Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Authoring of An Unfinished Faith - Part 24

Dearly Beloved,

I just realized that we have been attempting to unveil an inexhaustible New Testament subject, and we have only just begun. We must trust the Lord to heal us of any shortsightedness that make us define faith by the validation around the material life, so we can see real aspect of faith as the provision of heaven to cause men to live. Heb. 10:38/11:6


On this series so far, knowledge has being trying to help us in answering the question ‘How’ Satan stole THE LIFE OF FAITH from mankind, but it would take Wisdom to answer the question ‘Why’ he did so. We would therefore be journeying further to answer this anointed question 'WHY' by exploring why the Faith of The New Testament Faith was described as MYSTERIOUS in 1 Tim. 3:9! The gracious Lord is poised to quicken this understanding unto a company of FACE SEEKERS, because the Souls of believers need to be saved by this aspect of Faith being unveiled. A time is coming, which is at hand, when ministrations of God’s Glorious Face governing The Faith of The Son would be preached and embraced like ministrations of God’s Blessed Hand was preached and embraced in the last two decades and got many established in the Prosperity/Healing gospel!

1 Tim 3:9 Holding the Mystery of The Faith in a pure conscience. (It is mysterious because it was conceived in the mind of God, and we must labor to access this mystery before leaving the earth)

The Old and New Testaments had to begin with Faith Towards God because that was the kind of meal that man could relate with after the weakening that came by the fall. Man can operate it but man cannot operate The Faith of The New Testament which is the Faith of The Son! The faith that believers handle/operate after new birth and for many, decades afterwards, is not the faith of the New Testament. It takes age in the Spirit to attain a spiritual mind, so God has to make provision for a faith that believers can relate with - the carnal aspect of faith!

So Father Abraham was operating by the Carnal Aspect of Faith,

(1). When God led him carnal promises in Gen. 12:1, i.e. Promises He Could Relate With/Visualize. (2). When God blessed him materially in Gen. 13. (3) When he fought and won battles in Gen. 14. (4) When he asked God ‘what shall you give me seeing I go childless’ in Gen. 15. (5). When he slept with Sarai’s handmaid in Gen. 16 and bore Ishmael, we saw how this faith couldn’t handle that lustful nature as it takes the operation of a higher faith to change a man’s nature/name like we later see in Gen. 17, the beginning of a weaning from the former faith meals unto a higher Faith that God personally orchestrates in A Believer-Made Disciple-Being Conformed Into A Son.

After God had dealt with Father Abraham for decades and had stripped him of most of his idols, we saw the spiritual aspects of Faith in manifestation, we saw God manifesting divinity in humanity as he gave birth to Isaac contrary to the laws of medicine in Gen. 21 and later operated His Faith in Abraham (a type of the Faith of The Son) by asking him to slay him i.e. a type and shadow of what God himself had done from the foundations of the world by slaying the lamb for mankind! Rev. 13:8

So, the exploits of faith that began and ran through Hebrews 11:1-39a is not the same exploit of faith ended that chapter. It still elude generation of believers till date. It takes a thorough fellowship with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to see that though Faith towards God began and wrought great exploits that can hardly be compared to what we have in the church today, it took The Faith of The Son to pierce into the veil that stands between Heb. 11:39 & Heb. 11:40!

Heb. 11:39-40 And these all, having obtained a Good Report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some Better Thing (not things) for us, that they without us should not be made Perfect.

What is evidently available in the church today is a faith that gives birth to good reports or tangible/physical exploits. The life count/energy level of that faith is incomparably lesser than that which would give birth to many Sons/The Glorious Church that God awaits earnestly! The peak of FAITH TOWARDS GOD gave birth to few Sons of Men described as the Prophets and to Priests like Moses after the order of the old, but good reports can’t produce the Sons of the New Testament! We need to migrate to an understanding of THE FAITH OF THE NEW TESTAMENT that would totally change the curriculum of our personal bible study and bible schools, I lie not but speak as one that found mercy to witness accordingly.

Faith towards God would address what man/believers call needs/problems. Faith of the Son would address the curriculum of life that Adam/mankind fell short of, that which limits man from attaining God’s image & likeness during his earthly sojourn. Gen. 1:26/Heb.1:2-3

Heb. 1:2-3 …. by his Son; who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person.. (i.e. Christ completed the syllabus of obedience/attaining the image of God whereby he inherited all of God. He started from the scratch, attained Adamic stature/authority but journeyed further beyond it to inherit the Very Glory that God wore!)

Adam, His Sons, The Patriarchs, the prophets, the Jews all enjoyed the best of Faith towards God without fellowshipping with the Tree of Life as packaged for us in Christ Jesus!

THERE ARE TWO PROMISES OFFERED BY THE TWO TREES THAT BEAR TWO KINDS OF LIFE! It takes a dosage of spiritual wisdom that is higher than that of Solomon and an understanding that is richer than those of the patriarchs, the prophets, the Sons of Adam (Enoch, Noah etc) to chose and complete the syllabus of The Tree of Life! It takes the eye salve of the epistles to see why the natural mind (whether of a believer/minister) can’t pierce beyond Faith Towards God as seen in chapters of the lives of the Disciples of Christ at various time.

A nature called disobedience still prompts you and I to settle for something far less that what is packaged in the Tree of Life/Faith of The Son. The same way Adam exercised UNBELIEF in the TREE OF LIFE/THE FAITH OF THE SON is the same way we do today because we are not at home with the demands of that narrow path (patience, longsuffering, love e.t.c.) contained in that tree! TREE OF KNOWLEDGE easily connects with the lust in us and promises to settle our future

Heb. 2:15 And deliver them who through fear of death (or of tomorrow) were all their lifetime subject to bondage.
(Can you now see where the roots of prevalent ministrations that promise to settle the future of believers come from? The Tree of Life will only tell you of your ‘daily bread’, not your ‘yearly bread’)

Rev. 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not (feared not) their lives unto the death ‘of their lives’.

Suicide bombers are usually indoctrinated against the fear of physical death to carry out their wiles, but what the epistles wants to immune us against is not just want informs physical death but what gave birth to it in the first place, i.e. spiritual death, and this takes place by the meals of the later Faith to groom that stature in us. Faith towards God can’t sight the great and precious promises kept for us or the wisdom hidden in Christ, and as such, remains carnal/limited!

I bless the Lord for Matt. 11:23 kind of Faith Towards God which has been operated by many believers/ministers till date. It has built Beautiful Cathedrals, healed the sick, brought financial breakthroughs which are exploits after the order of Heb. 11:1-39, but the Church (you & I) need to tarry with Heb. 11:40 so we can be built into Mobile Cathedrals like we saw in the Apostles, because it is Christ in us, the hope of attaining Glory who is operating it!

Bless You!

Tayo Fasan

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Authoring of An Unfinished Faith - Part 23

Dearly Beloved,

- There is an arrangement in the SOUL that was designed to enable MAN to unknowingly and ultimately disobey God to the uttermost!
- That arrangement married the hearts of men from his youthful day, it rode on the adventurous nature of all and gradually introduced everyman born of woman to VANITY which few preachers can skillfully confront.
- That arrangement ensures that but for the SURE MERCIES OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, any soul that tarries long with what men call LIGHT (which the Lord called DARKNESS in Matt. 6:23) would have a built in enmity against divine things, things of the order of TRUTH! Many therefore MENTALLY ASSENT TO TRUTH (i.e. BELIEVE TRUTH) but haven’t had an access administered to them by the Lord to KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE MENTALLY ASSENTED TO (i.e. KNOW TRUTH)

So, every one of us unconsciously subscribed to foreign Laws which were embossed upon the tablets of our Hearts and Minds from our teenage years and therefore acquired AGE IN THE FLESH by our FORMER WALK IN THE COURSE OF THE WORLD. The Lord is therefore saying to His Church that those who would acquire AGE IN THE SPIRIT are those who would engage the priestly ministry of the New Testament where laws are expunged via Knowledge of Truth, not by Believing in Truth. The church is at its present terrain because it has consciously and unconsciously despised the Ministry of Revelation!

The laws of sin and death has no respect for titles or for how long we have been in church or the measure of sacrifice we offer! It only withers at the revelation of The Faith of The New Testament which hardly finds its way into churches/hearts. The Anointing/Ministry That Solves Problems Is Different From The Ministry Of Righteousness Where The Rewriting Of Divine Laws Take Place.

Many things today that aren’t BORN OF GOD LOOKS LIKE GOD, FEELS LIKE GOD, TASTES LIKE GOD and SMELLS LIKE GOD and it takes the kind of Mercy David encountered to discern this. It takes Abundant Mercy to choose otherwise!

Only when we find such mercy would we begin an adventure into truth and see why THE FAITH THAT TRANSPIRED UNDER THE OLD TESTAMENT COULDN’T OVERCOME THE ARRANGEMENT IN THE SOUL CALLED THE WORLD. That faith was DISPENSATIONAL not ETERNAL! It was FROM GOD but not BORN OF GOD so it couldn’t overcome the wisdom that befell the first king of the earth, Adam. Little wonder why as glorious as the exploits under the Law was, it was later branded as a SHADOW in view of THE NEW which delivered the SUBSTANCE needed for men to inherit God. The Law through Moses could only slow down the Reign of Corruption/Death and it took the revelation of Grace through Christ to annihilate it.

Through the prophets (Isaiah/Ezekiel) we can see that Satan understood the SOUL and has mastered it better than many preachers, so he runs it and has reigned with the Laws of Sin and Death! He feasted the world with glories that promote man’s kingdom and sold it effortlessly to man for an exchange with the residual life resident in the Soul. No wonder the apostles/Christ had to access and appraise themselves based on How They Overcame that Stature of Wisdom called The World. Blessed is the believer whom the Lord has quickened to see the SOUL, for thereby shall he discern The WORLD! That is why the entire bible is primarily about how Satan used The World to reduce The Soul into flesh (enmity with God) and how God can made an oath to raise flesh through The Faith of The New Testament!

So, the New Testament was primarily packaged to REARRANGE THE SOUL of believers who are journeying from Faith To Faith!
- That rearrangement was package with the architecture of Spiritual Wisdom in the Epistles of the Apostles and 1 Corinthians confirmed how it employed the foolishness of preaching to reach and save the weak and foolish and the base things of world.
- That rearrangement was designed to kill what man ‘woke up and saw as life’!
- That rearrangement is the only immunization to the virus called SELF which houses an ALIEN LIFE that was acquired before we got born again and even after they got born again when we tarried with various religious meals, i.e. what God still permitted in the carnal stage of the initial Faith!
- That rearrangement is the crux of the revelations of The Apostles of The Lamb which has always been on a head on collision to kill the life promoted by many ministrations from the early church till date, because in it are Ancient and Eternal Revelations of Righteousness which the likes of Father Abraham, Moses, David and John the Baptist in the old testament had only a shallow clue of!

The Strength of The Gospel of Christ is the only antidote to the weakness in men that reduced men into an estate where they can’t live one day at a time! The gospel has come to heal what makes the soul infirm with fear of tomorrow which informs virtually all the plans, effort, strategies of man today, the rat race to secure his future contrary to the counsel of 1 Timothy 6:19. Selah!

With all humility, I can say with the little level of light which the Lord has revealed that The Church (Souls) have been mostly adorned with counsels around THE CRUMBS OF TRUTH, and this is because we are yet to KNOW TRUTH howbeit ADORN TRUTH. We have tarried with The Preambles of Truth that has a Kind of Glory that the natural man can relate with, one that has built great ministries to the glory of God but there is a clarion call from heaven unto Those That Have Been Ordained Unto Eternal Life to prepare to be weaned from meals that has so far been branded as Truth for decades which are merely FACTS.

The aspect of the gospel that a carnal believer or unbeliever can relate with or have access to is not TRUTH, but is only any auxiliary or Introduction To Truth because the voltage of truth had to be stepped down into the milky aspect called Faith Towards God, so God can reach man that had been reduced from being a Spirit into being Flesh (carnal). That ‘stepped down voltage’ aspect of truth has given birth to movements, it has filled stadia, convicted sinners, raised the dead, healed the sick, brought material prosperity and raised great ministries to the glory of God, but the best wine has hardly every been presented at first. The horn of the Gospel is about to be exalted. Let Those That Have Been Ordained Unto Eternal Life Hear What The Spirit Is Saying To The Church, amen.

I can see the Lord is gradually leading us to attempt to answer the unanswered question which Pilate asked, i.e. WHAT IS TRUTH?

Bless You!

Kindly forward to your cycle of influence if you have been blessed by this inspired piece