Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things 'FROM' God & Things 'OF' God - Part 1

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You may agree with me that ‘the true meaning of most biblical quotations is beyond the prevalent interpretation that believers/the multitude give to it’. The following article was born out of a conversation with a colleague at work on why ‘NOT ALL WORDS IN THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD i.e. the bible contains Words From God (which many believers have accessed) and also The Word of God (which few believers and even ministers have discerned, which I am yet to comprehend, as I ought to, because they are highly revelational)

I’ll start by making reference to an understanding that can be culled from the two prepositions ‘OF’ & ‘FROM’.

There is a Wisdom From God. The Cherubs of the angelic realm have access to the highest form of this wisdom and the inverted state of this wisdom is what has caused Satan to reign for centuries. Adam and his Sons, the patriarch’s and Solomon accessed this wisdom in respective depreciating degrees. Pls see

There is a Wisdom Of God. Such was the wisdom packaged in the tree of life that Adam failed to eat, meant to make him wiser than Satan, but just like most generations of believers still do till date, Adam despised it because the part/process places strange demands on its recipients, the mandate to despise what we call ‘life’.

There is a Wisdom Of God. Such was the wisdom repackaged and revealed through Christ unto the Apostles for the true church. Such is the only spiritual technology that can dismantle the wiles/wisdom of Satan which the corporate church isn’t matured enough to handle till date!

There is a Faith From God. A selfless edition of this faith was what gave birth to the good reports (breakthroughs) enumerated in Heb. 11:1-39a. A self-entangled edition of this faith was the sole limitation of the Corinthian, the Hebrew and today’s church from going unto maturity/perfection, i.e. accessing the meat/strong meat of the New Testament. Heb. 5:12-13

There is a Faith From God. Such is the faith that opens the low degrees of God’s carnal/earth powers to meet man’s outward life (earthly/physical needs). This faith was designed as a foundation for the aspect of faith that builds man’s inward life (the unknown being called The Soul). This faith is limited because it can neither accurately discern The World nor overcome it. This faith can be operated by believers/unbelievers and is called Faith Towards God!

There is a Faith That Is Of God. This Faith is that would open up Heb. 11:39b, which I attempted to give illustrations of in part 1-24 of The Authoring of An Unfinished Faith available on 2011 archive in my blog . This is the Faith Christ used to Inherit God (not things like the first faith is primarily being used for today). This faith is the machinery that the Godhead uses to unwind the life we married when we loved the world and observed lying vanities. This faith is operated by Christ through a believer-made disciple-being-transformed-into-a-son and is called The Faith of The Son! Gal. 2:20

There is a Faith that is Of God. This faith is the only victory that overcomes, i.e. that is superior to the arrangement called The World –1 Jn. 5:1-5. This faith was born when the father walked in the Son (‘not walked with’ like He did with Noah). This faith is alien to Satan’s comprehension. This faith carries the life-exchanging-intelligence that enables a believer/minister to trade his life (the fleshy/carnal life) with the life/fellowship that resides with the Godhead (the divine life inaccessible to glorious angels till date) – 1 Jn. 1:1-3

There is a Righteousness From God. Such righteousness was unveiled unto old faithful’s and declared via their walk like we saw in Noah, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, the patriarchs, etc. Such righteousness could only bring a degree of pleasing to God because of the level of light available in such generations. By it, saints like Joshua and Elijah disobeyed natural/earthly laws and manifested God in ways that those who haven’t discerned The Righteousness That Is of Faith later revealed in Christ still covet.

There is the Righteousness Of God. This righteousness was what made God declare unto His Son that He was well-pleased (i.e. He hadn’t been pleased like that prior to then). Such was what Christ loved like men in my day love iniquity. Such righteousness is what makes the throne (the kingdom of God) rule over the heavens, including its glorious creatures we hardly know about as we ought to. Christ only fully officiated the ministry of righteousness after wearing his new name (The Lord our Righteousness-Jer. 23:6.) in fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophesy.

There are Separations/sanctifications that was From God. Such was what caused the priests to draw nigh unto God in the holy place and the high priest in the most holy place, once a year, while Moses could break this protocol in and out of season. Such was what limited the Sons of  Abiathar priesthood to only minister only unto the children of Israel (outer court) while the Sons of Zadok could minister to God in the (holy place) Eze. 40:46/44:15.

There is the sanctification/Separation Of the New Testament. This is what gave room for us to be called to partake of what Heb. 12:10 called “His Holiness” by which is far from what we know as holiness today and was designed to cause us to Draw Nigh Unto God – Heb. 7:19. This is the ministry where the Lord perfects the saints that they might inherit their new name/identity/authority, their New Testament inheritance in God - 2Pet.1:4/Eph.4:13/Rev. 2:17.
There Is A Power That Is From God. This power manifested through Genesis to Revelation and is carnal in nature (i.e. it can be sighted with the natural eyes & operates on this present earth). This is the power that reaches/heals the outward man on crusade grounds. This is the preeminent power in the church today. It rose Lazarus up from the dead but because it wasn’t God’s Eternal Power, Lazarus did not only die again but also didn’t attain the soul state/stature of the new creation! Such was the power used in creating the heaven/earth therefore they would pass away (Heb. 1:10-12) because they are The Products of His Hands (Isa. 66:1-2), not his face. Such powers are not glorious in the original definition of Glory!

There Is A Power That Is Of God. Such was the power that first found expression in hell where it came to raise the Son from the lowest pit to die no more (Ps. 88:4-10). This is the power that was described in the epistles with adjectives like Eternal, Glorious & Divine, because of the origin/design of this power – The Face of God. This is the power designed to raise the souls of believers (not unbelievers-Rom. 1:16) from earthly constitutions and prepare it to sit on the same throne the Son of God sat/sits. This power was housed in the Gospel (i.e. the aspect of the NT which Christ couldn’t declare on earth, but later declared through Holy Ghost/His Apostles.

In like manner, there are Words From God but There is The Word Of God! As the Spirit inspires, I hope to share the little I know on this subsequently, while the above treatise is only an introduction and not an exposition.

Bless You!

Tayo Fasan

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