Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 7

Dearly beloved,

What can I say? The reason why the corporate church is hardly inching towards God’s Glory as we out to and as designed by the Lord of Glory is because we secretly disagree with the counsels declared in the following transcribed message and in some cases, we are unaware of such.

Graceful reading!
Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 7

For service to be meaningful, saints must present their bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God (Rom. 12:1-2). To become a living sacrifice, you have to obey Romans chapter 8. You must have learnt not to walk after the flesh but after the Spirit. Before you met with Christ, your spirit, soul and body were dead (Eph. 2:1). But after you came to Christ, your spirit becomes life because of righteousness (Rom. 8:10). Many of us are still in a hope state, in the lowest dimension of hope and no matter how much of Mark 11:23-24 faith you use to move the mountains, it won’t move you from hope.

The faith of Mark 11:23-24 cannot take you out of that hope state. The Faith That Will Redeem You From Hope Must Be Faith That Is Equivalent To Eternal Life, the faith of God’s elect (Tit. 1:1), which the apostles came into (Gal. 2:20/1Jn. 5:4). Such is the faith that can fetch life from your spirit into your body

This is not the ‘confessional faith’ that a practicing believer uses when declaring ‘I have life in my body’. You cannot use the mountain moving faith of Mark 11:23-24 to bring eternal life into your body because sin is higher than that faith. Jesus marveled at the faith of the centurion and described it as a great faith (which was scarce in Isreal) though he wasn’t born again (Matt. 8:10). But such faith cannot move sin. The intelligence of sin is faster than the movement of hat faith. The faith of Mark 11:23-24 is lower than sin, but there was a faith that Jesus lived by, which has the capacity to mortify sin in your mortal body.

This is an order of faith that you can’t come into by mire confessions. A great blessing to the body by name Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin was mightily used by the Lord to teach a law of faith that enabled us to received things from God as young believers. He was sent to teach faith when the Body of Christ was in darkness, when many were born again but did not even know that they were. Way back then, it was hard for people to receive the Holy Ghost and some thought that before they could, they must confess their sins while some others would tarry for days just to receive the Holy Ghost. There was no knowledge then and men were so weak and couldn’t believe in God.

When Jesus came to the earth, He had an agenda to move a very high faith into the earth but men couldn’t take it; so He had to start from somewhere. He started from ‘Oh ye of little faith’ dimension (Matt. 8:26/16:80). When Jesus was relating with men who were not born again, He did not demand too much of faith from them and simply went into the dimension of ‘Oh ye of little faith’. In fact, a man told Jesus; ‘Help thou my unbelief’. That will tell you the state of men then.

Demons know how to demonstrate in order to kill your faith. It is not easy for a carnal man to live by faith. Jesus’ disciples had been casting demons out but they couldn’t handle a particular one until Jesus came. Jesus rebuked the disciples for their unbelief and told them that this does not go out except by fasting and prayer (Mark 9:29). Jesus simply implied that what fasting will do is to bring down your flesh, so that your spirit would find expression
Jesus had to condescend to ‘oh ye of little faith’ dimension and once in a while, He would teach His disciples the word of the kingdom. Whenever Jesus met with anybody that could have faith for miracle and that gave Him hope that man would one day come into God’s kind of faith like he did.

So you cannot confess sin out of your flesh. Such confession is even a wrong stand. Sin came by many leading. We were led from iniquity to iniquity, by dumb idols, philosophies, rudiments of this world, vein deceit (Col. 2:8). You can confess and believe God to have a car, house and earthly things by using Mark 11:23–24, but you cannot ‘confess’ and ‘claim’ the inheritance secured for us by the death of Christ Jesus on the cross.  What Jesus died for on the cross was not to give you money. If Jesus died for poverty, there was no need for God to give money to Solomon because Jesus had not come. Solomon had so much gold but he never knew God as he ought. What Jesus died for was to abolish our SIN problem 
Solomon with all his money was still in sin. Sin controls money because it is high than money. Right now the richest entity in our world that owns gold is sin. People that teach believers to ‘take over the world’ are ignorant that all they want to take over has been handled by sin. Sin owns those things and shows such to men so they seek it at the expense of seeking God. That tells you that such things are not true riches (1Tim. 6:17/Lk. 16:11). Any riches sin can access aren’t true riches. Bible even calls it ‘unrighteous mammon’, though you can believe God for it to cater for your carnal needs.

I am not a teacher who teach people how to make money because that is not what I am called to do. There are those who are doing that. I am called to teach how to be free from the crown prince of hell.

Our father Abraham was not looking for unrighteous mammon when he found it; it was added to him. He was a sojourner and a pilgrim on earth. If gold is in anywhere, Satan will get there before men do simply because Satan does not have anything and concentrates on such. He uses them to capture people under his dominion. I am neither teaching poverty nor prosperity. I am preaching how to receive the God’s kingdom.

Every Christian’s level before God is higher than what we brand as ‘a rich man’ or ‘a poor man’. We cannot use the world to define a Christian. Anybody that equates a Christian with a poor man is making a mistake, because that does not count. They cannot use the measurement of the earth to count or qualify you. You are a different person because your riches are not counted in the way unbelievers count riches. You have great provisions of riches in Christ that is beyond your natural imagination.

My pain is that pastors are pressurizing believers to get gold, silver, capture Nigeria oil and take over everything. I am not against that but if that is what we are concentrating on, we are too poor, because the earth is very poor! Within our galactic (the Milky Way), there are nine planets there. Unexplored minerals are in those planets. The whole sun is a mass of burning gas. Satan has taken our globe and has used it to lie to us.
When the Bible says; ‘Jesus was made poor that we might become rich’, it wasn’t saying he was lacking money, but rather, he left an estate of unfathomable glory, visited a poor domain called earth and took the form of man which was a kind of death (Phil. 2:8). To be made a man was poverty to him.

The true fun is to be higher than the earth. If you can just go up and move into the first realm of the angelic, you are a very rich being. The things that disturb men will not disturb you. God showed Solomon that he was a poor boy by the comparing him with the flower of the field (Matt. 6:28–29). Solomon put on clothes but flowers develops their clothing and do live.
Poverty has to do with the within configuration you have and that determines your estate. To be the creator is an estate of riches. When He was in the form of God, He was a rich being but when He became a man, He was made poor. (2Cor. 8:9). So Christ coming into our state as man was poverty.

Imagine you go to the ant’s hill, check ants and you discover some dominate the other with their nuclear weapon. All of them remain ants to you and you can use your leg to trample on them. So is it, the way they look at us from on high with all our arrangement and confidence, we remain low. In the face of the ants, their hill will look like mansion to them, just like our skyscrapers are to us. Theirs is even more original than ours. No man can build what the ants build.

In the colony of ants, some are architects, designers and engineers. I can imagine some ants making discovery of a new colony and then praising themselves. That is how we are in our estate. Solomon said; ‘I consider the estate of a man is not different from the one of a beast’. Solomon became so rich and began to get angry with money. He communed with his heart to know what is called wisdom. He even studied what is called foolishness. He discovered that both wisdom and foolishness were weapons on earth. A wise man can be very foolish and at times and foolish men can be very wise.

Imagine angels in high authority watching us with our skyscrapers and developed cities, how will they look at us? You can now understand when the Bible says; ‘Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity’. How ugly is the ant’s hill to man? Man cannot live there no matter how beautiful it is to an ant. But God is humble; Solomon built a house with his hands and God went to dwell in it! No matter how the whole ants beg you, you will not want to live in their hill
No matter what a man becomes on earth, he is still a man. But God is saying; who shall ascend out of the earth? Ps. 24:1–5. God wants us to stop behaving like earthly men. He wants us to come up to him and that is good news. If you do not ascend now, you will have problem when the anti-Christ will arise from the earth.

The best of man’s work is useless to God, so He needs to help you take it over. Man was not created to take care of himself, just check the order in Eden before sin came. It was through sin that man learnt to work. I am not saying you should not work; I am just showing the order of the beginning. Man has fallen into work and he cannot come out of work like without leadings. Even the Son of Man (Jesus) worked when He came to the earth until God told Him to enter ministry.
Bless You!

Rev. Kayode Oyegoke
Revelation Hour Fellowship 
29th March, 2014 (1st Half)

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