Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Look @ John Chapter 3 - Part 8

Dearly Beloved,
  • I can biblically deduce that “If my thinking and deeds is the same way it was weeks or months back, there is either something wrong with either the supposedly ‘SPIRITUAL’ MEAL I am feeding on or my HEART. Each season must bring forth a tangible change in our lives, lest we run at a pace wherein we can’t finish our course and End Up In The Father and not just end up ‘Making It To Heaven’, which remains the 'unbiblical' goal of some.
 Jn. 13:3 “Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and knowing that he was COME FROM GOD, and WENT TO GOD.

(i.e. The destination of Jesus wasn’t HEAVEN but rather, THE FATHER so he lived differently from us! We came from God as a SEED (Gal. 3:16/29) but must return as a TREE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (Isa 61:3) and not as a seed like the thief on the cross or like carnal believers would
  •  If any ‘aspect of’ man be in Christ, be it His Spirit, Soul or Body, ONLY SUCH ASPECT OF THAT MAN HAS ATTAINED THE STATE OF A NEW CREATURE (2Cor. 5:17, paraphrased)
  1.  The Human Spirit became a new creature at new birth because of Being Born Into Christ (Eph. 2:1)
  2. The Soul now meant to partake of feasts (resurrection meals) that would cause it to experience the Second Born Again Experience (1Pet. 1:23) and produce a New Creature out of it which can Inherit The Father, i.e. Inherit The Kingdom.
  3. The Body would ultimately be birthed into Christ at the sound of the last trump (1Cor. 15:44/49/52-54/1Thes. 4:16/Matt. 17:2)
The following transcribed message attempts to pay homage to the subject of this series. Please find grace to patiently read.

Thank You!
                                   Another Look @ John Chapter 3 - Part 8

Caution: The following transcribed message is not religiously friendly

  • What you can’t discern spiritually, you can’t receive! There is no sentiment regarding the receiving of the kingdom. We need a discernment that is higher than what Satan through Babylon has planted and branded on the earth as a kind of life, reign and dominion. 
  • The same way the world can’t receive the Holy Ghost because they can’t see him (Jn. 14:17), so also there is no receiving of the kingdom without thoroughly discerning it.
  • There are mentally appealing concepts that look harmless which would limit a believer from discerning the kingdom. A concept like “We are building or advancing the kingdom of God” doesn’t exist in the realm of truth. No man or minister can build the kingdom here on earth. With what materials would such build that which is of The Spirit?
  • We Are Called To RECEIVE The Kingdom Which Cannot Be Shaken. WE ARE CALLED TO THIRST AFTER, MOURN WITH THE SPIRIT OF MEEKNESS AND SAY ‘THY KINGDOM COME’! (Heb. 12:27/Matt. 5:3-4/6:10)
  •  Abraham LOOKED FOR a city (not physical) whose builder and maker is (not was) God. Nothing which man can build would remain/stand the test of corruption.
 Heb. 11:10 For he looked for a city Which Hath Foundations, whose builder and maker is God. (i.e the present creation/earth was founded on shaky/watery foundation =Ps. 24:1-2= and would therefore pass away. The New creation is founded on Christ and would endure for unlimited ages to come)
  •  The mind that is attempting to ‘build the kingdom’ simply needs to be renewed.  The kingdom of God is already established and even rules over the heavens since eternity past. Ps. 103:19
 Ps. 103:19 The LORD hath prepared HIS THRONE in THE HEAVENS; and HIS KINGDOM rules over all. (i.e according to Isa. 66:1-2, God is managing the present heavens where his throne is situated in this present order which would soon pass away. God is awaiting souls that would be raised and would accommodate/receive him, i.e. receive the kingdom)

  • We wrongly interpret the role that Daniel played in Babylon for example. When Daniel was told he would be made second in command, he advised the king to give that position to others and he REMAINED AT THE GATE where he received in meekness, the revelations of his day.
  • Daniel greatest exploit was Discerning What God Was Doing and heaven saw in him a stool where they can touch base. Babylon therefore suffered tremendous loss because of such spiritual pattern
  • The influence of the kingdom works in a different way from ours. The primary sphere of expression of the kingdom is not Babylon but in the souls of the saints. As heaven kept bringing their things to Daniel, the kingdom of Babylon bowed!
  • In such a day in which the kingdom is manifesting around sons would a stone be cut out WITHOUT HANDS i.e. it won’t be BORN OF MAN. That stone smote the stature representing the corruptible! Dan. 2:34
  •  When we begin receiving the kingdom, the earth will boil. Everything built by man against faith, that can be shaken and that is founded on shaky foundations would give way. Heb. 12:27
  •  Calling for the kingdom is calling for trouble, because it would halt the systems of men. There is no safety here on earth, though men have provided safety nets for themselves.
  •  When Babylon was being judged, one of the things found admits gold, silver, vessels of ivory, marble, beasts, was The Souls of Men. Souls had been reduced to corruptible things. Rev. 18:12-13
  •  Anything that is OF MEN has been and would continually be savored (i.e sainted) by the enemy and men would use it to ensnare men. Jesus therefore prayed that you keep them from this world.
  • Jesus was the first man that entered into the kingdom and he did so as MAN and on behalf of MAN not just as God. Every other person that have and would enter into it must be like him, must be Born Again The Second Time, i.e. experience the second birth relating to the soul -1Pet. 1:23
  •  Your soul must be raised by resurrection life to look like Christ or else the gates of the kingdom won’t open up for you. The ‘everlasting gates/doors’ mentioned in Ps. 24 only responds to those who look like the king and Lord of glory.
  • Your discernment has to be raised to see beyond the intelligence/inanimate expressions of Babylon which can’t be seen with the physical eyes, yet rules through all that can be seen.
  •  What we have been made to see are the tangible/material aspect of this world, but what rules this world is the intangible aspect, the wisdom of the princes of this world. No One Can Escape This World If Such Hasn’t Received The Revealed Adequate Dosages of The Knowledge Of Truth – 1Tim. 2:4b
  • What man is currently showing forth is so substandard, ask Adam! 
  • The traps Satan set for the Lord were not those of works of the flesh (Eph. 5:3-5/Gal. 5:19-21). Rather, they were such that we would fall into and not even know we have! How did the Lord beat the thoughts and temptations of seeking to improve the warfare of the Jews, of a kingdom that was ruled by Caesar? The thought of “How can I improve their welfare so that they would become a force to be reckoned with on earth” was a temptation we can hardly discern today. Everything is wrong with such thoughts! It can get to you build something substandard and knock you off the will of God.
  •  We don’t understand the ways of the Lord/the kingdom like the Jews/disciples didn’t in their day! Jesus would rather tell them ‘if you are smitten on one chick, turn the other’, that’s the wisdom of the kingdom that Satan is clueless about.
  • If we had the anointing/grace that the Lord had, we would have done many things outside the will of God in the name of exploits! Jesus was meek enough to exercise the powers of the age to come, which he attained
  • We must have a superior discernment above the Jury, above those of nations etc, or else, we would miss the kingdom. We would be with blemish when you hold wrong thoughts.

  • Jesus was telling the rich and less privilege ‘Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand’ because he stood for something else, something new, for the order of the New Creation, not a white/black man or Jewish or tribal thing
  • Thoughts that besiege the minds of ministers and stir up their wrath (of man) against injustice of their country is not from the Lord. We see such as an expression of the kingdom but it isn’t. such is no blameless before Satan
  •  Once a minister is built like that, he wouldn’t be able to hold the truth like Jesus or the Apostles did. Such mind would be unknowingly corrupted and he won’t be able to hold the mystery of Faith with a pure conscience. 1Tim. 3:9
  • The Lord’s passion wasn’t toward his nation, but towards the will of God. His meat was to do the will of him that sent him. Many of our passions drive us wrongly to a wrong places, outside God’s will

  • To have an entrance ministered to you into the kingdom, the Holy Ghost must help you manage your passion.
  •  After you have overcome the works of the flesh, there are still sins/iniquities that you must overcome.
  • Jesus didn’t even go to the Sanhedrin or to King Herod out of zeal to tell them the truth! He was spiritually disciplined. The Sanhedrin had been waiting for the Son of David, so wanting to reach them was a temptation for him. Herod wasn’t qualified to see him. He didn’t identify with the high and mighty, but rather, with the lowly. He stayed within the perimeter of the will of the Father contrary to the norm today
  •  The Jew had been oppressed by the tax/corrupt system, yet Jesus didn’t confront that system. They came to tempt him with payment of tribute, and you can’t reply to such with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, which is the response of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good & Evil, lest you enter into Satan’s trap. You need the Spirit to respond to such temptations.
  •  When you see the philosophy that says “every king needs a prophet, watch out…’. Error is around the corner
  •  Jesus kept going to the temple because he knew that the expression of the kingdom wasn’t what was prevalent, but one that would raise a kingdom of Kings and Priests, and priests only go to the temple, so he kept going there until he went to the cross. (Rev. 1:6/1Pet. 2:9)
  •  After resurrection, he didn’t go back to the temple, because a superior temple had been raised in the heavens through which he would minister to potential kings and priests, glory!
  • As a minister, you must trust the Lord to be delivered from your nation, your people. God must deliver you from being a Nigerian, a British, an American e.t.c. those are blemishes because such doesn’t exist IN THE CHRIST Jesus, i.e. IN THE KINGDOM (Pls see Gal. 3:28/6:15). Apostle Paul had to be delivered from that mindset - Acts 26:17
 Acts 26:17 Delivering thee from the people (i.e. the national identity), and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee…

 Gal. 6:15 For in Christ Jesus (i.e. in the kingdom) neither circumcision avails anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature. (i.e. From the kingdom point of view, there is nothing like “I am a Nigerian, British or American” but according to Eph. 2:19, we are now fellow citizens with other saints, and of the household of God)

  • Without spiritual discernment of the kingdom, we would not be able to appreciate the parables and therefore won’t appreciate truth. This is the issue with the church who is contented with the Introductory Meals To Truth (i.e. miracles, prosperity) which is different from The Truth Itself
 Lk. 18:16 … Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God (i.e. everyone that would enter must become a child. The more we press into the kingdom, the more childish our hearts would become)

  • There is way little children receive things, so the Lord said in Lk. 18:16 that such is the soul state that can receive the kingdom. You can easily collect something from a child by giving him something else
·         Those presiding over the governments of the earth are handling a low/inferior kind of dominion traceable to the fall of man. Satan does not give it to genuine believers without a fight. If they are not sent, they must drink of the wine of Babylon (compromise) to get there

  • The rich young ruler had a kind of dominion as a ruler, but he couldn’t leave his possessions for the kingdom. Like ministers think today, he taught he could HELP THE KINGDOM when actually there is nothing man can do to help or improve the kingdom. The kingdom is the real answer to man’s problem which began when man left his estate, i.e. God
  •  Of the increase of His Government (unlike earthly governments) there shall be no end, i.e. even in the world to come – Isa. 9:7
  • There are many little things that can rob you of the kingdom. Anything that limits you from being a spirit in your soul or from being windy (Jn. 3:6&8), would deny you understanding and access to the kingdom.
  • Like Jesus told the young rich ruler, Entrance into the Kingdom Is Only Possible with God. Only God can supervise the needed Soul Conversion that would beat such into the shape that can pass through the eye of a needle.
  • Jesus wasn’t against the Law of Moses, he came to fulfill it. He spoke with a wisdom that enabled him disarm various mobs.
  • Satan is windy, so you can’t physically wrestle with him. You need to be in the Spirit always to defeat Him.
  • God is raising a company of saints that would have a superior wisdom than Satan’s wiles (2Cor. 2:11). Such would only preach What They Are Seeing & Hearing, like the Lord Jesus, even though no one received his report. The arm of the Lord (i.e. Strength) is only revealed to those who receive such report, what He Heard and Said.
 Jn. 3:31-32 He that cometh from above is above all: he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth: he that cometh from heaven is above all. And what he hath seen and heard, that he testifieth; and no man receiveth his testimony.

  • Speak like Christ spoke, i.e. what you see and hear from above, and you would overcome Satan!
 Bless You!

Pst. Emeka Egwuchukwu