Sunday, November 9, 2014

Anamnesis (Remembering Jesus) 2014 Calling!

The church is in a crucial season in the calendar of heaven, a season when heaven is courting  the earth in righteousness, and God is drawing nearer to man than ever before! The many visitations of heaven are at a higher frequency, men are beginning to hear timeless sounds and romance the priestly conversations of the world to come. The Father is harping the song of the new age and souls are vibrating to that sweet  music of eternal redemption which was purchased for man by the precious blood of the Lamb. 

We are in the season of God’s Lamb, a season when He will adorn men with the illumination of the future world, for the Lamb Himself is that illumination. By the authorization of the Father, He is importing the glories of that future age into the present by shining His knowledge into the hearts of desperate seekers of the true light.

The Lord is grooming men who will receive the light of that future city (Heb. 11:10/16 & 12:22), and interpret it in this present age through obedience. By their walk, ancient paths will be re-opened; men who have hitherto been under the captivity of dragonic seductions will be re-cultured after the civilization of the Lamb, and the prince of the power of the air will be judged. The stars of heaven shall also fall (Rev. 12:9) and the sun (present light governing carnal men) shall become darkened (Rev. 6:12). By their walk, the present world order will be rolled away like a vesture (Heb. 1:12/1Pet. 3:10/Rev. 21:1) and the new order shall be unveiled from f the belly of the Father (Rev. 21:2-3/10).

In this season of the Lamb, the mystery of iniquity will be further demystified, and its laws rendered extinct.  Lambs will fill the earth, because the light of God will come upon His saints, His glory will arise upon them, and His knowledge shall fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. This is the lot of the elect, even those who have been ordained to show forth the greatness of the greater one which is the victory of a most excellent testament that overcomes the world.

To this end, there is a beckoning in the spirit. There is a call to come up to the heights and walk upon the high places of God. The voice of the Lamb which is like a great mighty trumpet is calling out to all loving enquirers saying, ‘COME UP HITHER, COME AND SEE, COME AND LET ME SHOW YOU THINGS TO COME.’

A feast has been prepared upon the mountain of the Lord, a feast of fat things and of wine on the lees, for them whose heart beat at the frequency of the new world order, whose feet are being trained to tread the high places of Zion. These are they who shall feast on the scroll (Rev. 10:9) and live out its testament like the early apostles and very few others have.

A company of men and women are arising from the earth, who will love not their life unto death, who shall follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth and who shall not be defiled with women (Rev. 14:4). Indeed it’s a glorious company and this invitation is open to all who are thirsty, whose hearts are panting after the depths of God.

We enjoin you to pray, plan and prepare to stay connected from 10th -12th of Dec. 2014 for this great event as we respond to the great call of the Lord.
See for more details, and please note that live audio/video broadcast available on & from 9:30am-1:30pm & 7pm to 9:30pm daily.

For further details, pls call 07045758513/08023877600/07046204575.

Bless You!