Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 18

Dearly Beloved,

It may interest you to note that long before God set eternity in the hearts of men (Eccl. 3:11), it was unsafe to ‘live in time’! Jesus didn’t for 33 yrs, but rather lived prophetically as it was written concerning him and therefore remained too windy for the enemy to decode.

Great and awesome things have been written concerning the days we live in and are being implemented. Heaven is set to watch the greatest drama of all time – that of God’s enemies being made his footstool, and so the Spirit of Wisdom, Revelation, Counsel, Might, Knowledge and of the Fear of the Lord is presently unearthing the weighty agenda governing the birthing of new creation souls, which remains Satan’s greatest fear.

Pls find grace to tarry with this timeless meal that promises to hasten the timeframe in which Satan will fall like lightening.

Graceful Reading!

Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 18

Hebrews 1:1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,  Hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds;

‘Worlds’ here refers to the heaven and earth that God created in Genesis 1, which the Psalmist declared was founded upon the waters (Gen. 1:1/Ps. 24:12). It also refers to the world to come which we are to eagerly wait for (Heb. 2:5/2Pet.3:13). This present world was the world of the first Adam; it was pure and free from contamination and God once declared it “good” (Gen. 1:31).
The world had a beautiful expression of life until sin entered through the disobedience of Adam; and death reigned through sin. The world was later polluted by disobedience and mortgaged to Satan (Rom. 5:12/Jn. 14:30) who ruled and still rules the earth with another law, system and civilization (Eph. 2:1-5/Ps 94:20).

The most cursed among creatures was the serpent, because through it, sin was imported into the earth (Gen. 3:14) and the earth became an abode for hateful birds and unclean beasts (Rev. 18:2). From the least to the greatest, no creature on earth escaped death and Satan began to train men on how to carry out a faith deprived civilization (Eph 2:1-2/1 Cor. 12:3)

Man has come up with various civilizations, but hasn’t been able to create the civilization of life, because death has passed upon all men. A fallen world system was created for man by Satan and no man has been greater than he is in his world. He became the god of this world (2Cor. 4:4), took the center stage of activities and became “He that is in the world” (1 John 2:4). He can give away other inferior seats to man, but he will not share his seat with anyone because that is his order of  control.

His seat is the throne of death and he governs everything in this world by it. It is the throne that brought a curse upon mankind - but the Lord has promised that “there shall be no more curse” by virtue of another throne that He shall ultimately raise (Rev. 22:3). As the prince of the power of the air, the enemy has taken over the heaven (i.e. the realm of spiritual authority over this world – Eph 2:2), but there is One who is greater than him, even Christ (1 John 4:4). Through the New Birth, the Lord by the Holy Spirit lives in the Believer and this has created an abode for God to find expression of His rule on earth (Eph.2:22/Col. 1:2)

By the movement of Christ from our spirit to our soul (Col. 1:27), Satan’s territory will be dispossessed and the soul will also be completely taken, just as the spirit of a believer has been taken over by Christ. This occurrence is symbolized in the Gospels as the little mustard seed which begins as a tiny grain but gradually grows into a mighty tree and fills the earth/takes it over (Matt. 13:31-32). This is how the kingdom of this world shall become that of our God and of His Christ (Rev. 11:15d)

Presently, the dragon (Satan) is occupying some space in the souls of men through the law of sin and death (Rom. 8:2). He rules the world by governing men’s hearts with darkness. When he takes the world of a man from within, he is in touch with our cosmos, and that is how he is sustained in the air. Right now, men’s allegiance to him is much more than men’s allegiance to the Christ, but Jesus will one day take him out of that space.

Every saint has Christ reigning in his or her spirit because the spirit of every believer is Christ’s. The Lord simply wants to produce greatness out of us as we allow his expressions to flow out of us. The Bible says five will chase a hundred; and a hundred will chase ten thousand (Lev.26:7-8), so you can imagine what will happen to Satan if God produces greatness out of 144,000 (Rev14:1).

The Church is meant for a greatness that is higher than that which the wicked one has advertised. The Church will come into her great destiny when she manifests the greater One and overcomes the wicked one. God is in the business of raising many who will attain greatness according to the order of Christ, the greater One. The tool by which He will achieve this is the teaching/preaching of the gospel of Jesus. The preaching of the gospel of Christ opens up portals which bear the authority that can conquer atmospheres and turn men’s hearts away from the workings of the wicked one.

Paul was in the school of Tyrannus, teaching daily for two years (Acts 19:9-20) and thereby created another world for God to reign. The spiritual atmosphere in that locality was restructured and the Word of God grew mightily and prevailed and this led to the fall of the goddess Diana (Act 19:20).

The Word of God is spirit, and when it is deposited, it grows and gradually builds a mighty fortress both in people’s hearts and in the air of that locality. This is because there is a connection between the hearts of men and the air space. The air is the place of earthly power and rulership. Whoever rules in the heart will rule in the air. Satan is called the prince of the power of the air because he holds a strong place in men’s hearts. He governs men within by controlling their thought patterns through the forces of darkness (Eph 4:19-20). To stop satanic reign, hearts must be flooded with the light of the Word so that men can break free and begin to think differently.

The nature of the word of God is that it takes dominion (Dan 2:34-44). When the revealed Word of God is being administered, there are heavenly actvities and transactions taking place. The preaching of the Word is like spiritual deposits coming from heaven to the earth to dislodge everything contrary to God. Angels that bring such ministrations of the word to our world have to war with evil spirits in the air because those spirits do not want the angels to come (Dan 10:13, 20).

When a territory is taken for the Lord, the flag of eternal life is planted in that air space and it becomes a stronghold/fortress for God, and the dominion of God will gradually spread. The evidence of such victory will be seen in the natural as people will turn to God in their thoughts, change from being carnally-minded to being spiritually-minded; and they will make decisions to submit to the will of God. These things happen because the Word of God is preached with the authority of the Spirit. From that portal where the Word has made an influence, many sons will be produced who would go and open other portals, with ministering spirits (Heb. 1:14) assigned to work with them.

God does not want us His children, especially ministers of the Gospel, to walk by our senses/natural human minds because we are not supposed to work alone. We are supposed to work in concurrence with other warriors in the spirit and according to the timing and programme of heaven. If a man does not know how to mark time accurately and goes to a place where heaven has not yet opened, such a man would miss the target. That is why some people die in the course of ministry. Some do ministry but are unable to take territories – they do not succeed in taking over those whom God has committed to their trust. As a result, believers under such ministers would be earthly, unable to think above Satan’s thoughts. For this reason, ministers of the Gospel are supposed to be “raised” to do the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12) in these last days.

Ministry is a warfare; therefore, we need a company of ministering spirits (angels) to accompany our ministry and work for us (Heb. 1:14). One should not only desire to do ministry but also to wait until the Lord sends one forth. He who is called a ‘sent one’ is not just he who has learned the Word, but he whom heaven is ready to back up. Heaven does not back up a man whose heart has not been aligned to the divine will.

A man whom heaven would back up would be one who lives no longer for himself, whose life has been taken. Such would be able to represent the divine interest and heaven can trust such (Heb. 2:13/Ps. 9:10). It means that a man has to be commissioned by heaven before he goes forth. If a man goes without having this background, he will be exposed to spirits that are stronger than him and he will have to fight the war alone – like the sons of Scev (Acts 19:15-17).

Barnabas and Paul must have known that they had been called into the apostolic ministry (Acts 13:2). Paul had earlier secured a strong encounter with the Lord Jesus, but he waited for the appropriate time (Act 9:17/22:14). When the time was ripe, the Holy Ghost spoke to the brethren who prayed and laid hands on them (Act 13:1-5). Ministering spirits were assigned to follow them around because they waited for the right time (Acts 27:23-24).

For a man to be sent, he needs to be cleansed and given the tongue of heaven (Isaiah 6:1). He needs to be armed with a mouth and a wisdom which his adversaries cannot gainsay (Lk 21:15). How could Paul and Barnabas have preached in the region of Antioch and taken the territory? How could they have passed through Paphos and all those other dangerous places? It was because they were sent and so they were being accompanied by forces that stood with them against their opponents (Acts 13:42-52). How would Paul have been able to survive the messenger of Satan who was sent to buffet him? (2 Cor 12:7). It was because he was sent.

In the calendar of the spirit, God has brought the church into a season of greatness. God’s people will learn greatness and this will terminate the reign of Satan. That great tree of death that is so high up to heaven (air) will be cut down because the decree of the watchers is being issued from the throne (Dan.4:23). In this day of His power, men will cooperatee with heaven to birth this greatness (Ps 110:3/Rev. 12).

Men have looked at Babylon and admired her greatness; they have seen the elevation of the world. No wonder the two sisters, Aholah and Aholibah saw Babylon’s greatness and bruised the teats of their virginity (Eze. 23:4). They did that because of the light and glory that were cast upon them. They never checked the greatness within themselves because they never knew that they were great on the inside. They did not realize that what they carried was far greater than what was on the outside. But the time has come for men to begin to see the elevations of our God, the greatness of He who alone is truly Great.

The soul of man is designed for glory and greatness, and that is why the soul will always be pulled by glory. We should not admire the princes of Babylon who ride upon the horses of glory (Ezek. 23:23). Those who have profited from Babylon and become stars or captains of industries mustn’t be our yardstick of glory.  Those horses do not have any greatness in them, they are but grass; they will fade away but those who find God’s greatness will remain. The horse may be prepared for battle but safety is of the Lord (Prov21:31). This is the time when the horse and its rider shall be thrown into the sea (Exo. 15:21). Babylon’s might can only give fake chariots to men

There is one sitted upon a white horse; His vesture dipped in blood.  His name is The Word of God; on His thigh is written King of kings and Lord of Lords. His name is Faithful and True, and behold He is coming! (Rev.19:13, 16). We are in His season, the season of the glory of the Lord Himself. It is a season beyond the elevation of man’s name. The clouds and veils that have kept the Lord back will open up. He will break through the clouds; and His revelation will come forth.

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! Great is the Lord Jesus and great is His Father. He that dwells on Zion is great. Great is He who rides upon the wings of the wind. He is great indeed, who makes His angels spirits and His ministers flames of fire. He is coming and nothing can stop Him, for He is the owner of all things. He is the great God of glory who is greater than all things.

God isn’t weak at all. All He is waiting for is a generation that will pull Him out of where He is and show Him forth. Such is the generation that says,Come Lord Jesus, We are ready for your coming, for it is your time to come”! We are that generation that will learn of His glory and come into His strength, a mighty people and a powerful company who will continue to grow in the power of  His might until our horns (authority) appears (Ps. 18:2/75:10b). We are the generation that will pull down the great Leviathan. Amen.

Bless You!

Kayode Oyegoke
The Greatness of A Greater King (Part 2)
Rev. Hr (30th Nov. 2014)