Monday, September 6, 2010

The Authoring of An Unfinished Faith - Part 11

Dearly Beloved,

I realize that I love Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin of blessed memory the same way I love a foundational Apostle like Paul!

I love their insightful veil rending/Faith to Faith teaching messages that has established generations of saints who opened up to their ministry to the body of Christ!

I love the skills with which they wisely weeded out theologies and doctrines of men that promote teachings outside the perimeter of the garden of truth ordained by Christ for His Body

I love the qualitative and quantitative work which they carried out during their earthly sojourn to ensure that believers are established on The Milk and The Meat of God’s Word respectively

I love to see The body of Christ have more of such spiritual ministries that would selflessly dispense the Spirit-Life with abounding Grace and cause more Children to graduate into Sons!

I realize that the Lord employed a Spiritual Wisdom in reaching out to every soul that had earlier been led by what was confirmed by Apostle John as idols.

I see the wisdom with which He projects a long term plan to disengage souls from affections they lavished on the fallen life by stirring up Faith to Believe in Him

I see the wisdom with which He gradually strengthens their confidence in his ability to Meet Their Physical Needs while preparing them to Meet His Spiritual Need.

I see the Patience He then employs as he watches young believers wax stronger in their ‘Faith Towards God’ as they carry out various natural exploits around what they see as their Needs.

I realize the Lord later adds an uninteresting ingredient called Patience to this initial Faith, thus expecting them to Trust in Him when he seems to delay in answering their prayers.

I see a wisdom with which the Lord then begins to wean believers here from that initial elementary Faith/Doctrine of Christ unto a higher Faith Meal that begins to change the Soul-State through Trials

I see how the Lord begins to then teach them the art of waiting where such would begin to shed the former ‘Egyptian’ life/carnal nature acquired during a previous Love/Walk in The World

I see how the ability to now add ‘Love unto all brethren’ to their Faith later brings those who yield to The Lord here to a place where their Faith would be christened as Faith In The Lord Jesus!

I realize the Lord then prepares those that have excelled in the Faith/Patience/Love Walk for the first experience of the Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation in the Knowledge of Him

I see how the operation of this 1st pair Spirit then causes an Enlightenment of The Eyes of Their Understanding where veils are gradually dealt with and Faith to Know Him is Received!

I see how the Lord then commends his Righteous Judgments to such a Believer-Made-Disciple to see God’s plan to Save the Soul and make it wear a higher glory than that which Adam wore!

I see that only then would the Lord open up such disciples to The Realm called Truth and increasingly grant such the skills to handle The Word of Righteousness, The Faith of The Son of God! Selah
Bless You!