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Non-Negotiable counsel of the Kingdom - Part 17

Good news! The corporate church would soon morph into a disposition where it would admit and declare that greatness/success as hyped by the world is nothing but a subtle lie, because it comes at the cost of the SALVATION OF OUR SOULS (1Pet. 1:9)

When we SEEK the lord with all our HEARTS, MIND and SOUL, we would arrive at God’s definition of success which is simply TO LOOK LIKE HIM (2Cor.3:18/Heb. 1:3b)! Every other thing should come as an addition (Matt. 6:33). Looking like God (i.e. being great/successful) is a calling that wasn't granted to glorious angels, and when the devil lusted after it in Isa. 14:14b & Eze. 28:15b, he erred and remains smarter than anyone that’s lacking in the approach the Lord Jesus gave while seeking the father on earth (Jn. 5:19-20).

Graceful reading!

Non-Negotiable counsel of the Kingdom - Part 17

Rev. 12:And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

Scripture here describes Satan the dragon as greatbecause the things he has done are great and we need to know thatBut must more importantly, we should also know that the one (Christ) who is in us (Col. .2:27 ) is greater than the one (Satan) who is in the world (1John 4:40). God does not want us, His children, to treat the works of Satan with levity. If we are oblivious of his greatness, we will not be able to escape from his hand. He expects us to be watchful and sober so we can receive help and escape the sphere of the dragon’s greatness.

When the scripture speaks of greatness, it is not only talking about the force of subduing something, but a kind of power and authority which manifests as wisdom. The wisdom of Satan is his wiles and this is considered to be greatness (Eph 6:11). It was the dragon that fabricated Babylon, and the Bible calls it in Rev. 17:1-5 “Babylon the great”, but the Person who is in us is greater and His works are greater. Amen.      

What makes the works of the dragon great is that they are enshrouded in mysteries. Satanic work is crafted with a highly perverted priestly sight, and it will take a higher Priest to demystify and undo it; that is what makes it a mystery, and that is why he is called, ‘the great dragon’ (Rev 12:3). Anyone that is able to work mysteriously is great. To work in a mystery is to carry out a work without it being known (2Thess.2:7). The works are done in secret, yet having great impact. Satan is working, yet his works are unidentified. His works are being embraced and they are bearing fruits.  

So it will take a mysterious work to destroy a mysterious work (2Thess 2:7). By mystery, I am talking about secret (2Thes. 2:3-7). Iniquity is mysterious. You cannot know iniquity except by revelation. For you to know sin, you must be equipped. Sin wants to perpetrate its reign without being known for what it truly is. Sin is growing and working; it is a mystery that works.

2thess 2:3-4 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

The man of sin is not just a physical entity but he defines the operations of the Antichrist spirit, commissioned by Satan for the purpose of sealing men with the name of blasphemy (Rev 13:1)This spirit is mysterious because his operation is already at work, prospering in the lives of men, and they are not even aware of its influence. However, the time is approaching when the veil of its working will be lifted up. Then, it would have finished his work to a great degree and that is when men will know and by then, they would have fallen in love with sin.

There is only one mystery that can deal with sin; it is the mystery of God (1Cor 2:7/1Tim 3:16). If the mystery of iniquity is allowed, it can cause a man not to receive the love of the truthso we need to be equipped to unveil sin. It is not enough to deal with fornication, lying and other works of the flesh and think that we have successfully handled sin. Works of the flesh are like the tentacles of sin; they are traceable to sin but sin is far beyond thisSin is a nature that produces a work and you cannot successfully deal with the tentacles when the real mother remains buried in the soil of darkness.

To deal with the mystery of iniquity, and overcome the Antichrist, a saint will have to know and use the commandment of an overcomer, which is the love commandment - 1John 4:16, 2:15There is the initial commandment of love that we must first obey, which is our love for the brethren Eph 1:15, 1John 2;9-11. This initial love is the one that trains our muscles for a higher love that can overcome the wicked one.

The second love commandment that would eventually overcome the wicked one is the love of the Father. When a saint begins to live by that commandment of God’s love, the power of God is generated within his system. The one who generates the overcoming power of God is the Holy Ghost who needs an atmosphere of love to manifest such. Such atmosphere cannot be born in a saint when the love commandment has not been received and obeyed.

Every soul has darkness (Ps. 18:28/1Jn. 1:8), and as long as the soul retains darkness, the Holy Ghost would be limited to only residing in your spirit. There is the fullness of God resident in the spirit of every believer, but that fullness will be denied an outflow as long as the atmosphere in the soul isn't conducive. The presence of darkness in you will inhibit the flow of God’s life  inside you. God would be in you, but He would not be able to find expression inside you. If at all He does, it would be limited.

The soul is the place where the life in the spirit is manifested, therefore it needs to receive and obey the instructions of life so that darkness can be dispelled. How much of God a soul can carry depends on how much commandment the soul has been able to trap and obeyThere will not be greater manifestation of God’s presence and strength in your life except a conducive atmosphere is created in the soul through the obedience of love commandment.

God designed the programme of love for His children and His desire is that all should partake of it. This love programme is the only thing that can swallow up death or sin in victory because it is the very core of God’s nature (1John 4:8)The abode of God is love and He cannot dwell in a heart where this atmosphere has not been created. The Holy Ghost is in every saint, but that is not enough to confront this world. Our ordination is to be filled with all the fullness of God (Eph: 3:19), and it is as we receive and keep the love commandment that we create a home for the rest of the trinity to come and stay. When God commands, it is for the purpose of abiding: ‘you in me and I in you’ (John 14:20/John 14:23)  

To be great in the sight of God is to have life. If the Holy Ghost is in you and you do not operate in the commandment of love, you will not have life and His greatness will not be manifest in you.When the Bible mentions the great, it is talking about those that have life. If the life in you is unable to override Satan, you will not be greater than he isAlready we are great people, but our greatness will not be seen until we do the great commandment.

For kings of the earth to come into greatness, they have to fornicate with Babylon (Rev 18:3). Fornication with Babylon is the outpouring and exchange of life from the soul in order to receive a kind of glory. That which the kings of the earth wear as glory is a cast taken from the glory that Babylon parades. Babylon gives height because Babel means ‘gate to heaven’though not the heaven of God.

By fornicating with Babylon, a soul partakes of her wine and there is something about the wine of her fornication: it sends the soul into a world that is not his, and opens a door into a realm that where he actually is not. A drunk man could be walking on water while thinking he is walking on the bridge; that is what natural wine does. If wine can do that to man in the natural, the spiritual wine can do much more in the realm of soul. Babylon’s wine is a wine for souls, any man who drinks it will walk  contrary to God’s provision of faith. There are people who have the greatness of this world in them, and there are different riches by which men come into such greatness. Some people employ the power of money to come into that greatness. Some people use the crowns of this life to buy into status so that kings would desire to see themFor instance, the crown of sports can give a man access in the midst of men who parade the greatness of this world. All such greatness is being crafted by a great dragon and if the church does not have greatness in her, this spirit of the Antichrist would bring his own greatness into the church. The essence is to stop what is about coming to the church which is greater than the Antichrist.

1Jn. 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

When the bible says we have overcome them, it is not talking about sickness and disease. God is saying that we are higher than the regalia and operation of the antichrist. Many believers desire the greatness and status of this world because they cannot see their greatness in God. A believer who is a professor would consider himself to be greater than a believer who does not have that kind of packaging, and he would begin to teach the saints things that look good and appealing, but actually they are not Christ’s. Such things are lower than the greatness that God has prepared for His people in Christ Jesus, and there is need for us to see into the reality of our greatness so that we will not be swayed by an inferior greatness.

The spirit of the antichrist works through men who have been dressed with Babylon’s glory. All the learnings, trainings and processes that men subject themselves to in this world are for the purpose of achieving the greatness of this world. If a man fails to count these as dung, hwill perpetrate and raise such things as the standard, instead of ChristSuch a man will substitute God’s doctrine with what he has learnt..

The essence of the commandment is to bring Christ into the flesh. Making Jesus to appear in the flesh is true greatnesss and this is what the antichrist spirit wants to stop (1Jn. 4:2-3)When this is stopped, greatness has been stopped. A man who is great is he who has the commandment, and keeps it until it manifests the mystery of godliness in him (1Tim 3:16).

When you operate in that commandment of Jesus, you are operating in the greater One because truly He is better and far greater than he that is in the world.
As a saint, we should invest our earthly sojourn into bringing out the greater One in usHe must be seen; He must not be denied His full expression in the flesh. When the greater one appears in you, those who are bound under the deception of the antichrist will come to you because they will see the brightness of your rising (Isaiah 60:3)

Men will not come to you when you are not coming into your brightness. The brightness of your rising is the manifestation of the praise and the glory of God out of you. If you do not invest your life in the greater one finding expression and fully taking over your soul-your mind and your heart, you will not be greater than he that is in the world, and those who are great in this world will not have a reason to come to you. They need to see something greater and better than what they hold before they will come.

God gave us the great commandment of love (Matt. 22:36-38) so that we might come into His greatness. The first and the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and your soul. This implies that the commandment must be brought to our physical screen (the flesh)

Anyone who holds this commandment will come into headship (Deut 28:13). He will come to thronic manifestations because he will come higher than the kings of the earth.  This was the commandment which the son obeyed, making Him much better than both angels and the present. Anyone who does this commandment will also go above the glories of the world. This great commandment will take you higher and exalt you higher than the so called great men of the worldActually, there is nothing called greatness in this world; it is all make-up greatness.  It is a facade; it is not real.

The greater One is in you, but He needs to be seen. How do we bring Him into manifestation? It is 
 using His teachings. Earthly learning cannot bring forth the manifestation of God in the flesh; all He requires from us is to obey His commandment. His commandment is love. When we love one another, we are obeying the beginning of His commandment.

Christianity is not a religion; it is actually a path into greatness. Preaching true greatness is not synonymous with preaching material prosperity. To be great is to remain i.e to live and abide forever (1Pet. 1:23e). To be great is to be certified by heaven that you are greater than the devil. To be great, is to overcome the one that overcomes others. When Satan is unable to buy you with his lying glory, it shows that you are greater.

Bless You.

Rev. Kayode Oyegoke
The Greatness of A Greater King (Part 1)
Rev. Hr (23rd Nov. 2014)

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