Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LOVE, The Commandment of The Beginning - Part 5

Dearly Beloved, 

Last year, I wrote on The Love Movement Is Around The Corner and made reference to the following “… what brought us into the body of Christ was the provision of Jn. 3:16 ‘For God So Loved The World (i.e. them that loved the world)’ but what would eternally separate us from the world unto the Father is a higher provision/love fellowship of Jn. 3:35/5:20-22 wherein The Father Loved The Son, Showed Him All Things That He Did And Committed All Judgment Unto Him’.
The following transcribed message explains:
  1. The art of laying down our life as the process of sowing the seed of Eternal Life and secret to assessing the realm of the supernatural.
  2. How via obedience to the commandment of Love, a conducive atmosphere that will cause such seed to bring forth the fruit of Eternal Life is created in those that would evolve into becoming God’s garden of love.
  3. Walking in Love as the sealant and insulator from being known and processed by the world (1Jn. 3:1b)
  4. Why anything we do outside God’s love is because of we are still keeping another commandment, the commandment of sin and death.

May we find grace to respond to God’s call unto us to become his love garden and bride (Rev. 21:2/10), amen. 

Gracious reading!

LOVE, The Commandment of The Beginning (Part 5)

-       One thing that would be seen in these end times is the FRUIT of whichever seed that has been planted in us, which would be made manifest as such seed matures 
-       In the parables, Jesus said the seed that the sower went to sow is the Word of the Kingdom.  1 John 1:5 talks about “the message we heard of Him”, which is that seed. The sower is the Son of man (Jesus) who was given authority to cast out this seed. The Father has committed all judgment to this Son. You can’t sow the seed of the Kingdom if you’re not a son. God raised Jesus to sow that seed, to sow himself. While laying down His life, he was actually sowing that seed.

-       The seed is not different from Eternal Life. It’s the Word of life—the word of their Life. The seed is their life which they are sowing in our midst. 
-       His Son received the seed from the Father and bore fruit with it. The seed grew became the tree of life (Luke 13:19) with a capacity to yield more seeds

-       You can’t sow if you’ve not manifested—if you’re still a child, so you need to be a son, a full-grown tree that would manifest fruit and then bring forth fruits with seeds. There is a set time for manifestation and it is at hand. The ground for sowing is the soul (heart/mind), not the human spirit. The soul is supposed to house and keep the seed and ultimately manifest it. 

-       Balaam amazes me. As a prophet, He who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel”. If he were to be living today, he would have a large crowd of followers/congregation. But see his end. He was portrayed as one with error and a perverted doctrine. Rev. 2:14

-       The error of Balaam was a soul issue, soul sickness! His soul had opportunity to manifest life, but it chose something else. “In this are the children of God manifest - 1Jn. 3:10. SOME WHO HAVE BEEN AROUND ARE ACTUALLY CAIN IN THEIR SOUL. OTHERS ARE ABEL, JUDAS. But Judas was numbered among the 12, what we will consider being born again in today’s context. But what we saw was the seed kept by his soul. 

-       Since there was no physical altar then, Balaam knew which mountain to go to and if God doesn’t answer him there, he’ll move to the four corners of the altar. He knew how to move heaven. Before Moses met him, he knew he was coming. But see the two men; see the end of their lives! The soul will always manifest the seed its carrying. IN THESE END TIMES, YOU’LL SEE TWO KINDS OF SOUL MANIFESTATION.

-       You receive seed by hearing words of life or death. There’s a way the Son of man behaved; there’s a way He walked and fulfilled the demands of eternal life’s seed and that is how we ought to walk. 

-       We’re not obeying life as we ought to, that’s why we’ve not walked in the supernatural yet. That Seed has His own mind. If we learn to obey life, we’ll also come into the supernatural.

-    A pastor was once with late Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, and he told him, “Because you’re with me your sugar level will not rise” and it was so for 2 weeks! It took 2 weeks afterwards before his sugar level rose back. That manifestation of the supernatural wasn’t because Hagin had the gifts of the Spirit; it was because he had walked in love. One time while he was in the hospital, he told the nurses his heart will not beat for a while but he would be ok. As they monitored him, indeed, for 10minutes he was walking around, doing things without his heart beating! That’s supernatural; not gifts of the Holy Spirit.

 -       Jesus said the Father told Him to lay down His life and that was his secret (Jn. 10:17-18). The father, The Word and Holy Ghost have been laying down their lives since, not keeping it for themselves. Unlike Ananias and Sapphira, we still want to keep our life (see Acts 5:1-10). The Father gave His life (Son); the Holy Ghost doesn’t keep His life.

-       In this the children of God and of Satan shall be made manifest – 1Jn. 3:10. They heard the seed at the same time; some received it, some did not. 

-        As you obey love, you’re moving towards manifestation. Love is the manure and water that will grow the seed you’ve received in your soul. Love is the conducive atmosphere for that seed!

-       All His life, the Lord Jesus obeyed the Love commandment. If not, he would not have received the glorification at the mount of transfiguration. (2Pet. 1:17-18)

-       Cain chose a kind of life and became born of the wicked one. Cain and Abel were raised by the same parents; both of them heard God very sound and clear, but Cain had another thing and that thing manifested because it’s the soul’s that makes decisions.

-       The Lord walked and His walk was a manifestation. Love walk insulates you from being known or discerned by the world. Love seals. It’s the seal of God. A man that has been sealed is a man who has been perfected. Love is the seal of perfection (Col 3:14). A man who is not walking in love is one who will not be perfected.

-       In John 15:10, Jesus was telling us, “I obeyed my Father and abided in His love; if you obey Me, you’ll also abide in My love. I’m sealed, perfected in My Father because I obeyed him”. The Father has shown us how to please Him—by keeping His commandment, and there is no way you’re going to keep His commandment without loving. If you say you’re keeping His commandment and not abiding in love, you lie (1 John 2:4). CAIN SLEW HIS BROTHER BECAUSE HE WAS KEEPING ANOTHER COMMANDMENT

-       The Lord is showing us these ministrations on love at this time because the time of manifestation is at hand, like we saw when the father declared about the son “This is my beloved Son in Whom I am well-pleased”. He walked well; He’s a Son Who walked in the way I set for Him therefore hear Him” - Mark 9:7.

-       If you walked as He walked, you’ll also become a tree. He is the true Vine; His Father is the Husbandman (vinedresser). He’s the true life. The Father Who as the Husbandman has sown this life in the Son. The Husbandman sowed Himself into His Son because that was the only way He could be made manifest to the world. The Son is the vine of that tree of life, and we are the branches.

-       John 15:2 declares “Any branch in Me that bringeth not fruit, my Father will cut off”. So it is possible for a branch not to bring forth fruit. What John is teaching in his epistles is what the Lord had taught in the parables. In 1 John 2:19, John was in effect saying, “They left us because they were a branch that couldn’t bear fruit of life”.

1Jn. 2:19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

-       It is the Lord’s desire that Eternal Life which was manifested in the Son would be made manifest also in us. As we obey this commandment of love, the Father will prune us some excesses will drop so you can bring forth much fruit.

-       It’s the soul that will bear fruit, either to life or be made manifest as not part of the Father’s life. It is obedience to the commandment of love that will bring forth manifestation. Anyone who hasn’t obeyed this commandment won’t show forth eternal life. He that loves God dwells in Him. If you don’t walk in the light of this commandment, you’ll kill the seed in your soul.

-       As the Husbandman, the Lord wants to harvest each of us. The earth (soul) must bring forth seeds and fruits of righteousness; it must bring forth increase (Hosea 10:12). The Father, the Son and the many branches that will make up the garden, the garden of the Lord. Some will become the garden of Love, a lovely garden. Everyone in that garden would have loved.

-       God is calling us to be part of the trees in His garden, new Garden of the world to come. Don’t joke with your calling. Make your calling and election sure (2 Peter 1:10). Love will make your calling and election sure.

Pst. Emeka Egwuchukwu
Writing the Vision Meeting Prayer Preparation (18th Sept. ‘13)