Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things FROM God & Things OF God - Part 2

Dearly Beloved,

I was greatly encouraged when a colleague at work summarized part one of this series by saying “it sought to encourage believers to Seek Things That Are OF GOD and not just Seek Things That Are FROM GOD as preeminent in the church today! I trust the Lord to hereby build on this analysis and subsequently pay homage to why Words From God contained in the bible is different from the veiled meaning of the Word of God.

One of the greatest abuse among believers today is the use of the soul, i.e. the use of the mind and by extension, the heart. I see it daily and I personally trust the Lord to help me deal with every residual or unknown ways I fall short here because minds that would inherit the things OF GOD (inherit God) which are deep in nature (1Cor.2:10) cannot be used like the ‘average believer’ does today, see the early church! Many things despised by the-God-we-believe-in-but-do-not-know, have been highly esteemed by men (Lk. 16:15) and  hyped by the wisdom of fallen spirits and such legitimate things on the surface account for a large percentage of what we engage our minds in today. Selah 

The world has been feasted with ‘legitimate’ things that would perpetually keep our minds busy ‘beating the air’ (1Cor.9:26) and the question is ‘why are we preparing to learn of Things OF GOD when we get to heaven’? The epistles was written by resurrected minds so it hasn’t been reviewed or even easily understood till date, unlike books written by men! They used their minds in a very different way from you and I! I am trying to say that ‘It once took and still takes prisoners of Christ (Eph.3:1) to accurately understand Things That Are OF GOD and Only Such Souls Would Inherit God which takes place Before We Get To Heaven’! Many earthly advanced minds have invaded pulpits today and therefore can’t get the job of dealing with corruption in the souls of believers (2Pet.1:4).

Things OF GOD are not things present, so the destiny of believers are being shortchanged when ministrations they hear solely relate to their natural life! They are not things known to the intellectuals (the wise men) of this world (1Cor.20-21/27). They are things fabricated for the New Creation, not for the present Old Creation that is aging due to the effect of corruption on all created things, including man, and therefore everything that has interacted with corruption including the present heavens/earth would have to be rolled away (Heb.1:10-12). Eyes have neither seen them, nor ears heard them (1Cor 2:9)! Glorious angels that have been faithful to God for ages desire to see (i.e. understand) it, but it isn’t given to them (Heb.2:5/1Pet.1:12)! It was given to believers who unfortunately seek something else, low things like The American Dream, ephemeral things that can’t endure but pass away, things that lack the properties of Righteousness (1Pet.1:4)! Little wonder why another generation of believers are unconsciously despising The Revelations of Righteousness (Rom.1:16-17) that is primarily dispensed IN THE EPISTLES and not in THE INTRODUCTORY ASPECT of the Gospel i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

2Cor5:17 ‘Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is A New Creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (i.e. our recreated human spirit is a citizen of a new world that is yet to manifest and is seated with Christ in heavenly places, but the Soul needs to be thoroughly feed with Things OF GOD to attain/inherit the new creation state)

Things OF God are of the class of the throne of God, routed through New Testament revelations. They are BORN OF GOD (1Cor.2:7&10/1Jn.5:4) i.e. processed through what can be described as the ‘womb of the Godhead’ (Isa.46:3), and therefore emanate with a superior fabric than the angelic world (fallen or not) can comprehend. They are ‘forever and ever’ compliant (Heb. 1:8). They are things that Satan is clueless of and partaking of them would cause a believer to humiliate Satan and his cohorts like the Apostles of the lamb did and thereafter check into heaven glorious, as An Overcomer not like the thief on the cross! They are the inexhaustible, undefiled, incorruptible inheritance that can only be housed by THE SOUL, which makes it the most mysterious aspect of man (1Pet.1:4/9)!

1Jn. 5:4 For whatsoever is born OF GOD overcometh (is superior than Satan’s main invention i.e. corruption) the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
(i.e. the Faith of The New Testament is Born OF God and therefore different from the Faith Towards God exploits of Mk. 11:23/Heb.6:1-2/11:1-39a and is therefore superior/precious2Pet.1:1)

May we be a part of the remnant that the Lord is raising, those who would understand the perimeters of the Things OF God like men know and can skillfully analyze football today. Amen

Bless You!

kindly forward to your circle of influence if agree and have been blessed by it