Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unveiling The Life of The Great King

Dear Friends,

We can hardly deny the fact that we live in a time that is tougher than the solutions being presented for a truly victorious life. 

Unasked questions remain unanswered. Pain and unacknowledged sorrow promises to remain a norm. The workings of sin, death and darkness promises to remain only intellectually and religiously understood.  Not a few believers are progressing at a pace that would guarantee the reproduction of the image and likeness of Christ in the souls of men in our day.

The church definitely needs something much more stronger and divinely superior to combat the preeminent form of adulterated Christianity that has LANGUAGES and FORMS but lacks the POWER thereof

It’s on this note that I therefore welcome you to be a part of a convention that is not about a man or ministry but God using a medium to extend his cry to the potential brides of the groom, so that men can be introduced to a hidden/higher form of life than what has been readily made available or hyped till date.

Kindly join us in person or online as the heavens would be kissing the earth in righteousness once again via 2013 UK Believers Convention 

Theme:           Unveiling The Life Of The Great King
Duration:       Wednesday, 21st to Sunday 25th of August 2013. 
Time:             6.30pm - 9.30pm each day.
Venue:            The Hub, Gateway Business Centre, 210 Church Road, Cap Worth Bus Stop (Buses 58 and 158), Leyton E10 7JQ.

Life audio broadcast of ministrations would be available from 7pm to 9:30pm each day on www.egfm.org or www.egfm.org/listenlive

Kindly consider inviting/notifying someone to stay connected! 

Bless You!
Tayo Fasan