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Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 9

Dearly Beloved,
It might interest you to know that various religious or civilized mindsets have robbed believers of coming into stature (Eph. 4:1) much more than armed and unarmed robbers have robbed men and nations of their earthly good till date.
What else can I say but that flesh and blood could not have revealed this but our father who art in heaven, who has resolved to end the prevailing grassy state of man (Isa. 40:6/1Pet. 1:24) and thereby reproduce many Christ-dominated believers (Heb. 2:10) in his church.


Graceful reading!
Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 9
Scriptural reading Text: John 3:2-11

Often times when we hear the word ‘Kingdom’, what comes to our mind is rulership or dominion because of the way natural kingdoms are arrayed and this beclouds our minds against God’s order of kingdom. Of a truth, we will judge angels by reason of growth, but the kingdom is a place of service. All who have entered the kingdom are servants in their categories and the greatest servant is our Lord Jesus Christ.
When Apostle Paul said, ‘I being less than the least of all saints (Eph. 3 vs 8)’; that is a pedigree in the Spirit. It is not easy to become less than the least because it takes a lot of stature. When you get to the foundation of the city in the world to come (Rev. 21:14), you will see the name of the 12 apostles there and realize Peter the Apostle is not his name. The operation he got from God will form part of the foundation of the city, because of his height of meekness. Apostle Paul’s letters were mighty but his appearance was weak.

When Apostle Paul made that statement in Eph. 3:8, he was probably the holiest man on earth.  The least of us all is our Lord. Why? Because He did what no nobody could do. Though He was God, He thought it not robbery to be equal with God but He took upon Himself the form of a servant and humbled Himself (Phil. 2:5–8). Descending from the throne was humility but Jesus went further by humbling himself to the point of death, even the death of the cross therefore becoming the greatest servant amongst men.

It takes stature to be a servant because it is not common among men. When you tell a servant to go and wash a car, it is nothing to him because that is his job. But when you tell a king to go and wash a car and he does so, that is something new.

The sower in Matt.13:24–30 sowed good seeds which is the seed of the kingdom and it is only God that has good seeds. No man is good but God. These are the seeds He gave the Son and grew the Son with. So he planted seeds in the field and when the servants went to check, they saw another plant growing alongside the seed which the enemy planted when men slept.

Our weakness is our slumbering, not physically sleeping because that is God’s provision. When the Bible says, ‘God neither sleeps nor slumbers’, it means there is no time He responds to death. Sleeping and slumbering are expressions of death. We still have places in us that we are asleep, places where we are not fully awake to the Lord and Satan takes advantage of us and plants his seed

 You can see what happened to the church when the enemy fanned her into a deep sleep. As she slept, Satan was planting seeds. By the time she woke up, quite some damages had been done, but God said ‘I am very confident of this good seed which the evil seed cannot choke’.
The tare and the wheat look alike; you can never differentiate them. The tare can camouflage and bring something that look like the kingdom but it is not. The master later said, ‘leave them until the end of the age when we will know the difference’. When they are fully ripe, the wheat will bow because of weight (truth) but the tare will stand upright because it has no weight on it.

 Once you start carrying the fruits of the kingdom, it will make you to bow which is in different levels. Some of the fruits fell to the ground representing men of the kingdom who are servants.  Some of them are unknown to others because they don’t have anything external.

The kingdom of God is not a place for exercising authority like the gentiles do but a call to responsibility and service. Rev. 22 :3 therefore says “The throne of God and the Lamb will be there and their servants shall serve them”. When throne comes, service has come.

By the time the apostles’ began to write epistles, what was foremost in their greetings was their servanthood not even their apostolic office. So an Apostle Paul would declare himself as a bond servant/prisoner and apostle of Christ (Eph. 3:1). An Apostle Peter would say ‘Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ’ (2Pet. 1:1). The disciples of Jesus started their ministry as apostles but after a while, they became servants. What was sustaining their apostolic power and grace was their servitude.

 If there is anything like competition in the kingdom, it will be to prevail in servitude but you cannot find that among men. So the civilization of God’s kingdom is different from earthly kingdom.
No man can out-do Jesus in serving. Some people are saying, ‘Lord, I have been serving you for long, what is my reward?’ If God should show you a little of how much service He has rendered to you, you will be shocked. Can you go to the cross? That is why after we finish our service for God on earth, we should be willing to say ‘we only did what we are asked to do and are unprofitable servants’ (Lk. 17:10). The reason is because we did not manufacture service but were taught by him and so we have no boast.

What makes us want to exercise authority is that old man – Satan. The kingdom emanates from the womb of the morning (Ps. 110:3); that is where all of them dwell: The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost and others whom abundant entrance has been administered to (2Pet. 1:11)

 What gave birth to this old man and the new man was two kind of womb. What birthed the old man was a womb of the flesh which is this world and Satan’s kingdom. Anyone that enters the world will come out wearied and old. So the process of conversion is to cut down the present man, to crack that building called man. In our Biology, they call it homo – erectors but God does not like that erectness and wants us to be as malleable as the wind; He wants us bowed at heart like servants are. Not bowed as in bondage but in delightful submission.

In Jn. 3, Jesus began to speak to Nicodemus about another womb of the Spirit how a man can gain entrance into that womb, which is the womb of the morning. There are no old men there; all of them are children. The greatest of them is the Father. His is the freshest baby! That is the secret of immortality. It is in the womb of the Morning that you can get that dew.

The reason Jesus has the strength to serve is because of the dew of His youth (Ps. 110:3). It took some unusual strength to die on the cross. Such strength was because of the dew of His youth so Jesus is telling us that we can access the womb of the Morning just as a child accesses nutrition from his mother through an umbilical cord

The process of converting a man into a baby is beyond man. The conversion is not in the physical body but in the soul, though your body will also come into it subsequently. From eternity to eternity, Jesus will still remain as young as He is right now and the reason for that is because of the dew He gets from the womb.

Matt. 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
 There is another kind of dew in the womb of the flesh (the world) that comes upon men and kills them by tampering with their ability to serve God.

 The process of reducing a man and converting him from one form to another can only be done by the good seed. So when a man is receiving the seed of the kingdom, he is being converted (Lk. 22:32). After a while, the receiving of the dealings of that seed will cause him to become a little baby because it is only babies that can enter the womb. The smaller you are, the more access you have to the kingdom, because narrow is the way and straight is the gate that leads to the kingdom.
Lk. 22:32 But I have prayed for thee (Simon Peter) that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

When you get to the gate of the kingdom, there is a required size because is a very tiny gate. It is not that is tiny, it is just that it does not give entrance to people that have the stature of flesh. Their members will not be able to enter that is why He says, ‘If your hand causes you to offend, cut it off’, because the path is narrow.’                

 You need to be small to enter the kingdom but men do not like to be small. When a man of God goes to the mountain to pray, most of the time, his prayer is ‘Lord increase me; let my ministry blossom, etc.’ but very few men go to mountain and pray that God will reduce them. Such a prayer is alien. What we are taught to pray is Lord increase me. Please understand my language, I am not saying God is against physical increase. I am just saying if it comes to the issue of entrance into the kingdom, it is small (meek) man that can find it.

 You need to be converted into a child to gain entrance into that gate so Jesus was described in Acts 4:30 as such, a little child. It is not easy to pray to become small; nobody likes it. Man likes to vaunt himself but such isn’t entertained in the kingdom. How did the creator become a servant? While Jesus was in the house of Joseph, he was sending Him (his creator) on errands and He never for one day said, ‘Joseph, I just want to say this that do you know I am your Lord and Creator’? Such is the mind of Christ and we need to have such mind.

What Jesus did was an impossibility to man’s thinking. For the creator to stay in Mary’s womb for nine months, that was because they (the Godhead) are used to wombs. Such is their dwelling place. Children don’t refuse when asked to carry out a task. It is only when corruption has worked on such a child that he would behave otherwise.

What kind of being is the trinity for the creator to be serving creatures? We can understand when a creature is serving his creator but it’s a mystery for the creator to serve the creature. At age twelve when Jesus’ parents came to look for Him, He said, ‘Do you not know I should be about my Father’s business?’ He (the creator) followed them and submitted to them for another eighteen years. He carried woods for them and washed clothes for His younger ones and that was why they could despise Him. Jesus had to veil himself to them.

After His resurrection, He would have gone to Pilate and proved to him that He was the King of the Jews, but He did not. Apart from His stature, another reason why angels worship Him is because of what He did, which they cannot do it. THE KINGDOM IS A CRUCIFIED LIFE.

Bless You!
Pastor Danladi Hassan
VGC Lively Stones Fellowship

27th April, 2014

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