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The following transcribed message:

1.    Explores the issue of love through the perspective of being known or born of the God versus being known or born of the wicked one.
-       We have costly examples in the Old Testament, in Cain & Abel/Esau & Jacob, who originated from the same womb yet settled for INHERITING THINGS rather than INHERITING GOD (2Cor. 10:6).
-       In the New Testament, we saw the likes of Demas who later Settled For The Love of This Present Passing World after journeying with Apostle Paul on his first missionary trip

2.    Highlights the ongoing process of seedling that take place in the soul through our daily decisions or indecision to keep whichever seed we choose, either God’s incorruptible seed or that of the wicked one which the likes of Adam chose to adventure and these are the two fruits that are springing forth in this last days.

Graceful reading!


-        I sense in my heart that the lord is working a great deliverance in our midst individually; there is no physical sign of it because it’s a silent operation. I tell you, it’s a great work!

1 John 3:1 “….therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.”.

-        So the world can know us, but love is that which insulates us from the world knowing us. “Insulate” means the world can’t penetrate us. The word “know” is the same word Jesus used in Mathew 7:23 “I know you not; Depart from me ye workers of iniquity”.

-        Such believers/ministers would say, “We’ve done mighty works in Your Name”; but He said to them, “Depart from Me, the works you are doing is not as a result of my intimacy with you. Such works was a product of death/darkness. The lord was implying that he wasn’t the one who deposited the seed that gave birth to such. That word, “Know” is from the Greek word “Epignosis”, the same word “knew” in Genesis 4:1 i.e. “And Adam knew his wife”. The Lord was saying, “I wasn’t responsible for your pregnancy. Someone else did it. Darkness was responsible

-        I really don’t like preaching this epistle of John of a thing because it’s like he’s spoiling the ground on which we’ve been standing on for a while. A believer with a regenerated spirit might not be fully owned by God. It’s the soul that will reveal your true state.

1 John 3:10 In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.

-        Here the children of God and the children of the wicked one are made manifest. They went out of us that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us (1 John 2:19). At the dimension of the human spirit, things are not made manifest yet, not until it comes to the dimension of the soul.

-        By communion of Eternal Life, Apostle John came to a place where he could see things better. He was asserting that “you can only take the seed of the enemy after rejecting the seed of God”

-        The Lord taught about this in the Gospels (Mathew 13:47). He said the Kingdom of God is like a dragnet which will get all manner of fishes; but it is when you get and empty the dragnet into the boat that you begin to sort out the fish. When light is shining and you refuse to move, you’ll keep an alternate life called death despite being shown mercy on how to pass from death to life

-        When men keep their love for darkness (Jn. 3:19) it will also bring forth its manifestation. In like manner keeping our love for light will bring its own manifestation.

-        What makes you continue in the Father and the Son? The disciples were all hearing what Jesus was saying, but some were not keeping it, like not a few Christians also do today! The guy (Judas) liked coins. People will say if you don’t like coins you’re not smart; but you don’t play smartness with this type of light (revelation). Judas kept escaping Light. It is rather heart-rending when you know he was before the Lord Himself. He was not just as an evangelist or preacher. He ended up trading his bishopric for money. Death really played a fast one on him.

-        I still can’t understand how he could still escape light after being with the Lord. The Lord’s words which were spirit and life went over him like a deaf man (John 6:63). His intelligence and smartness were enough to dodge the spirit and life. This guy (Judas) was busy escaping spirit and life, the two-edged sword. He loved mammon and that transaction is unfortunately preeminent in the church today

-        Everything that is of man has been savored by lusts/darkness. Hence, Judas could never have successfully used smartness to confront darkness. That was a time for him and everyone to have been sincere, wise and come down in humility and be pliable but he did otherwise

-        That was the difference between Judas and Peter. Peter was sharper than Judas but Judas had another seed. Peter would fall and rise; but Judas preached his message his own way. He had with guile and had been keeping death (coins) therefore darkness in him could say “This money ought to be given to the poor” (Mathew 26:0-9);. Time for manifestation came in the upper room when they met to sup and he was separated from the rest.

-        This is the time not to like works of darkness in any way. We must cry out “I don’t like darkness; help me Lord! I can’t help this thing, but You can help Me Lord!”

-        Look at the way the Lord helped Peter. Peter once said “I’ll die with You Lord” but didn’t know his own infirmities at the time he denied the Lord. There are some things that easily beset us and we direly need the Lord’s help us. When He resurrected, He kept saying, “Go and tell my disciples AND Peter” and he purposely did that. And when the Lord met him, He asked, “Peter, Peter, lovest thou Me more than these?” (John 21:15-17). In Luke 22:32, He told him, “when thou art converted (i.e. born again again), strengthen thy brethren”. The Lord asked him that question “Lovest thou Me” three times just as he had denied the Lord three times. Peter just said, “thou knowest”.

-        “Therefore, the world knoweth us not” (1 John 3:1b). “knoweth” has to do with planting seeds. That love the Father has bestowed is to but a covering so the world won’t know you. The world didn’t penetrate the Lord and it won’t penetrate those who would secure his kind of Love.

-        Another instance of this knowing is Cain and Abel. The world desired the two of them. It wasn’t just Cain alone. Do you know how much the world has desired you?  It desires everything it sees. It must have stood by Abel’s door, but there was a place Abel was dwelling, and so the world couldn’t get him. God revealed to Cain that sin lieth at his door (Genesis 4:7). The Lord was warning him, “Don’t cooperate with this thing that is looking for an entrance”.

-        The world shouldn’t be given a ground to know us (Eph. 4:27/Gal. 2:4-5), lest it plants its seed in us. If we keep the seed of the world, we’ll deliver—it’s just a matter of ‘9 months’; it will manifest. It’s a question of which seed. What seed have you been taking? The one that doeth righteousness is righteous because it has the incorruptible seed (1Pet. 1:23). But the other one wasn’t doing righteousness because Cain had the seed of the wicked one and later bore forth fruit with it.

-        The seed you’re keeping is what you would manifest. “Cain was of the wicked one means Cain has been possessed by the wicked one by him taking the seed of the wicked one. When something is “of”, it’s an offspring. Sin had converted and given birth to the soul.

-        ‘Being born again, not of corruptible, but of incorruptible seed’ (1 Peter 1:23)—meaning there is a corruptible seed that must eventually birth you. Here, the corruptible seed wants to take you over; to process and ultimately birth you

-        “But you are of God little children, and the whole world lieth in wickedness” (1 John 5:19). You have escaped the birthing of the wicked one. It’s like saying, “Choose”. Physically speaking, we don’t choose our parents. Some of us would have chosen to be born in Canada! You don’t choose, but in the dimension of the soul, you have the opportunity to choose which seed would give birth to you, who would father your soul. If you allow the world father you in your soul, it will lay claim on your soul.

-        What will birth us is the incorruptible seed, the word of God that liveth and abideth forever. When you find that seed, let it enter into your heart and don’t throw it away. Souls are being conformed in the process of time (Rom. 12:1). Cain and Abel were from the same womb, but when they got processed, we saw that wickedness processed the soul of one and not of the other. God is showing us, “This is how I will process you—in Love!” As you obey the love commandment, your soul undergoes metamorphosis; your soul is being transformed, if you’re transformed, you’ll be new.

-        If any man be in Christ he is new. May God process us to the fullest, till we’re fully processed, till there’s nothing that can be traced in us to this world. I desire to get to where the wicked one can lay no claim to me. I’ll like to say one day, “The prince of this world cometh and he knows that he didn’t father me” – Jn. 14:30. Jesus had discerned the seed of God and kept heeding it’s saying until one day I was fully processed. We’ll get to this place of manifestation.

-        The devil would one day say of me, “This guy gave me headache”. Like the apostle Paul, he gave the devil headache. Paul said, “The world is crucified to me and I’m crucified to the world”. Anywhere I find the seed of this world, I hack it down. We’ll get to that point where the enemy will lose touch of us completely. There’s nothing he’s offering me that is worth giving away the seed of God. I’m rejecting all that he’s giving me; he has nothing to offer me.

-        Father, let your love keep me; keep me in Your love. ONE REASON THE LORD HAS BEEN TEACHING US LOVE IS BECAUSE LOVE IS THE GREATEST FORCE IN EVERY REALM. He that loveth his brother dwelleth in the realm of Love. Love is power. For us to be kept in his love is to be kept in his power! Just keep praying: “Keep me in Your Love, oh Lord”.

-        A generation that would seek his face is finally emerging and they would gracefully discountenance everything that the world has to offer, amen!

-       Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu
Writing The Vision Outreach Prayer Preparation (10th Sept. 2013)

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