Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Authoring of an ‘Unfinished Faith’! - Part 13

Dearly Beloved,

I looked into the epistles and I realize that as far as the heavens is from the earth, so far is The English Dictionary’s definition of Blindness and Enlightenment from The Lord’s definition.

I then tried to reconcile this contrast with the grave elusive responsibility before the Church of treating a blindness that can never be treated by any miracle on a crusade ground or by any Outer Court Operation of the gifts of the Spirit and I can only agree with Apostle paul that there is a depth of Riches and Wisdom in Christ to help his Church to ultimately fulfill this mandate! Rom. 11:33

I now know why many Christians are yet to begin the Patient Race set before us all, where blindness can only be dealt with through a Holy Place Walk with various specifications of truth delivered by the disciples-made-apostles, concealed in the epistles! Heb. 12:1

By blindness, I mean the fallen inspiration that made Adam to condescend to a degraded wisdom where he saw fig leaves as a substitute to his former clothing of God’s Glory.

By blindness, I mean the ‘wisdom’ that led Cain to depart from the presence of God and yet ‘prosper before men’ by building a city. Gen. 4:17

By blindness, I mean that which prompted the questions from Elisha’s servant, Nicodemus, the disciples and even Father Abraham when he earlier had a carnal definition of God’s Eternal Promise.

By blindness, I mean that which makes Christians to unconsciously assume that Sacrifices (the operation of God’s hand/blessing that thrives on Faith Towards God) could be an acceptable substitute for Obedience (the operation of God’s Face that unlocks the Faith of The Son).

By blindness, I mean the limitation of eloquent Apollos who though mighty in scriptures, only knew about the Baptism of John until he was enlightened by Aquila and Priscilla. Acts 18:24-27

By blindness, I mean that which Apostle Paul’s ministry was primarily raised to confront. Acts 26:18

By blindness, I mean that which informed the barbecue approach from the Hebrew/Corinthian Churches to The Milk of God’s Word at the expense of The Meat of God’s Word. Heb. 5:12-13/1 Cor. 3:2

By blindness, I mean the natural strength that some ministers fall back on to ensure a ministry’s outward ‘configuration’ is built ‘by all means’ and prioritized above the internal building of the saints on their Most Holy Faith.

By blindness, I mean that which incapacitates Christians from relating with Truths/Eternal Realities/Substances of An Undiscerned World To Come wherein Righteousness would dwell like iniquity currently dwells in This Passing World, leaving many to see the present heaven as a place of rest when God clearly confirmed through Old/New Testament prophets that it would pass away!

2 Pet. 3:13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for New Heavens and a New Earth, wherein dwells righteousness. i.e. The Present Heavens would pass away in fulfillment of Isa. 51:6 and give way for The New which we must understand/conform to before departing here

1 Tim. 4:8 ... godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of The Life That Now Is, and of that Which Is To Come (i.e. The life to come is not that which the present heavens is expressing. David confirmed that God has been humbling himself to behold/dwell in the present heavens while Isaiah clarified that the current heavens is a throne where he hasn’t found rest in)
Pls see Ps. 113:6/Isa. 66:1

By blindness, I mean veils that limit believers to caressing biblical promises that pertain to their physical/personal/earthly lives and ostracize many from fellowshipping with the blessed insights from Romans to Revelation which in turn should wean them from every other Earthly Races other than the Patient Race and cause an understanding of the sayings/parables of Christ in Matthew-John.

By blindness, I mean what which prompted the illumination by The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to minds that once dwelt in darkness, an experience that only took place after they had graduated from Faith Towards God and excelled in the syllabus of Faith in The Lord and Love Towards ALL Brethren. Eph. 4:18/5:8/1:17-18/15

By blindness, I mean The Love of This Present World that caused Demas to depart from Apostle Paul despite the fact that he had endured with him on his first missionary trip to Asia. 2 Tim. 4:10

I am therefore trying to say that:

1. That The Beginning of Faith is the Foundation for Faith for all believers and the materials for this are the elementary principles of the doctrines of Christ detailed in Heb. 6:1-2 which gave birth to Faith Towards God (that gave birth to prosperity/healing move), Doctrines of Baptisms (that gave birth to The Baptist Movement), Repentance from dead Works (that gave birth to ministries/messages against sinful living e.t.c.) BUT NONE OF THESE CAN OPEN THE EYES OF THE UNDERSTANDING OF A BELIEVER!

2. The above experiences (initial faith walk) don’t take place in what was clearly symbolized in the Old Testament as the Holy Place and it takes a migration here to experience the 1st pair Spirit (The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the Knowledge of Him) where treatment for blindness begins.

3. The main fact that a believer has been in Church for decades doesn’t confirm that the Eyes of their Understanding has been enlightened. We can only build on what a foundational Apostle like Paul laid, lest spirits would supervise our ignorance and Christianity would continue to be a religion and not a revealed life from the Spirit. 1 Cor. 3:10. When we do,

a). Heaven would begin to watch how such believers ‘Continue in the Sincere Milk of His Word’ and appreciate the tailored made trials that help them to shed the carnal nature in the Soul.

b). Heaven would also weigh how such believers have added the costly act of Loving other believers, irrespective of their denominations and their carnality.

c). Then fervent prayers would have to be made by or on behalf of such a one like Apostle Paul did for the Ephesian Saints, for ‘veils be taken off their Eyes’.

d). Then Knowledge of Truth would gradually be opened, our individual theologies begin to wither and we would then Discern The Spirit from The Letter. 1 Tim. 2:4/2 Tim. 3:7

e). Then we would comprehend why the issue of Our Spiritual Inheritance has been weighty to God from the days of Abraham/Esau and also appreciate its emphasis throughout the epistles.

f). Then we would see why The Lord is calling us to experience a Faith in Him, the only Faith specimen that is superior to/overcomes the might of The Wisdom of This World! Acts 26:18

My prayer is that The Church/Christians would move from Eph. 1:15 to Eph. 1:17-18 so that veils upon Ephesians chapters 2 to 6 & other epistles would be lifted we then undress Satan’s wiles and apprehend Christ Hidden Wisdom ordained for our Glory! 2 Cor. 2:11/1 Cor. 2:7.

Bless You!