Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh Nigeria, Even if everyone else is a liar, God remains true - Rom. 3:4

Dear Friends,

While weighing Nigeria’s ongoing Trials and Travails, and our ultimate Triumph that would soon cease from lingering, I found myself intercepting the following thoughts last week

Graceful Reading!

It's no news that not a few nationals and non-nationals are in despair concerning a potentially great COUNTRY and DESTINY called Nigeria. Unfortunately, many watchmen and compatriots have been tempted to observe "lying vanities" - Jonah 2:8, and have ignored the comfort of the Spirit which comes while we CONSISTENTLY BEHOLD THE PERFECT LAW OF LIBERTY.  

Large quotas of our emotions have been mortgaged in being anxious for "nothing" - Phil. 4:6. Some have strayed to a place where their hope in God is on suspension/leave. Many have resorted to either trusting "in available political parties", or “in none”, but not "in God", because they can't seem to see his mighty hand at work amidst the lingering contradictions and happenings over the years.

But we can draw comfort from the words of Job concerning our Nation in Job 14:7-9, " THERE IS HOPE for a TREE if it be cut down, AT THE SCENT OF WATER, IT WILL SPROUT AGAIN & BUD". Nigeria will Sprout and Bud like never before. NIGERIA IS PREGNANT WITH  NOT A FEW SONS WHO ARE STILL GROWING AS TENDER PLANTS AND AS A ROOT OUT OF A DRY GROUND. SUCH ARE THEY WHO WOULD BE IN DEMAND IN THE SEASONS AHEAD, TO EXALT THE HORN OF THE GOSPEL BEFORE NATIONS (Isa. 53:2/Ps. 144:12)

A time is coming, and it's at hand, when the devil will regret tormenting this nation, because it will boomerang to a place where we would travail and bring forth sons that would disciple nations in Grace Life and Kingdom Dominion over Death!

Another chapter of 1Cor. 2:8 is being re-written, I.e. "Had he (the devil) known, he wouldn't have troubled the soul of Nigeria".

We can join Apostle Paul and confidently say, “Even if everyone else is a liar, God is true..." - Rom. 3:4

Praise God.