Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 8

Dearly beloved,

One of the most profound counsels declared at a meeting about a decade ago was that “we should acquire enough divine life for the days ahead by digging deep into New Testament Provisions of Truth” and you may agree with me today that this is the only guaranteed immunization that would keep our souls and bodies above the reach of evil one (1Jn. 5:18c).

Little wonder why the reign of spiritual death (Rom. 5:14) only depreciated when a man with a priestly stature (Moses) was raised, but today, a higher degree of the reign of sin and death has ravished souls with impunity, reduced life expectancy of nations and given birth to viruses like Ebola disease which has defied medicine and for now would only surrender to God’s immunization/prescription.

The lord has good news for discerning saints, and he is reiterating that “the diseases of the soul (Ps. 103:3b/Eze. 18:4/Rom. 8:13) should be addressed long before it begins to shut down the human body”.

Matt. 4:4 Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God
Graceful reading!

Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 8

We can shout in church and engage in various activities but that does not necessarily translate to worship. To begin true worship, our bodies must be presented a living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1). Our bodies must cross the line of the natural and must be spiritual, meaning bodies must be prepared for spiritual engagement.

If you are making confessions but walking after the flesh, it won’t work. You must walk against the law in the flesh. Inside your body are unseen laws. A microscope can sight bacteria and all sorts in the body but you cannot see sin that way. Sin rules earthly kings and the only person sin does not rule is our Lord Jesus Christ.

The reason why Jesus came was to deal with sin (Rom. 8). When we were quickened (Eph. 2:1), we were brought into a pedestal of faith and had access to grace wherein we stand (Rom. 5:1). It is an invisible plane where you own nothing. Sin taught us to rely on physical evidences. Anyone who trusts in sin will trust in natural evidences. Anything that is not of faith is sin (Rom. 14:23)
When the Bible says; ‘If we continue in sin’ (Rom. 6:1), it is not just spiritual the acts of the works of flesh, but rather about our stand where our thoughts fall short of his righteousness. The righteousness we have held unto hitherto negates the true law that reveals righteousness and therefore is sinful. As long as the ground we stand is not that which is revealed by the Spirit, it is sinking sand.  Rom. 1:16–17

Sin took the Law of Moses and was playing with it. Sin played with the Pharisees, the doctors of the law. They became exceedingly sinful and killed the Prince of Life. That was sin but it was righteousness to them. God has to import into our universe a higher righteousness beyond the understanding of sin. Sin cannot understand the righteousness of God.
ANYTHING SIN CAN SEE IS IN TROUBLE. If sin can see it, it will capture it. That is why our life is not kept here, but kept far above all principalities and powers. So when you want to understand the interpretation of your life, it must come by revelation. If it is not by revelation, it is wrong and inferior to sin

 Some preachers have not been cultured with a mind that can pick things of the Spirit by revelation and therefore remain carnally minded. Sin will ride any form of religion because it created it. SIN IS A SOLUTION FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO BE RIGHTEOUS BY THEMSELVES. You need revelations to beat the devices of the enemy. YOU HAVE TO BE WISER THAN SATAN AND THE ONLY WAY IS BY REVELATION (Gal. 1:12). God needs to give you what Satan cannot know and show you what his wisdom can’t comprehend. 

When sin discovers that a preacher is becoming too tough, sin will strategize on how to handle him. You can be preaching against sin and yet serving sin unknowingly. When the woman was caught in very act of adultery, they brought her to Jesus with a plan to stone her to death. They had enjoyed stoning to the extent that they did it without mercy, but Jesus set that woman free by one righteous judgment.

We need to be equipped with the things of the Spirit and thereby walk in the Spirit by faith. Faith is the law of entrance into the spiritual. Believing God for money is not the primary essence of faith. You can receive things from God’s hands without a walk in the spirit, but God wants men to walk in the Spirit because Satan has stopped men from doing so.

Check the era of Adam and you would see that men could live nearly a thousand years after Adam died in Eden, but afterwards, men dropped because sin entered into their flesh.  The body was not meant for sin though men have acclimatized the body with sin. Sin has now dominated and cultured it, and you can’t get freedom by confessing sin out of your body out. It got there through a walk and it would take a walk to get it out

There were disobediences that men rendered unto sin, which gave sin a ground to hold the body captive. The work load of sin cannot be worked out except you undo it by another walk. Immediately you got born again, you become a candidate for freedom but this has been tied to walking in the Spirit.

Though the Holy Spirit resides in you, He is waiting for you to fulfill obedience before He will quicken your mortal body (Rom. 8:11). If the Holy Spirit goes ahead to quicken our bodies without a spiritual walk, sin will question Him. There are many children of God with no legs (in their soul) to walk in the Spirit. Many haven’t developed the feet for God’s path and have feeble knees while others have been hurt and cannot walk.

John the Baptist sent people to ask Jesus; ‘Are you the one to come or we should wait for another?’ Jesus said; ‘Go tell John the blind see, the lame walk and the deaf hear’ and he wasn’t referring to physical sight or healing of physical body because John was a preacher of the way/knowledge (Lk. 1:77) and did no miracles! He was simply trying to ask Jesus “are you doing the same job I have done”. So Jesus said “go tell him that the spiritual lame have started walking and spiritually blinds souls who sit in darkness for generations have seen a great light”. Now I am healing their legs and strengthening their feet for a walk. WALK HAS STARTED. John must have been happy that God’s agenda was being fulfilled.

The Lord God Almighty is rising great generation of great walkers, in their millions, such that the earth has never seen before. They will neither continue the order of just asking God for bread due to weakness and lameness nor would they remain in one position of making confessions but they would grow and make movement in the Spirit. THIS IS THE TIME TO WALK. If you want to confess when you are walking, that is allowed, but if you are not walking but only confessing, you are just wasting your time.            

To walk accurately in the Spirit, you need an adequate download of faith from a dimension of righteousness that is higher than sin, because sin has taught all men how to walk by sight. Anybody walking by sight is a sinner (Heb. 10:38a). A sinner who can be taught is the meek one (Ps. 25:8–9). A believer who hasn’t experienced the remission of sins = Mark 4:12/Acts 26:18) is a sinner (Jn. 1:8). A sinner who is meek is higher than someone who is born again but isn’t meek (teachable). Somebody can be born again but yet, isn’t meek and such a one can go to heaven with his soul still accustomed to committing sin.

Ps. 25:8-9 Good and upright is the LORD: therefore will he teach sinners in the way (of the Lord). The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way.

As long as you are not operating by the principle of faith, you are walking by sight like unbelievers do. Such a one isn’t living in God’s sight. You can only have life when you live outside what you see with your natural sight. Righteous people are those who are blind and dead to the principles of death. They are blind to the use of natural sight but their inner eyes (Eph. 1:18) is at work. They no longer use neither the light of the sun nor the light of the moon to walk (i.e outer court) but rather, the light in the tabernacle (holy place illuminated with the seven golden candlesticks - Isa. 11:2). God has given to them the spirit of wisdom and revelation to knowledge Him (Eph. 1:17).

You cannot operate in the light of the faith of the Son of God or the righteousness of God without your eyes being opened. The day God opens your eyes and gives you the spirit of wisdom and revelation, you cease to walk like mere men do. You will see what unbelievers and many believers are not seeing. Your eyes will see another hope and the reason for living will be brought to you. Veils will be rent and you will walk in the path of safety and victory and as you do, He will begin to quicken and awaken your body back to life you because you are fulfilling obedience. As you do that, you are offering a reasonable service and presenting your body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. (Rom. 12:1–2)

Anybody who walks by faith does not conform to this world (Rom. 12:1). This world wants you to walk by the principle of death. The world is a killer and wicked entity. As you walk by faith, you push the world back and your body becomes alive.

We do not owe the flesh anything and we do not need to live after the flesh. The scripture here (Romans 8:13) is addressing brethren and it means a brother can die if he lives after the flesh. Without committing fornication you can spiritually die if you do not live by faith. The sin Christians know is the likes of fornication but that is one of the least sin. WALKING CARNALLY IS REAL SIN. If all your ambition is to walk in the natural, you are walking in death. You are dying because you do not see above this world. When the spirit of wisdom and revelation is given to you, you will see another reason for living which is the hope of His calling. Immediately there is hope, there is life, and if there is life, there is a future (destiny) and a new life has started.

What some people know as hope are plans, purposes and pursuits taught by the world. As a man, you are not designed to be an architect or a medical doctor. That is part of what we will do on earth but is not our real purpose. You are higher than architecture. You can be an architect but that is not your real profession. You have a profession and Jesus is the high priest of your profession (Heb. 3:1). You have a profession that needs to be unveiled and that profession is Christ. This profession is called ‘The profession of our faith’.

When you are walking by faith, you are actually working but man can’t see it. It is a work in the Spirit. Nobody will pay you on earth for it. In fact, they will slap you and tell you that you have not done anything.  Every labour that is void of faith remains unseen by God. Your natural profession cannot enter the Spirit.  God is aware of the natural work you are doing and He can connect you and use it but your primary profession is Christ. Do not shut down the profession in the Spirit and then elevate that which is low. As a professional in the realm of the spirit, you can also handle the natural, but that is not who you are. You can do many things but be a man of one thing like David (Ps. 27:4). In the face of many things, do one thing (Phil. 3:10). There is one thing that is ahead of you; CHRIST.

The supreme task is not evangelism or even preaching; but to be conformed to His image. It is not an ordinary thing to know Christ and only few come into Him. Apostle Paul said; ‘This is one thing I do’ (Phil. 3:13). He had preached but that was not the one thing that he did. There was something that he did; reaching forth unto the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. You need to reach forth. He said; ‘Not having my own righteousness but that which of faith, the faith of God’.

When you walk by the faith of God, you are reaching forth to the high calling of God in Christ.  Please do this one thing, because I know men do not like this job of conforming to His image. It is a job that seems not to accredit you in the natural. Some preachers have turned Christianity to philanthropy and don’t like talking about be conformed to Christ’s image.

Practicing your profession (i.e. Christ) would cause reactions from the enemy because he hates faith, so Jesus said ‘when I come, will I find faith on earth?  Faith is our profession. God wants you to do what men cannot do. Do not just be limited to what men can do; go beyond that. Tap into the realm of invisible and walk there. When you walk in the Spirit, you make yourself fruitful in every good work (Col. 1:9–10)

Bless You.

Rev. Kayode Oyegoke
Revelation Fellowship Hour
29th March, 2014 (2nd Half)

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