Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Gathering Upon A Great Mountain Unto The Father of Lambs

I bless the name of the Lord whose high priestly ministry promises to engraft our souls into his royal genealogy, so we would ultimately be found holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens.

We are evidently in a crucial calendar of the Spirit when God’s Sons are being processed with great lights (Jam. 1:17) that would fashion them into the likeness of the first begotten son. Truth continues to pierce the earth which remains greatly indebted to God. The earth (2Cor. 4:7) must bring forth comely, excellent and precious fruits of obedience (Isa. 4:2/Jam. 5:7). Our father in heaven must see the dividends of the travail of his son through such fruits of righteousness and be satisfied.
So the resolve of the Lamb of God who was slain before sin was born is clear. He is keen on a pure change that would spread like a wild fire. LIKE MELCHIZEDECH COULDN’T BE TRACED TO HIS EARTHLY DECENDANTS, SO ALSO GOD IS ENDING THE GENEALOGY OF THE SIN IN OUR HEARTS AND ITS IMPRINT ON OUR MINDS SO THAT WE CAN BECOME HIS PEOPLE IN OUR SOULS (Heb. 8:10/Rev. 21:3d).

The Lord Is Reaching Our Inwards Parts That Remains Unreachable By His Hand Ministry (Heb. 8:9/Ps. 95:9), Which Once Took The Children Of Israel Out Of Egypt But Couldn’t Take Egypt Out Of Them. He Is Doing So With The Resources Of His Face (Num. 6:22-23/2Pet. 1:2). He is fortifying our souls to put on True Holiness and Righteousness, and thereby turn fathers into children and children into fathers (Mal. 4:6). He is giving birth to lambs who wouldn’t resist being slain and thereby be clothed with the glory of the New Creation.

The Lord God has therefore been populating his saints with eyes from the epistles, to see through every parable of the kingdom. He has been graduating Believers of Truth (Jn. 8:31a) who are meant to continue in his word (sincere milk), graduate into Disciples of Truth (Isa. 8:16/Jn. 8:31c) and end up as Lovers of Truth (1Jn. 3:6/1Jn. 5:1/2Jn. 1:1).

This is the generation that creation (including lions and mosquitoes) earnestly awaits, because after various great hand-ministry-movements in the church, we now have access to fellowship with great and precious promises and we must prepare to take our corporate lot in the divine nature.

BELIEVERS CONVENTION 2014 (Lagos Chapter) is another gathering upon a great mountain unto the Chief-Lamb and Father of the Lambs, and we hope you would find grace to be a part of it by staying connected:

Theme:                        The Father's Image - THE LAMB
Date:                           Sunday 17th – Saturday 23rd August, 2014
Time:                           Morning Sessions (Mon. – Sat.) – 8:30am - 2pm
   Evening Sessions (Sun. – Sat.) – 5:00pm – 9:30pm
Venue:                         Faith Plaza, behind CMS Grammar School, St. Finbarrs Road, Akoka – Yaba, Lagos.

Live audio/video broadcast available on & for all sessions.
For further details, pls call 07045758513/08023877600/07046204575.

Your delighted servant & brother,

Tayo Fasan

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