Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Authoring of An Unfinished Faith – Part 9


I realize that many have an insufficient idea of what God is really asking His saints. Like an employer would hardly ever agree to share his employee with another employer and like a sincere wife would hardly ever agree to share her husband with any other woman, so also the lord God will not share the soul of any believer! Satan knows the value of the soul much more than many and that is why he would stake the World for it (Mark 8:36) which gives rise to some salient questions like:

·         What really is The World and how does it get men spotted without them discerning it for decades?
·         Why did the Lord Jesus and His Holy Apostles have to appraise themselves before departing to heaven as having Overcome The World with a particular kind of Faith? Jn. 14:30/1 Jn. 5:4
·              Why did they track and brand as Wicked, the wisdom of the world that once Crept into the Church during their days but is now Celebrated in some cycles of Churches? Jude 1:4/Jn. 2:26/5:19/Gal. 1:4
·         What insightful knowledge did Apostle John have about the World that made him summarize its three fold operation as The Lust of The Eyes, The Lust of the flesh and The Pride of Life? 1 Jn. 2:16
Human language and vocabulary has always been very limited in explaining spiritual issues, but I can deduce from the epistles that:
·         The World is anything traceable to the enticing tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, i.e. any wisdom not traceable to the Tree of Life which Adam failed to eat, but later raised in Christ Jesus. Gen. 2:9/Jn. 6:53/2 Tim. 4:10
·         The World is an enlightenment (a light called darkness) that makes men self-sufficient and falsely fulfilled without God. Matt. 6:23/2 Cor. 11:14/Jn. 3:19
·         The World is that which Satan presented on a platter of gold to Jesus in the wilderness as Lusts of the Flesh/Eyes and the Pride of Life, the same glories he has sold to everyman that have ever seen the sun from Adam to infants today, while the only few who have escaped this snare did so to the degree in which they submitted to the Leading of The Spirit. Matt. 4:1-10/1 Cor. 12:2/Rom. 8:14

·         The World is that subtly packaged Hope that drives both men of High and Low degree. Ps.2:9
·           The World is the fruit of a perverted Cherubic Wisdom of Satan which we can only defeat when we attain spiritual Wisdom (Trees of Righteousness) Isa. 61:3/Lk. 2:52/1 Jn. 3:2
·         The world was the wisdom used by Satan in building the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes and Priest into religious structures of unbelief that veiled many from ever knowing the New and Living Way. Mark 6:6/Heb. 10:20
·         The World was the intelligence employed by the likes of Nimrod in crafting an alternative path/civilization that stifled the Life of Faith and thereafter moved a generation of Souls from the sight of Ararat where they earlier drew inspirations of God from where Noah’s Ark rested unto Shinar where he built kingdoms like Babel. Gen. 10:9-10
·         The World is a weight that daily influences men to despise God’s kind of life (ZOE) through lustful choices made when we gratify the cares of life (BIOS).
·         The World is that school master that instructs men in the Art of Compromise, making men to trade Things to Come (Spiritual/Eternal) for Things Present (Carnal/Ephemeral). Mark 8:36/Heb. 11:20/12:16
·         The World is that which may sometimes fail to stop an unbeliever from the new birth experience but would fight such tenaciously from growing FROM FAITH TO FAITH via Doctrines of men, philosophies and traditions of men, all skillfully used to turn many away from truth/sound doctrine unto fables. Matt. 15:6/Col. 2:8/Col. 2:22/2 Tim. 4:3-4
·         The world is that which keeps men busy with religious activities that can’t reveal Christ, leaving believers with stunted spiritual growth and the gates of hell unperturbed.

·         The World is that which fights Christians either with ease or lustful ambitions after making them assume that they have sighted and entered the Kingdom at new birth when only their human spirit did and their souls was only granted the potential to do so after obeying faith. Jn. 3:3/3:5/2 Pet. 1:11/Rom. 1:5/Heb. 5:9
·         The World is Satan’s boast, having scented everything that perishes with use with lusts.

·         The World is that which a true preacher of the Gospel would passionately and skilfully confront like the Apostles did, while preparing the flock for true holiness and righteousness Acts 20:28/Eph. 4:24
·        The World was the wisdom which Christ judged on the cross via the Wisdom of Meekness, via the foolishness of God that is wiser than all the wisdom of men. Jn. 16:33/James 3:13/1 Cor. 1:25
·        Before the unveiling of the beast (the man of Sin) the World would remain Satan's the greatest weapon to steal, kill and destroy the souls of men. (Jn. 10:10/Rev. 17)
·         The World is that which can ONLY be discerned after we have fulfilled the Faith and Love precepts (Eph. 1:15) and after the Eyes of Our Understanding has been Enlightened. Eph. 1:17-18
This list is endless! As the population of the earth have been on the increase, so also have the victims of The World’s Wisdom been on the increase
-      With all the increase in the Military/Scientific/Economic might of Nations today, there have also been an increase in confusion! Creation have been groaning for a deliverance from the bondage of the corruption (The World) and this can only take place by the Manifestation of The Sons of God! Rom. 8:19
We need to be raised, built, established and this can’t take place by The Faith provisions of the Milk of The Word but by The Faith provisions of The Meat of The Word, i.e. by The FAITH OF THE SON OF GOD! (Heb. 6:1-3/5:12-14/Gal. 2:20/Acts 26:18
The True Church (individually and corporately) must therefore walk from Faith to Faith (i.e. from the hearing to the receiving of the end of faith, the salvation of our souls), because thereby would we complete our obedience and commit God to avenge every disobedience that can be traced to the 1st Adam/fall of man. (Rom. 10:17/Rom. 1:16/1Pet.1:9)
Then would we bear the image of the heavenly like we once bore the image of the earthly and we would encounter a Superior Wisdom ordained from the foundation of the world, hidden in the face of Christ, destined to raise Sons!

Then would God judge unrighteousness which has been fostered by this World, close this age and summon the New Heaven and Earth wherein Righteousness dwelleth. 2 Cor. 3:18/Eccl. 1:16/1 Cor. 1:21/2:7/Eph. 3:10/2 Pet. 3:10-13

Bless You!