Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sons & A Destiny Called Nigeria - Part 2

Dearly Beloved,

I’ve been waiting for counsel regarding the reshaping of the natural/spiritual landscape of my great country Nigeria for a while now and I really wish I could understand/envision as I ought to, the ordination of The Gospel regarding this nation of ours i.e. how our cry for change must go hand in hand with a fellowship with the mystery/wisdom of the Gospel or of Salvation. 2 Tim. 3:15/Eph. 3:4/9-10

1 Cor. 8:2 And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know.

The reason why we trust God for a change in our current leadership is because it is built on a faulty foundation and David rightly questioned how limited the righteous is when he attempts to build on such foundation. NIGERIA CANNOT BE BUILT ON A FAULTY NATURAL/SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION! The Lord has therefore been secretly ploughing our foundation so that it can ultimately carry the weight of his prophetic purpose for it.

I believe in the quest for change! I trust him to supervise such in his mercy!! But more importantly, I perceive that once this involves the church as evidenced by the great expectations of believers in this forthcoming election, we must see something far higher, deeper than an unbeliever or carnal believer can ever perceive! A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT IN THE NATURAL that won’t ultimately lead to A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT IN THE SPIRIT would only profit man’s kingdom and Satan would later find such more useful for his kingdom than God would, as history has clearly proven. It may interest you to know that fallen Spirits have been battling for The Soul of This Country long before our independence and probably much more than any other nation on earth! Many other nations have traded their birthright for various ‘morsel of bread/glories’ which Satan carefully packaged/presented while others are on the queue to do likewise, but thank God, Nigeria is yet to mortgage her birthright – a mysterious lot in the Gospel!

The same God that ensured Satan had so trained himself with lust to Kill before raising Jesus whom He later killed to his detriment is the same God that always reserves the best wine for the last! In God's hidden wisdom, He has watched Nigerians endure so much because like a wise man once said ‘the more immense the proceeds, the immense the process’! God has preserved something higher than that which our current outward construct can reveal and even veiled it thereby! It takes that takes The Sure Mercies of David to see it!

Satan is always excited when things move with a neck-break speed, when we develop externally in a far greater proportion than we do internally. No wonder Isaiah described what obtains in most developed nations today as the desolation of many generations and also prophesied about how they would be raised and built with The Produce of The Gospel which Sons being groomed with in a country like Nigeria. We must therefore sincerely be thankful to the Lord. He’s the same God who created great angels and arranged them in the strata of heaven before he brought forth the last creature, Man, and yet ordained him to be the greatest of all creatures including those glorious angels remain in-charge of this old creation/present world – Isa. 61:4/Heb. 2:5!

Nigeria has passed through stages of incubation and in doing so, God has mercifully ‘permitted’ some crude leaders in the past who though disappointed Nigerian’s and also God but somehow they didn’t succeed in tampering with THE NATION’S SOUL like some perceivably ‘exposed’ intellectuals would have and gave in road to Spirits to feast! I therefore thank God for all the great ‘potential leaders’ that came close to leading this country but didn’t!

Nothing can stop the coming of the wind of change at its appointed time, and that should be one of our consolations! That is why I’m resting about this election! Nothing short of God's Will would prevail! But there are very salient questions that must envelop our minds regarding what should complement the pending change in the long run? I learnt of some developed nations that have envisioned the next 40-100 yrs and in like manner, there are eternal plans of God for Nigeria beyond the next four years/beyond before us which we can’t gate crash into but rather must seek/nurse burdens that would enable us carry the grave responsibilities allotted for THE TRUE CHURCH. 

One of such questions that we must not be clueless about is that, ‘after Nigeria has had a good leadership that delivers all campaign promises beyond 4 yrs ahead and we become probably a top 2nd world country by say 2020, what next? Only if our hearts are enlarged by answers to such questions, we would be able to receive periodic minutes of meetings of the throne regarding how the pending Dividends of Change would not be ultimately hijacked by our arch enemy who has employed most civilization/natural advancement much more than God has, right from the days of Nimrod till date. The Lord called Satan “The Prince/Ruler of This World” i.e. the spiritual software running the system where we expect change to prevail isn’t God’s and until when that spiritual state called Babylon would be judged, it would not be God’s! Rev. 11:15/17-18

A New Testament minstrel I respect so much (Ernest Paul) once asked one of such questions in ‘Let the Artists Prophesy’:

- ‘Something I discerned in the spirit is causing me great concern. It's about the nature of God's response to the present evil. Do we know the nature of enmity we are up against? Do we understand what battle we are fighting? Do we understand God's strategy for it? Are we ready to go along with Him? God's strategy for the present battle in which the church is engaged includes the VESSEL as well as THE WORK. Because the battle is of a deeply spiritual nature, it has to do with our heavenly placement, our manning of spiritual positions, perhaps even more than any physical activities we get involved in. Can we become 'divinely strategic' in the whole scheme of things? Are we willing to be everything God imagined when in the ageless past he foreknew us?’

May I therefore postulate that there is a bigger picture behind this transitory phase before us which we must all comprehend, because it has to do with Nigeria’s rise into her prophetic destiny in God for which many known and unknown faithful have labored! The consummation of Prophesies about this age must not be delayed for another generation and we must corporately bear this burden! Our Generation Must Praise God Unto Another! Ps. 145:4

Finally, considering some trend/perceptions that have ensued lately, permit me to submit the following for your wise consideration:

·        Vessels who engaged in 'politics' in the Old Testament were not lead by the failure of the leadership of their day. God prepared and gave them authority to carry out such divine mandate. They didn’t intellectually strategize their way there but where first developed spiritually (became sons/sons of men). God desired much more Sons but only found few, some of who engaged in ‘politics’. Some remained unknown, dwelling in caves and dens, while about 7,000 of such ‘endangered species’ were once hid by God. Evil kings ruled when there was nothing like a constitution but God still preserved A REMNANT in each generation! Politics was not a norm for the ecclesia who had a higher calling whereby God would raise then from being Children of Men (Custodians of Acts) into being Sons of men/Priests (Custodians of God’s Ways/Knowledge) and thereby enact a higher wisdom that would colonize the earth with his ways, starting with Israel! He hardly succeeded then! He has hardly succeeded today!!

·        Old Testament prophets had a primary jurisdiction – the called out people of God! They primarily prophesied to the Israel of God, The people of God in their flesh by virtue of the circumcision (BELIEVERS), meant to become The People of God in their soul by Obeying The Law (KNOWERS/PRIESTS). God unfortunately only succeeded in raising the house of Levi according to that pattern.

·        The New Testament order is higher, because the divine materials to reach the Soul and make it conformable to the New Creation Fabric (Thronic) had been downloaded. The royal priesthood/oracles in the New Testament are dispensers of Spiritual Laws that would raise unto the Lord Many Sons who would deal with his enemy, who was once a priest in the tabernacle in heaven before He fell! Heb. 2:10/Ps. 110:1/Heb. 9:5&23/Eze. 28:14.

·         The 5 fold ministries have a jurisdiction called The Church/The flock of God/The Purchased Possessions/The Soul. 1 Pet. 5:2/Eph. 1:14/Acts 20:28. They are called to deal with the love of the world/vanity in the soul (Eph. 4:11-2/17)

·    The New Testament goal is to produce priests who can reach The Inward Man (The Soul). Reaching the natural/outward man like any government in the natural would do is a lesser responsibility than reaching the inward man, therefore, carnality survived all the gifts of the spirit in the Corinthian Church because most of it couldn't Raise The Soul! A good political government can only help the natural life, though by extension, create a conducive base for men to seek the spiritual Life. After a 'good government' has delivered on their mandate, Nigeria would still be stuck in the Spirit if the church hasn’t been ‘oiled within’ to reach the real man in the various tongues, tribes, kindred where man’s original problem has been domiciled!      
·       Angel Michael with all his might couldn’t use his name/operation/authority to rebuke Satan (who still bears authority) when he contended for the body of Moses in Jude 1. He had to use a higher name/authority, that of the Lord to rebuke him. The Lord would have to be merciful to believers who draw inspiration from the fact that ‘things are not working as they ought to’ or from the fact that Pastor Bakare went into politics and therefore step into politics without being prepared for it/being lead by the Spirit. David only ascended the throne after being trained, after defeating The Lion/The Bear and Goliath (types of The Grecian/Medo Persia and Babylonish kingdoms) and therefore never lost a battle till his death, thereby typifying the OVERCOMERS of Rev. 2. Lesson: IT TAKES AN ANOINTED LIFE TO DEAL WITH SATAN!      
·     Eph. 4 confirms what would happen even after the 5 fold ministry has fulfilled their course in raising the church within the church, the stature of truth in men, the complete man (the true definition of MAN) and that has clearly signified that it would hardly ever be a pattern for Ministers of the Gospel to govern in the natural/politics. We can only use ‘the doctrine of necessity’ to explain the place of Pastor Bakare in the likely success of the Buhari/Bakare candidacy. It can only be an exception not a norm. In the word of Late Rev. Kenneth Hagin “Ministering to the Body of Christ is the highest privilege a man can ever have on earth”.

·         Finally, we must see this battle as the Lord's and our dependence on God’s Great Mercies through such phase and beyond must appreciate far beyond its present estate.