Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Doing SOMETHING & Doing NOTHING - Part 1

Beloved of God,

When faced with casual or delicate choices, “Doing Nothing" on not a few occasions can be a very useful shield that should limit our carnal nature from writing some chapters of each day.

Father Abraham once ignored such ancient wisdom and it came at a dire cost to him. He hearkened to Sarah's counsel and gave birth to an earth-troubled Ishmael, which cost him some years of closed heaven.

Doing "Nothing" on not a few occasions can save one from ignorantly incurring the wrath of man. It can cover a multitude of sins, it can enable us pass some very vital spiritual examinations, it can enable us cross boundaries of death into life, it can enable us become invincible before rebel holders in high places, and above all, like we saw in our Lord Jesus, it can enable us lose a destiny-besetting baggage called REPUTATION (Phil. 2:7)

The Lord Jesus was a master here in “Doing Nothing” on many occasions. He used this weapon to manage the religious elites of his day and later got rebel holders lamenting, “had we known, we wouldn't have crucified The Lord of glory" (1Cor. 2:8). JESUS ENTERTAINED THEIR LUST TO KILL WHILE DOING NOTHING! Oh, how many battles I have lost "DOING SOMETHING", most of which were easily sighted and understood by Satan's corrupted wisdom!

Though Jesus was anointed beyond the present earth and heavens, he discountenance legitimate promptings to “Do Something”, like we saw at the wedding at Cana of Galilee. He simply didn’t pick any signal from his base to "DO SOMETHING". He set out each day taking all the thoughts that righteousness had to reveal, and therefore knew how not to take any other thought without (Matt. 6:25/34)

THE HOLY UNCTION within us (1Jn. 2:20/27) is the best teacher who can teach us to strike a balance between DOING NOTHING and DOING SOMETHING, but since we are still strange to his voice and leadings, God has given us a provision we should leverage; counsel from sound minds with which we should make war (Prov. 20:18)

This is perhaps one of the vital ways we can live 80% differently before God. This perhaps is one of the elusive ways to understand godliness and thereby inch drastically closer to bearing the Father's image like the Son once permanently did. Selah.

Nothing that happens AROUND US should be compared with what should be happening WITHIN US