Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Look @ Personal Prayers & Intercession


I quite agree that we should not despise the place of adding importunity to prayers for our nation, but we might also need to ask ourselves IF WE ARE PRAYING ARIGHT, IF OUR PRAYERS ARE WELL ILLUMINATED/FOCUSED/SPIRITUALLY STRATEGIC?

Some, if not most of what believers call' PRAYING FOR THE NATION' falls short of PRAYING ACCORDING TO THE REVEALED WILL OF GOD on such issues.
I once listened to a message titled PRAYING FOR THE KINGDOM months back, and i saw that i was still lacking in understanding on how to pray about issues, personal/non-personal, national etc. My/our mindsets and personal interpretations of scripture interrupts the mind of the spirit before, during and after we go for prayers. Prayers for a nation or on personal issues that lacks an understanding/approved ingredients of Prayer For The Kingdom hardly avails much, and that has been the case. Also, any prayer for 'the kingdom' that lacks an understanding of 'The Kingdom' like The Lord knows it (not like believers/pastors know it) can’t avail or cause us to prevail. As long as we can’t submit/live by the words & commands of Christ in the same the way the Lord submitted/lived by the words & commandment of The Father to him, we would continue in what we call prayers which won’t avails much.

- By the way, are hearts that make most of such prayers sincere/selfless?
- Does the reason why we want a country like ours to experience change really tally with the reason God wants it to change? i.e. WHAT IS GOD’S DEFINISION OF CHANGE?
- Is our agitation for change traceable to what would enable us seek OUR OWN UNDISCOVERED KINGDOM?
- When we experience the change we really need, would we employ it as leverage to SEEK THE KINGDOM or rather to SEEK ALL OTHER THINGS OR BEGIN THE RACE TO BUILD OUR OWN KINGDOM?
- Like the foolish approach of preaching THE GOSPEL (1Cor. 1:21), where is the generation of believers that would be 'foolish enough' to approach prayers the way the Lord did?
A good place to start might be to humbly acknowledge that what we call The Kingdom is from the standpoint of a terrible veil and that perception is eternally different from what the kingdom actually is! WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE KINGDOM, YOU CAN’T ACCURATELY PRAY FOR A COUNTRY LIKE NIGERIA, ASK DANIEL. Are prayers that would get the attention of the princes over Nigeria ongoing, princes that are which most likely are more developed than the Prince of Persia was? As long as it is not kingdom oriented, AS LONG AS OUR PRAYERS WONT DOWNLOAD A VOLT OF UNDERSTANDING LIKE DANIEL'S, the rebel holders occupying the realm of authority over the earth which they bought from Adam would remain at peace and their reign would continue! Daniel's prayer was in synchrony with the agenda of heaven (i.e the kingdom) during his day, and not only did he/they get answers to their prayer but the natural/economic landscape of Babylon also got supernaturally altered! THIS IS THE BIBLICAL SECRET TO HAVING OUR NEEDS SUPERNATURALLY MET! Daniel used a spiritual weapon/approach, but we are so contended with using our 'carnal weapons' in prayers. There are all manner of prayers today including the unbiblical so called FIRE PRAYERS.

One striking clue of this can be deduced by those who prayed for the kingdom (which has to do with the unconsciously despised program of the Salvation of The Soul), starting from the Lord Jesus, his disciples and very few in other generations. THEY LIVED LIKE BELIEVERS DON'T LIVE TODAY! THEY LIVED LIKE THEY HAD NO NEED & THEREFORE HARDLY EVER SOUGHT THEIR PERSONAL OR EVEN MINISTERIAL NEEDS BECAUSE IT HAD BECOME GOD'S NEED!! IT’S A MYSTERY I WOULD BE A GROWING IGNORAMUS TO TELL YOU I UNDERSTAND. I hope to transcribe a copy of that message someday and share. It would give a clue to why the father never ignored or delayed answers to the prayers of Christ, not because he was the Son of God but BECAUSE HIS SIGHT ADVANTAGE HELPED HIM OFFER PRAYERS THAT WAS ALWAYS TANGENTIAL TO THE KINGDOM, whether it was towards a personal need or not.

The Lord knows the count of prayers that are like sweet smelling incense to him and really desires such would multiply in our midst. He comforts the hearts of such laboring intercessors with an unknown peace referenced in Jn. 14:27, a type of which was experienced by an old woman who remained still on her rocking chair, knitting wool while a terrible earthquake kept tearing through buildings all around where she dwelt!

May the Lord by His Spirit unveil the true understanding of Matt. 6:6-13 which is probably 90% different from what we think it is. Believers would first need to unlock the veils behind the epistles by the help of the spirit of wisdom & revelation (Eph. 1:17/Isa. 11:2) to unveil each of these verses. If the Lord Jesus had to become a child of the Holy Spirit to be raised into a stature of wisdom/understanding (Lk. 2:52), how much more us? Matt. 6:6-13 is as far from our physical needs as the heavens are above the earth. Let he that can receive it, LET HIM RECEIVE IT (Matt. 19:12).

Matt. 19:12 For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. HE THAT IS ABLE TO RECEIVE IT, LET HIM RECEIVE IT.

The prayers of Matt. 6:6-13 was neither designed to be recited nor does it have to do with what believers/pastors call OUR NEEDS. If you and I would ever pray accurately/acceptably before the father about our personal/nation’s need, we would have understand Matt.6:6-13 revelationally.

Bless You!