Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Becoming “SOMEBODY” By Becoming “NOBODY” – Part 4

Dearly Beloved,

My Life! My Life!! My Life!!!

That is one of the depraved words the world has hyped for mankind; not just an exclamation, but a governing philosophy that could never have been found in the heart and mouth of our Lord Jesus or his Holy Apostles, simply because it is cancerous and it doesn’t exist in the world of truth

This is one well-fed white-lie on earth that was procured on behalf of unborn generations by Adam. Through sin and death, it has mutated over the millennia and it only respects seasoned professionals who contend earnestly for the faith that was revealed in and through Christ Jesus (Jude vs 3/Acts 26:18e/Phil. 3:9) – the faith that overcomes the wisdom of this world (1Jn. 5:4)

Long before such words leaps out of our mouth, while it still seeks to find an abode in our hearts, our meditation all day long should be centered around our true life (Col. 3:4 - Christ), which remains so precious that it had to be HID IN HEAVENLY PLACES, IN GOD! Eph. 1:3/3:9

Col. 3:4 Whenever Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.

The simple secret to sighting and inheriting our true life is losing the self-seeking “life” that an unbeliever or a carnal believer celebrates (Jn. 12:24-25/Phil. 2:4-5/Rev. 12:11). A man who is LOSING “HIS LIFE”, is being empowered to KEEP GOD’S LIFE (Lk 11:27-28/Rev. 14:12), and heaven recons with such a saint as powerful, faithful, true, righteous; just to mention a few qualifying adjectives.

Phil. 2:4-5 Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others. LET THIS MIND BE IN YOU, WHICH WAS ALSO IN CHRIST JESUS:

To loose “your life”, you need a continuous empowerment not just of the introductory aspect of the gospel (Mk. 11:22/Heb. 6:1-2), but the core of the gospel which is the actual power of God (Rom. 16:25-26/1Cor.2:9/2Cor.4:6). A cherubic power (Acts 26:18C) bundled together what we have branded as “our life”, and it would take a superior divine power to liberate us from it (Rom. 1:16/Lk. 4:18). Only then would we graduate from continuing in his word, become disciples of truth, gradually continue in the Son (1Jn. 2:24) and end in the father like the Son did (Jn. 13:3/14:2-3/17:21).

The Power in focus here is that which God designed our souls to learn of at his feet; the walk that conquered death (Lk 10:39/Eph. 4:20/1Cor. 15:25/Matt. 3:11c), and this life tutorial only commences after we have partook of the sincere milk provisions of faith in the Lord Jesus and love unto all the brethren (Eph. 1:15/Col. 1:4/1Thes. 1:3). This is where we qualify for the help of the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation that would enable us KNOW whom we have previously BELIEVED in (Eph. 1:18/Col. 1:9/2Tim. 1:12)

2Tim. 1:12 For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed,

The Faith in focus here is that which remains unpopular among believers till date; one that was authored not by father Abraham (Ga. 3:7/Heb. 6:1D) but by Christ Jesus (Heb. 12:2/Gal. 2:20); such that has the ability to make our souls to be as saved as our regenerated human spirit is – i.e. cause our souls to sit (Rev. 3:21) in heavenly places like our human spirit is seated (Eph. 2:6).

All of God’s resources has been mobilized for this great cause in the last 2000 years plus! Nothing else has earned his attention and nothing else would before the present heavens and earth is folded like a garment and dissolved ((Isa.51:6/Heb.1:10-11/2Pet. 3:10-11), and God’s commitment to this would continue even unto the unveiling of man’s actual world (Heb. 2:5/2Pet. 3:13/Rev. 21:1-2)

Amidst the tactical distractions within and without the church (you and I) today, may we find the grace of the Lord Jesus to subscribe to this less-costly-process that would make us “NOBODY” before the world but “SOMEBODYin God’s sight (Act 8:21/1Tim. 2:3/1Pet. 3:4/2Cor. 2:17/4:2)


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Package within “our life” is volumes of fears and cares. Inside His life(the life Christ still hopes I would someday fully comply with), is His faith and God’s love. Friends, relatives and even not a few ministers on earth today, help us in various ways to “Keep Our Live”, contrary to various eternal injunctions …..

Long before we begain to intellectually learn what we called “life”, we have received the will of that life by birth (Jn. 1:10)

while Cain experimented with it at the expense of God’s presence


been weaned from the milky provisions of God’s word he primary learning expected by God, for all believing believers.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Becoming “SOMEBODY” By Becoming “NOBODY” – Part 3

Beloved of God,

I asked myself the following question earlier today, “How many qualitative daily decisions have I made in the first half of 2015 that brought a limitation to the course of darkness on earth and also slowed down the operations of corruption in my life and in the lives of others? (2Pet. 1:4). The answer isn’t too encouraging!

God has blessed us with hindsight from clouds of witnesses who kept faith with the light (knowledge) that He dispensed in their day, and one of such characters was an Old Testament faithful names Moses, and three things remain striking about him:

1.     Moses lived when the shadow of the New Testament was still being downloaded, and he generated a walk on earth when the Holy Spirit hadn’t been sent into all the earth to groom men to be compatible with God’s throne; centuries before God would make clear his intention via the epistles to have his tabernacle with and in men (Isa 61:1/2Cor 6:16/Rev 21:3)

2.    Moses saw in a good measure, God’s intention for man to wrestle with death (corruption), and he took personal responsibility of this assignment! Romans 5:14 later gave an account of how the reign of death from Adam regressed for the first time in his day; all because God found and built a man into being a mobile tabernacle! (Deu. 34:10)

3.    Moses endured the first phase of forty-years of uninterrupted trials, but today, believers struggle to endure packets of trials for four-years, a glaring sign of soul-weakening over the centuries (Isa. 14:12e/Rom. 5:6)

Endurance with unbroken focus is gradually becoming a “taboo” among believers (2Tim. 2:3/10)! But if we are to attain a New Testament edition of the glory Moses attained, we would have to subscribe to fellowshipping with God’s custom-made-dealings daily (Lk. 9:23). According to the carnal timing of the earth, our natural “needs” would seem to linger when God “delays” issuing answers to our “prayers”, but in His infinite wisdom, He uses such golden opportunity to make available great grace for progress in the Spirit, and He expects us to take comfort with such.

Christ’s greater riches, designed to make us co-owners of the Gospel (Rom.1:1/1:16/2:16/16:25a), ONLY comes after we have embraced the reproaches of the gospel (Heb. 11:26/Rom .1:16a/2Tim. 1:8/1Pet. 4:14). This is when and where God makes men rich towards him (Lk. 12:21), and appoints unto them authority, yea; the very dominion in His kingdom (Lk. 12:32/22:29)

I/we are at the mercy of agreeing with the Holy Ghost, that the only accurate synonym for “God-arranged sufferings is “blessings”, i.e. with God’s very self, so that someday, in addition to Him being called “The God and Father of Jesus”, of Paul, of John, he would also be called, “The God and Father of Tayo”... (2Cor. 6:16/Heb. 12:9c). The list of this NEW CREATION GENEALOGY is meant to be exhaustive, with all our New Names (Rev. 2:17/3:12) populated therein. 

God’s glory only follows the-faith-building-trials-of-Christ (1Pet. 1:11/5:1), and this takes place as we allow the dismantling of the wrong life (disobedience/death/darkness), which we all inherited in the first Adam but have been destroying IN Christ Jesus. 

Blessed is that believer (Ps. 65:4), who is either presently in a wilderness (dealing), or just coming out of a wilderness experience, or just being prepared to be ushered into another wilderness, for such a one would thereby partake of THE BREAD (MEAT) OF HEAVEN, which in turn would deal with corruption (death) and cause us him or her to LIVE AND ABIDE in His sight (1Pet. 1:23)

Any believer who is a stranger to such provisions, cannot live by the daily bread (commandments/revelations of righteousness) that proceeds out of the mouth of the father, and is prone to drawing back (Heb. 10:38), losing the measure of life previously acquired (Matt. 1312) and, but for accelerated repentance, such might ultimately lose reward hereafter, but that won’t be our portion, amen.


Tayo Fasan