Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weather Forecast (August 16th - 22nd 2015)

Beloved of God,

The Father saw members of the bridal company rising from the earth and blessed them with an unsaturated hunger and thirst for THINGS THAT GOVERN THE NEW TESTAMENT FAITH AND REVEALS CHRIST. He also blessed them with a rear yearning for THE DEEP THINGS OF HIS LOVE that unveils THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS. The father rejoiced, because the earth was increasingly being replenished by such conversations and the dawning of a new day of church history was clearly at hand

The Son beheld how this same company were submitting to the discipline of being taught HOW NOT TO DIE (2Pet. 1:4)! He had long asked His Father that all nations should come into alignment to His Faith and could see dividends of answers to this priestly intercession of His. In His unwavering commitment to ultimately certify them perfect before the throne and cause them to partake in His soon coming marriage supper, He exceeded their righteous expectations by crowning each seasonal activity of His Grace with His Glory. 

The Spirit tarried with this company of believing believers that dared to sincerely keep their feast with the bread of heaven. He watched as they delighted in His custom-made-dealings and leading, and was comforted to see them fellowship with the true and faithful sayings of the lamb, which He had long desired to amplified on earth. He watched with great relieve, as their hearts increasingly aligned with the words of their mouth.


Months have ran into years, and years are running into decades, but Heaven is yet to prevail in reordering the ranking of men a critical number of men into the kingdom(Rev. 14:1), and many remain deficient in the stature of Christ-like humility.

To arrest this scenario, heaven has called for the gathering of all those predestined to be Zion’s stone, for 7 unconventional days - to receive timely truths that have treasured up from the foundations of the world; truths that would chart new courses for us in God and cause us to ultimately overcome the last enemy -  death!

Weather forecast for the 16th – 22th August, 2015 is hereby confirmed as follows:
  1. THERE WOULD BE HEAVY RAIN FALL OF HEAVENLY BLESSINGS FROM THE HOURS OF 9AM – 2PM & 7PM - 10PM DAILY @ Faith Plaza, behind C.M.S. Grammar School, Akoka (Bariga), Lagos.
  2. Kindly inform someone in the Lagos environ to note in their calendars/travel guide, and also watch/prepare to be a part of this outpouring
  3. Kindly inform those without Lagos to stay connected to this fountain of truth @ or between these hours

Tayo Fasan