Wednesday, September 11, 2013



It may interest you to know that our collective arch enemy has related with mankind via his 3 commandments; Lust of The Flesh, Lust of the Eyes & The Pride of Life (1Jn. 2:15). But our God and father of the Lord Jesus only has one commandment - LOVE, which encompasses all instructions of righteousness and remains the only antidote to the world’s commandment.

I trust that the following transcribed message should definitely inspire you greatly.

Gracious reading!!

1Jn. 2:7 Brethren, I write no new commandment unto you, but an old commandment which ye had from the beginning. The old commandment is the word which ye have heard from the beginning.

1Jn. 3:11 For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.

·      The whole assignment of the Son of God has been to return us back to the beginning (1Pet. 3:18c/Heb. 7:25).
·      The old commandment that Apostle John was talking about in the above verse was not of the Old Testament (i.e. the Law of Moses) but rather, a testament that has been from the beginning (1Jn. 2:7) when the world wasn’t created. It is new because it is now being declared. It is a commandment which the Father, the Word and the Spirit have lived by and makes them inseparable. . It is a commandment that has governed their lives
·      There is a record the Trinity has inside them; that record is a COMMANDMENT what binds them together. The Father does not see Himself the way we are conscious of ourselves. That commandment makes you lose consciousness of yourself and makes you conscious of others.
·      Sin can neither locate nor penetrate into that realm because it is air tight.  
·      It means Our Heavenly Father is obeying a commandment and has called us to Obey it likewise. He is not telling us to do what He is not doing. That is why He is higher than creatures, sin and corruption.
·      You cannot be in that state and you are still conscious of yourself. You will not be easily offended when you are not conscious of yourself. The reason why you can be easily offended is because you are conscious of yourself. Nothing will offend anyone that operates in this realm (Ps. 119:165). That is why you cannot offend God. 
·      The Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father. The Father is in the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost is in the Father (2 Cor. 5:18–20). From the beginning, Jesus was not the Son of God but rather the Eternal Word. But because of this commandment, He became the Son of God, glory!

·      The Word decided to become the Seed (Son) of God, God became the Father. It means that but for the position they took, the issue of Fatherhood of God may not have been revealed. If there is Father, there will be Son.
·      What authenticates the Fatherhood is the fact that there is a Son and the reason for the son is because of us. If they had remained the way they were, they would have just been enjoying themselves and man will never have had anything to do with them.
·      What Brought Man Into Godhood (divinity) Was This Commandment. It was the commandment that made God manifest as the Father,  it was what made the Word manifest as the Son and it was what made the Holy Ghost manifest as the Spirit so that He can fill men and live on their inside. (1Jn. 5:7).
·      He became the Holy Ghost for the purpose of transmitting their life. He has to become a ghost so that men can enjoy fellowship with the Father and the Son because without Him, there is no fellowship. The Eternal Spirit decided to have no form in order to teach saints the Father and the Son. He decided not to be seen and thereby gracefully project the Father and the Son and this commandment is called LOVE. (Phil. 2:5–8, John 1:1–10)

·      What the commandment of truth does is to unveil God’s Love. Love is the commandment that the Trinity obeys. Love is the commandment of the Everlasting God. It is the commandment of the beginning, an ancient commandment indeed. Apostle John saw this commandment and told us that the gateway into their realm is to start loving one another. (1Jn. 4:7). 

·      You cannot obey this commandment, if you are not born of God (in your soul). This commandment is for those who are born of God. The love the Bible is talking about here is not the understanding of the general love we have. This love is not about dos and don’ts but it is a life. 
·      God gives birth to our soul by teaching us (Eph. 4:20). When He communicates this old commandment to us, we are being born (1Pet. 1:23/Jam. 1:21). When God transfers the things of His womb to you, you are born. You are not Jesus’ disciple if He has not taught you this commandment. This commandment is what is called TRUTH. 
·      Before the Trinity, love is not just issue of expression but issue of law. It is who they are, what They have and not what they do. If it is possible to dissect the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, you will see that it is the same law that is operating in all of them. That is the reason for Their oneness. That is why anyone who will find this commandment and have it written in him would be indwelt by God  
·      The world has taught us things that are contrary to this commandment. The world has taught us to be the first and the best. The world taught us to have a competitive nature and that is why our soul is dying. Everything the world has taught us is concluded in “Be conscious of yourself, mind your business” which is contrary to the law of love (1Cor. 13:5b/Phil. 2:21).
·      The washing of feet that Jesus did to His disciples was actually the showing of the commandment. Peter wanted to stop him but He told him, if you do not allow me to do this, you will not have part in Me. The Lord is saying the same thing to us; ‘If You Do Not Allow Me To Teach You This Law, You Will Not Have Part In Me’. 
·      In God’s kingdom, the greatest has to be the servant of all but in the world; the greatest is the lord of all. The greatest in God’s kingdom means servitude and that was why the book of revelation was given to a servant. The Father is the greatest Servant. The Son has been serving both the Father and the church. The Holy Ghost has been serving us individually. Even when we make mistakes, He still serves us. My desire is that ultimately we too, we will become like them. Anyone who has that law will become servant. 

·      The end of their revelation is this commandment. The end of divine revelation is to make you a love being. Anyone who is making progress in revelation will be losing conscious of himself and would love his brother. If you do not love your brother that you see, how can you love God whom you have not seen (1Jn. 4:20)? Do not just fill your head with information. The Bible describes those who do so as ‘.. ever learning and not being able to come to the knowledge of truth’ (2Tim. 3:7).  The only way to be a true disciple of Jesus is to obey this commandment. 

    EFGM Revelation Hour Meeting (31st August, 2013)