Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Prophetic Psalm on ONDO


Blessed art thou, whose tongue and people seams to belong to despised region in the sight of other tongues and tribes, for great thou art before the possessor of the ends of the earth.

Blessed art thou, whose true identity would hardly be traceable to your individual lineage in the flesh in the seasons ahead, because of your gradual separation unto an unearthly high calling.

Blessed art thou whose Sons and Daughter shall strengthen the growth of The True Church in Nigeria and beyond.

Blessed art thou, whose growth hath previously been hindered by the preeminence of religious meals and an absence of the true bread from heaven but whose flourishing can no longer tarry, because the resident Power in the Gospel is bringing thee a separation and an exaltation that shall unveil the Lord further and bring him high praises from this generation to the next.

Blessed are thou with whom the Lord would yet tarry long, thou lowly region that could only be likened to the despised regions of Galilee and Nazareth where the Good Tidings of The Gospel was well entertained unlike it was in Judea and Jerusalem.

Blessed are the Sons and Daughters that shall rise out of thee, oh beloved Ondo! Many are they, who are still entangled in earthly pursuit but shall trace their paths back to Life as you promote His Life. Saviors are hidden amongst thee, whose earthly courses would be interrupted to the uttermost, that they may complete the Life Building Process, administer Christ to a depraved generation and feed Churches beyond thy borders.

Oh saints of Ondo, great people with a calling to produce a kingdom of Priests, whose lot transcends economic endowments and resides in The Glorious Gospel of Christ. A land harboring destinies whose corporate destiny before heaven is to churn True Worshippers/Servants of Righteousness whom The King of Kings would graciously preside over.

Oh saints of Ondo, a people whose destiny has been beclouded by socio-economic ills on one hand and The Pride of Life and divers lusts on the other, thy lawful captivity shall be braught into the captivity of the Lord, thy deliverance is nigh thee. It shall break forth in the appointed seasons before thee, thy eyes shall see it, and thou shall marvel and shall say, the Holy One of Israel hath done this!

Oh beloved saints of Ondo, you would be graced with the Lord's burden in the days ahead that you might skillfully extend the sphere of my life unto many, and bountiful shall be the harvest of souls that are ordained unto Eternal Life! Amen.


Tayo Fasan