Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Going Deeper - Our Best Alternative!

Dearly Beloved,

We thank the Lord for the visitations of good and perfect gifts (lights) that beautified year 2014, and we look forward to exceedingly greater transactions of divine life this year. We also appreciate the audience and opportunity accorded us to invest in the internal and eternal project ongoing in your life.

Because of Israel’s response to God’s visitation unto them, things that make for the peace of the city of Jerusalem was hidden from the very eyes of those meant to be first fruit of the New Creation, and till today, they still await the first coming of Jesus while the true Israel of God still loves her life above that which the father has offered. (Lk. 19:42/Gal. 4:25/6:16/Jn. 12:25/Rev. 12:11)

As our heavenly Father continued to seek ways of courting his people, this same trait has prevailed in various ways over many generations. Believers continue to despise the simple demands of quality time and heart commitment needed to engage the foolishness of the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom. But gradually, a generation of worthy seekers of God’s unsearchable wisdom are arising from the earth and they are closer than we have imagined!

Centuries ago, a rear vessel of God prophetically described this evolving company of saints as:
  • -         typical tabernacle of wisdom who will come out of the wilderness within a short time, having the glory of God and the Lamb resting upon (Rev. 21:11)
  • -       New born spirits and tried stones after the pattern and similitude of Christ who will wait together in the unity of pure love
  • -    Those who would gradually come out of the minority and arrive at full and mature age, having known nothing of a man or human constitution (i.e. redeemed from the earth/among men - Rev. 14:3d/4c)
  • -       A pure Virgin Church that would be distinguished from all others that are lowfalse, and counterfeit by some characteristics and marks whereby they shall be known
Interestingly, 2015 promises to be another unusual year that would complement the fulfillment of this prophesy amongst us!  

We rejoice with you because greater adventures in the Spirit and seasons of illumination is coming your way! WE MUST BE WATCHFUL AND QUICKEN OUR PACE.

Your Delighted Brother & Servant Always!

Tayo Fasan
Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministries, Lagos.