Friday, October 26, 2012

The Emerging World

Dearly Beloved,

Isa. 51:6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath: for the (present) heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the (present) earth shall wax old like a garment…
2Pet. 3:13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for New Heavens and A New Earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

1. There is a decree from the Spirit for an exodus from the corruption governing this Weak World to a Divine World that would comprise of True Worshippers and Victorious Christians who fellowship with Better Substances of a Better Covenant. The limitations of ‘The Natural/Carnal Blessings of Goshen’ has so far beaten the souls of many to a state where unlike Moses, they can’t See The Invincible and can only relate with Earth-Bound Blessings, thus despising The Place of Preparation meant to make them Partakers thereof! 2 Pet. 1:4/Heb. 6:5/Heb. 11:40/Rev. 21:1

2.  God was once delighted to see the Fathers of Faith, the Prophets of old and the early church who set their affections on things above and had a foretaste of This New World via their Walk, and He is now placing a demand for a company of saints who would journey beyond every type of veil placed by The Glories of This Present Passing World, so that they would experience The Glorious Soul State of The New Creation Man while on earth LIKE THE LORD JESUS & HIS DISCIPLES DID! Heb. 11:10

3. God has therefore been weaning His Children from earthly meals that gratify unenlightened souls unto spiritual meals that would Mature Us Unto Sonship, for only then would the Blessed Church of Christ esteem her Spiritual Inheritance like Jacob did and traded their earthly thrones for a heavenly one like David did! Isa. 28:9/Phil. 3:15/Heb. 5:9&6:1

4. With this understanding, Father Abraham sought AN ENDURING-CITY WHOSE FOUNDATION AND ARCHITECT WAS GOD, while Peter saw this city as an expression that would fully illustrate God’s Righteousness. But The Church on the average today is yet to celebrate such insights that would equip us with THE SOUL STATE OF THIS EMERGING WORLD. The Lord is therefore using every avenue where His Son is being unveiled to engraft in us, ‘Better Things To Come’, divine things that have lingered due to the activities of seducing spirits that once fought the early church and still fights the promotion of such Vital Truths Meant To Mature and Perfect The Saints. Heb. 11:10/Jn. 16:13

5.      We therefore trust The Lord to submit to the purpose of spiritual teaching meetings which is to enlighten the saints on ‘Good Things To Come’ so we can be separated from Earthly Races For Corruptible Things unto the Patient Race of The Kingdom. We must also trust Him to visit other Souls and Pulpits that have fallen prey to the influence of worldly lusts that promote the hope of This Present Passing World. Rom. 9:28/Jn. 6:27/Heb. 12:1/Heb. 9:11/10:1

6. The cloud of witnesses in heaven has always been amazed that ‘WHAT WE HAVE BELIEVED GOD FOR SO FAR IS FAR LESS THAN WHAT HE HAS PLANNED FOR US! So it has pleased The Father to bless the eyes of those that would ‘Come & See’ and the ears of them that would ‘Come & Hear’ of the Good Tidings of The Gospel of Peace and Power!

7.  We must desire to be gradually quickened to live from above, so we can prepare to manifest our true citizenship which is actually of the order of the world to come wherein dwelleth righteousness! 2 Pet. 3:13

8.  We owe humanity and posterity a conversation that would show forth fruits of The True Prosperity of The Soul/True Riches. The Church (You/I) has previously engaged various milky aspect of The God’s Word but must also open up and skillfully relate with THE WORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS3Jn. 1:3/Luke 16:11/Heb. 5:13

 Bless You!