Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Authoring of an ‘Unfinished Faith’! - Part 10


I was encouraged to realize that the Disciples-Made-Apostles had actually journeyed from The Beginning of Faith to The End of Faith when they found themselves writing with graced inspirations, the epistles which remain unreviewable till date! God’s plumb line for generations born and unborn was therefore downloaded through Their Walk, because they chose not to be nominal Christians but rather, live by every Spoken Word that proceeded out from the Mouth of The Father (Matt. 4:4)

Apostle Paul’s journey, like very few others, started with a raw encounter after he had carried out exploits with a Blind Mind against The Church (Acts 26:11/Gal. 1:13). He was then graced with a grave commission to the body of Christ after the Lord had dealt with his Inner Eyes because No Man Has Ever Walked With God Without A Restoration of The Blindness That All Men Experienced Through Adam. The Church must wake up to a truth that ‘THE NEW BIRTH DOES NOT OPEN THE EYES OF OUR UNDERSTANDING’! 

Paul was one of the few saints in history who had such a Quick Work In Righteousness carried out on The Eyes of His Understanding (Eph. 1:17-18), a compulsory experience before God can grant Believers-Made-Disciples an access to His Secrets, though believers from his day till date have ignorantly despised this Gracious Process, making it take years or decades for some, while others never embrace this chapter until they go to heaven with a Soul-State similar to that of The Thief On The Cross.

What was hanging on men’s souls was A Wisdom Called The World which was weightier than the residual life that was resident in their souls and Apostle Paul knew that believers would be slaves to it all their lives. He therefore had to enlighten them on the only solution that could deal with this i.e. – The Wisdom of God revealed in Christ Jesus (1Cor. 1:30)

Apostle Paul fulfilled his 3 fold commission to the Gentiles, kings, and the Children of Israel (Acts 9:15/26:17) after he had been built against the wisdom of Satan i.e. the Wisdom of the World

The Wisdom called The World is older than generations of men, was crafted by a onetime light (wisdom) bearer and without discerning/overcoming  it, believers would remain earthly relevant/celebrated but would never become an answer to God’s desire for Sons to arise!

I was also amazed to realize that the Lord personally dealt with vast weights that hung on the souls of all men that crossed His path. He did so with anointed words that quickened His Disciples-Made-Apostles who later confronted weights in the hearts and lives of other Christians.

1.  Little wonder why the Lord Jesus tried to confirm through his rapport with the Young, Rich Ruler that the weight of our earthly professions/attainment could ensnare one from Walking With God/Knowing Truth!!

2.  Little wonder why Gehazi drew back in his walk with a heavily anointed Elisha having treasured material possessions at the expense of the God whom Elisha carried, which was meant to come upon him like Elisha had earlier partaken of Elijah’s anointing.

3.   Little wonder why Nimrod could trade the path of submitting to the Life of Faith for a lustful ambition that enabled him to pioneer a pseudo civilization with a motive of Making a Name for themselves (Gen. 11:4c), the same trend that has come upon some Churches in the name of ‘exploits’!

4.   Little wonder why Samson could trade his consecration for the Pleasures of Sin, which is always but for a moment (Heb. 11:25) because carnality had overtaken his consecration!

5.   Little wonder why Demas departed from the Precious Faith Path which he trod with Apostle Paul, because the hunger for Things Present was above his thirst for Things to Come!

6.   Little wonder why The Flesh/Carnal Nature Wrote Some Chapters of David’s Life, because some Lurking Laws of Lust through acquired before and while he was a king had grown above his consecration to God!

7.   Little wonder why the weightier glories of having a child, Job, relationship and earthly possessions ‘by all means’ makes men excuse ‘all sorts’ just like Father Abraham once excused his affair with Hagar.

8.   Little wonder why the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes and Priests of old were all subdued by the weight of their religious positions and lost a divine placement in God’s agenda, eternally!

9.   Little wonder why the weight of Peter’s traditional/religious mindset limited him from being persuaded by a heavenly vision (Acts 10:17-19) to open up to a New Testament ministry of Revelation which he had to later sit under the ministry of Apostle Paul to learn of 

10.Little wonder why the weight of human mindsets/theologies and doctrines/traditions of men (Col. 2:8) are effortlessly limiting men from entering God’s higher purposes, hidden from the foundations of the World

11.Little wonder why the weight attached to ‘Working for God’ has subtly substituted the place of ‘Walking With God’ and ‘The Act of Talking To Men About God’ has gradually substituted ‘The Art of Talking To God about Men’!

12.Little wonder why some believers rest and build a tabernacle around The Glories of The Milk of The Word rather than journey (1Tim. 2:4) to the meaty aspects of God’s

13.Little wonder why the tutorials of the Apostles from Romans – Revelations delivered The Strong Meat of The Word and made the Souls of Believers Like Unto Gold, because it Primarily Promoted The Faith of The Son that imparts An Eternal Work of Grace For Spiritual Perfection!

Bless You!