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Introduction To The Gospel That Belongs To Christ - Part 1

Dearly Beloved,

One of the reasons we have seen very few saints who compellingly look like or have attained unto the meek nature of a hardly known Lord and Christ Jesus is because God has hardly succeeded in committing His Gospel (personal life) to such, like he did to his Son, Apostle Paul, other apostles and very few in other generations!

How Was The Gospel of God Received by Christ and Then Revealed Unto Men?

·        The Gospel was initially the Gospel of God (Rom. 1:1). It was God’s Treasured Possession before heaven, earth or man was created. It was God’s order of life

·      Through the complete obedience and sufferings of Jesus (1Pet. 1:11/Heb. 5:8), He laid his life down for it (Jn. 10:17), fetched that gospel (God’s life) from God, and that Gospel then became the inherence of Jesus Christ and was then called the Gospel of Christ – Rom.1:16.

·      In turn, Apostle Paul through several encounters (Act 26:15-16) with the glorified Lord and via fellowshipping of sufferings (2Cor. 1:5/Col. 1:24), received the gospel (Gal. 1:16) and declared it to those who were apostles before him (Gal. 2:9/2Pet. 3:15) and to generations unborn via his writings (Eph. 3:2/Rom.2:16&16:25).

What Is the Introductory and Core aspects of The Gospel?

I.       The Gospel has an Introductory Aspect (like we have introduction to physics) that advertises the Core Aspect (like we have the core syllabus of physics). Miracles, breakthroughs are the introductory provisions that make up the elementary provisions (Heb. 6:1a) of the gospel. But the core Gospel of Christ contains Depth or God’s Secrets, which only comes by revelation and is meant to glory us with a superior glory than what Adam had. (Pls see Rom. 16:25/1Cor. 2:9/Jn.3:35/5:20).

II.      God’s secret remains very precious so heaven only communicates it to those who are dissatisfied with the blessings of God’s hand and desire the blessings that reside in his face (2Cor. 3:18).

III.     It takes the activities of the Seven Spirits of The Throne (Isa. 11:2) that has been sent forth into all the earth (Rev. 5:6) to gradually unveil the gospel of Christ, beginning with the first pair Spirit; the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation (Eph. 1:17-18).

IV.     Just like the curriculum of Introduction to Mathematics is different from Core Mathematics, so also is introduction to the gospel different from the actual gospel of Christ! Everything that men through FAITH IN/TOWARDS GOD (Mk. 11:22/Heb. 6:1) could relate with before and after the earthly ministry of Jesus are the introductory aspect of the gospel.

V.      What God exemplified through Father Abraham’s life was how he would ground a man carnal pursuit and give such His Gospel, His Life/Faith, which today should produce A NEW MAN IN CHRIST (2Cor. 5:17/Rev. 21:5) out of us, so we attain the glorified state which our human spirit came into through new birth (Eph. 2:1)

VI.     Many believers carnally relate with Abraham’s blessing which is neither the material blessings of Gen. 13:2 nor even Isaac! It was a spiritual inheritance typified by Canaan (Heb. 11:8), which was later unveiled in the New Testament as Christ, our Eternal Inheritance - (Eph. 1:14/Heb. 1:4/9:15).

VII.   The Gospel as God’s Life, is superior to that of angels, though they sin not! It’s the divine life God has been trying to give to man (Ps. 8:4/Heb. 2:6) as ordained before the world to bring us into Glory (1Cor. 2:7). It comprises the deep things hidden of God which only the Holy Ghost can search out (1Cor. 2:10) and reveal to our spirit in hope that our soul would decode it.

VIII.  The Gospel unveils God’s exceedingly great and precious promises (2Pet. 1:4) which we can only partake of after we have escaped and grown above the stature of corruption i.e. above Satan’s height/wiles (Eph. 6:11) and therefore would conform to Zion’s stones (Isa. 28:16/1Pet. 2:5-6/Rev. 14:1-4&21:18-19).

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