Monday, May 4, 2015

Houston Kingdom Herald –May 28th-30th 2015- Calling!

Dearly Beloved,

There was a great strife in heaven when Lucifer wanted to be like God (Isa 14:14b), and for this lustful cause, He rebelled against God and His throne. With great celestial seductions, he defiled and darkened many angels of various strata of heaven who were all declared profane in the celestial mountain of God (Ezekiel 28:16)

Afterwards, they were held in chains of irrevocable darkness, and their kingdom’s was set up with a pivotal goal to use man as a tool of perfecting their hatred against God and all He represented (2Thes. 2:4). God had freely destined man to attain what Satan later lusted after, and though man was seduced in Eden to partake of a sinful nature, sin was thereby trapped in man, and the process to address man’s greatest need – salvation/a saviour, was set in motion. Sin would ultimately be judged in man, by a Man born of God!

Through the ages, God, through prophets and righteous men, began to announce the coming of an eternally superior Kingdom that would occupy all of man, and the best of angels in their celestial glory could only desire to look into a so-greatly-salvaged-soul-estate that a company of men would someday come inherit (1Peter 1:10-12/Heb. 2:3). GLORIOUS ANGELS ARE YET TO FULLY COMPREHEND TILL DATE, WHY GOD’S MIND IS FULL OF MAN, SUCH THAT HE WOULD SOME DAY RELOCATE FROM HIS THRONE (HIS OFFICE), AND INDWELL MANY GOD-MADE-MEN, LIKE HE ONCE DID IN THE PERSON OF JESUS, HIS DISCIPLES MADE APOSTLES AND AN A REARLY KNOWN  FEW IN OTHER GENERATIONS (Heb. 2:6/Ps. 8:4/Isa 66:1-2/Jn. 14:21/17:23)

Right before the crown Prince of Hell, God, through various generations, raised prophets and righteous men (sons of men), who were able to access the prophetic realm of the earth, which Adam once occupied, from whence the voice of God was to permeate the earth. It was from this realm that God began to download prophetic pictures of his coming kingdom (dominion), and thereby foreshadow that which was received by true kings of the earth like Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Elisha, just to mention a few.

In the fullness of time, God unveiled His ultimate Kingdom in His Beloved Son; a dominion that had been unknown for ages and had ruled over the angelic realms (Ps. 103:19). The Riches of His Mercy and greatness of His Love was thereby revealed to those who were less than unqualified to be heirs of His kingdom (Romans 5:6-8).  This Kingdom was as ancient as the immortal God whom alone all of creation were honourably called to serve (Rev. 4:11). This same kingdom was the very stumbling stone that our corporate enemy - Lucifer, stumble before, and inherited death – eternally!

THANKS BE UNTO GOD FOR A GREAT HERALDING OF THIS KINGDOM IN OUR GENERATION! The prophetic understanding of this greater kingdom is being demystified before the elects and declared via The Unveiling of The Gospel of our Lord Jesus (1Cor 2:4).

A table has been set for a great feast of fat things, from the 28th – 30th of May, 2015 at Hilton Garden Inn, 12245 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77079. The tender mercies of the Lord is visiting packets of saints in North America and beyond, such as have been ordained unto eternal life (Acts 13:48/Tit. 1:1-3), and APPOINTED BY HEAVEN FOR A FEAST THAT WILL GRADUALLY ERASE THE HISTORY OF SIN FROM OUR BLOOD/LIVES. The receiving of an unshakable kingdom draws nearer than ever before (Heb. 12:28). May we selflessly relate with this provision, which can never be orchestrated by “a man”, or “a ministry”, but by the Spirit of the Lord through enabled ministers of the New Testament, amen.

Details are as follows:

Venue:  The Ball Room, Hilton Garden Inn, 12245 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77079
Dates: Thur. 28th – Sat. 30th May, 2015
Time:    Evening sessions:           6:00pm – 9:30pm (Thur. 28th – Sat. 30th)         
            Morning Sessions:          9:00am – 1:00pm  (Fri. 29th & Sat. 30th)

For further details, you may pls call +17133140722/+12817281113 or +1832883017 or email


Tayo Fasan
Serving Minister,
Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministries,