’s high time we understand The Heavens since we are meant to attain a superior soul estate over the angelic by Knowing Truth kept out of their reach! This is part of the syllabus of seeking God’s Rest, wherein Man’s Rest is tied!

If 1 Tim. 2:4 is true, then the summary of God keeping us here on earth is to Journeying To Know Truth, full stop. None of Christ disciples including Peter, even after his shadow was healing the sick e.t.c. had Known Truth as evident in his rapport Gal. 2:14/Acts 10:10-16! The Lord therefore had to seek for a Saul of Tarsus who hadn’t Known Him In The Flesh like Jesus’s disciples and therefore could Receive Him In The Spirit (i.e. receive Truth) through an Act chapter 9 compressed type of Short-Work-In-Righteousness. Rom. 9:28

Peter only Knew Truth (Knew Christ) and could only function as an Apostle after they (Peter, James & Cephas) extended a right hand of fellowship to Apostle Paul (Gal. 2:9) who then instructed them in Things Hard To Be Understood (2 Pet. 3:16/Heb. 5:11) i.e. in truth?


Peter, James and Cephas once handled what birth to great exploits in Acts chapter 1-8, which the church today has experienced (i.e. exploits around Heb. 6:1-2), BUT this is only an introduction to truth! It takes the Lord as THE DOOR to personally dispense TRUTH through ministers of The New Testament.

1 Tim 2:4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto The Knowledge of The Truth. (i.e. the primary business of the Church is promote Truth, not all sorts we have today which leaves us BELIEVING TRUTH but not KNOWING TRUTH)

The Lord was talking to believers and not to unbelievers when he said ‘depart from me, oh ye that work iniquity, for I Know You Not (i.e. I didn’t have intimacy with you, I couldn’t reveal/impregnate your soul with truth). Unbelievers won’t even have such an audience with him! He was talking about those that would be deceived by the numerous Martha kind of activities around “working for Him’ that can’t be a substitute for ‘walking with him’. He was talking of those whom he couldn’t instruct/mature/perfect with the wisdom of the epistles and they therefore couldn’t disobey/overcome Satan or obey Faith

Some MUST enter into His Rest! The church is about to witness another kind of evangelism, not of unbelievers, but of believers. Doctrines that have limited many believers from journeying to know Truth would gradually wither. Precious believers that are stuck with the earthly manifestations of Heb. 6:1-2 would be liberated and would be introduced into the glorious meals surrounding Heb. 5:14, amen.

Bless you!
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