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Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 11

Dearly Beloved,       

We live in days when the pride of life is an instituted norm, when lust has become a better substitute for love, when being humble is equated with stupidity, when Christians rather learn everything from Jesus but lowliness and meekness. Self (me, myself & I) therefore continues to escape many halfhearted ministrations from the pulpit to the pew.

Contrary to sound counsels of the Lord in the book of Psalms and beyond, we have been taught from childhood to defend ourselves, be a go-getter, strive and raise our voices in the streets (Matt. 12:19) and we have thereby preserved the fallen nature. But blessed be God for new avenues to be reconciled unto childlikeness through ministrations of the engrafted word which only the meek (Ps. 25:9/ Jam. 1:21/Job 22:22) can receive.

Heaven is set to reap children of the kingdom who would be higher in soul state/stature than a John the Baptist (Matt. 11:11C), children who would be naïve in malice (1Cor. 14:20) amongst other various works of the flesh (Eph. 4:31/Gal. 5:20-21). A new conversation where believers would prefer one another (1Tim. 5:21) is emerging on earth and many would be adopted (Eph. 1:5) into CHRISTLIKE CHILDLIKENESS, with CHRIST being the MOST LITTLE CHILD (Matt. 18:2/Isa. 11:6D) amongst them

The following transcribed message attempts to pay homage to this truth as we prepare for Believers Convention 2014 and I trust that we would patiently read.

Graceful reading!

Non-Negotiable Counsels of God's Kingdom - Part 11

The nature of the Father is the nature of the Lamb who is the exact image of the Father (Jn. 14:7-9/Heb 1:3). Jesus is a Lamb, but the Father is a greater Lamb because the Father is greater than the Son (Jn. 14:28). GREATNESS IN THEIR REALM IS MEASURED BY HOW LOW ONE CAN GO. The more ‘lambish’ one is, the greater one becomes. The Father is the greatest because He is the meekest and the lowliest. This is the same order that God is unveiling to the body of Christ.

If you desire to be great in God’s sight, just go down. We have been called into the fellowship of Lambs and we cannot afford to be goats.

We are meant to be moving from one realm of fellowship of the Godhead to another, but there are things that our souls have married which has limited us but its high time for us to let them go! There are sins and weights that have beset us for a long time, issues of flesh that have hitherto limited our fellowship, but in this season, there is a need for a definite move and we must believe God to come into such.

God wants us to occupy a particular space in him right now and the demand or conversation for such is that of soberness (1Thes. 5:6/Tit. 2:6/12). We should not just learn or hear revelation but turn every revelation into a walk.

When you follow the Lamb and live with Him, the result is that He makes a lamb out of you. This followership is to beat down every other contrary nature inside.  We cannot walk the path of the Lambs and not become a lamb.  One who sets out on a journey with the Lamb looks foolish to a natural man, but as he keeps on walking and following, he is gradually being conformed into the image of the Lamb.

The Lamb has His way (path), which is very different from the way of the present man and except we find and walk in it, we cannot arrive at the image of the Lamb. Most of the time, our judgment seems right to us until the Lamb brings a higher judgment (Isa.55:9/Prov.16:2).

The end time move is actually a move of salvation (1Pet. 1:9), so God is raising men from every nation who would be saved and delivered from the constitution of man. The present man (old man) has been pronounced obsolete but we still have his ways intact in our souls after the new birth and this is what heaven seeks to erase (Rom. 7:18). Jesus WALKED in the REVELATION that the FATHER gave to Him and BECAME the LAMB and this is how real men are produced. A real man is he who is able to receive the teachings of the Father and turn it to walk. John the Baptist introduced Him as the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world (Jn. 1:29). JESUS WALKED AND OBEYED UNTIL HE BECAME THE LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN. HE WAS NOT JUST A LAMB, BUT WENT AHEAD TO BE SLAIN.

The demand of the Lord in this season is that we must become lambs and be slain because He is taking us to the realm where Lambs abide. This is the realm of great honour, glory and blessing for those who dare to become lambs and take a step further by allowing themselves to be slain. TO BE SLAIN IS TO YIELD TO THE DEMANDS OF THE NAME AND THE LIFE OF THE LAMB WHICH IS MEEKNESS AND LOWLINESS. As we yield to the demands of the Lamb, we lose our reputation and shed off the old life. As the old life is being shed off, a new glorious man emerges that is free from spiritual death.

The path of life demands that we count all our earthly advantages as dung, just as Apostle Paul did (Phil.3:8). This is not pleasant for the flesh but it is the only way to glory. Apostle Paul weighed the glory of his former achievements (that of a flower) with the glory that excels (2Cor. 3:10), and he had to let go of it and he could do so because God by revelation had turned him into a lamb. It takes a lamb to be able to discern the Lamb properly.

As we count all things but dung, we are changed into lambs, and the crucified life is exalted in us, giving us access into the knowledge of the Lamb. This is when the way of the Lamb will make sense to the soul. As long as dung (our achievements) still makes sense to us, the knowledge of the Lamb will not make sense us. The wisdom of God is a learning of an entirely different way which does not seem right to a man, but end of which is glory and honor. 

Obeying the life of the lamb that comes via revelation of the gospel is the only thing that is right and approved by God (Isa. 28:16), though rejected by men. This is the only lifestyle that can earn the glory and honour of the Father. Learning the Lamb is learning that which is approved of God, learning of Him (Matt.11:29/Eph. 4:20)
The fellowship of the triune God is a fellowship of lambs which they have had for ages and God has been able to contain the foolishness of man for long because of that nature. Our Father Himself is the greatest lamb, and our Lord Jesus Christ whose image we have been predestined to conform to (Rom 8:29) is also a Lamb. The reason why we are not enjoying the fellowship of our Father is because we have not yet come into His full imageOur Father is large-hearted; He does not snap at our short comings. He would rather come down to our level to explain why He is giving us certain instructions when we are weary of His correction and why we need to bear it. It is just like trying to help someone that is fighting you. He can do this because He is saved and he is also a competent savior. As He brings us these lambish commandments, the right response of our hearts should be quick obedience which comes through tenderness.

Many of us do not like the nature of the Lamb and the reason is that we think people will take us for granted. Those that would attain unto the company of the Lamb, who stood with Him on Zion (Rev. 14:1) did every biding of the Lamb without questioning.

OUR JUDGMENT OF SPIRITUAL THINGS IS LOW AND IT IS BECAUSE OUR EARTHLY WAYS ARE STILL IN US. The Godhead had practiced their lifestyle from everlasting to everlasting and it has not failed or reduced them. Now, they are bringing it to us because our paths have been darkened and we have remained natural men for too long. We should hate the carnal life and all it infirmities so that we can willingly receive that which God is bringing to us.

The Lamb of God is harmless and gentle, but we are not; we are harmful and that is why we wrestle with his dealings. As long as we remain men, we will remain harmful. That state of harmlessness is a childlike state and one of the ways that the adversary fights us out of that state is by bringing to our memory, thoughts of past offences.  When we are treated unjustly, we are not to keep memory of it, for love keeps no record of wrongs. That is the way of a child; that is the way of love, and that is the way of victory, but the enemy does not want us to achieve that state and from time to time, he brings back those thoughts so that we can lose our childlikeness.

Our thoughts dictates our walk. Our walk is our thoughts in motion. The thought we fellowship with will eventually govern our walk and that is why we should be vigilant in the realm of thoughts. We should be quick to track down satanic thoughts and trash them immediately they come.

Instead of taking those thoughts, we should rather tell the devil, ‘I have forgiven my brother, I do not know what you are talking about’ and then you move on. Your brethren are also called into one salvation as you were called, so if Satan succeeds in stopping your brethren, you have also been stopped. There should be no more remembrance of sin. The way of life is that we forgive and forget. We are meant to take only God’s thought and that will enable us to walk in the way of the Lord

Through the wisdom of the epistles, we see the Lord urging us to ENDEAVOUR to keep the unity of the Spirit (Eph.4:3). This means, unity of the spirit does not come automatically; we have to consciously work at it. When we have true fellowship of love with one another, we have fellowship with the Godhead (1Jn. 1:3)

We have come to a time of being children in malice, having fervent love for one another. A time where we must prefer one another and love one other fervently, when we should delightfully lay down our life for others. As we come against circumstances and situations, the Lord will tell us how exactly to react and we should react that way.

When we respond the way lambs do, we die to self (1Cor. 15:31). God kills the life of self in us through dealings, leadings, through circumstances and situations that He brings our way. As we obey, we come into soberness, and remain in the light. The instruction may look foolish to man, but that is the right way to live. As we do these instructions, entrance into the fellowship of the Lamb is ministered to us.

The fellowship of lambs is a place of blessing and people that fellowship with the Godhead are people who have continued to obey instructions until they finally emerged as lambs, having inherited the conversation of the Lamb. God makes us lambs by speaking the incorruptible word of life to us. It is that word that has ability to reconfigure our nature so that we can stand on Zion with the Lamb of God and this is the actual redemption meant for the soul (Eph. 1:7/14).

Bless You!

Rev. (Mrs.) Helen Oyegoke
Fellowshipping With the Nature of the Lamb (Part b)

1st May, 2014.

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